A Wizard’s Realm – Ninian’s World


by Cheryl


Drip, drip, drip was the sound made from the rain drops falling onto the tin roof. The early morning sky was still fairly dark and a light mist formed a blanket across the nearby field. To me it was a mystical, magical scene. Many wonderful creatures and beings venture out in this kind of weather and I so enjoy meeting up with them.


I quickly grabbed my rain coat and put on my rain gear.  Stepping outside I eagerly made my way to the edge of the forest and found the hidden path which is only visible to those who truly believe in the Fae, Wee Folk and the magical kingdom. The path led deeper into the thickest part of the forest. A lot of humans don’t venture out this far, especially when it is raining, so it is a great opportunity for me to visit the Fae and Woodland Creatures - my dear friends that live here. I often come into the woods or forests when the weather is stormy - partly because it is less likely that I would come across any other humans. I am always very careful not to be followed, even accidentally.  Crossing paths with other humans can be risky and can cause problems for the Fae and Woodland Creatures.  For instance, I don’t want their secret locations to be discovered by anyone.  So, I often come very early in the morning or on days when the weather is bad. It is much safer at these times. Today it was both: very early on a rainy misty morning.  Perfect for me.


I doubled back and forth, then hid under the protection of some trees - carefully watching and listening to know if I had been followed or not. I silently stood there for a few minutes and was relieved that no one was in the area, so I proceeded down the narrow path.


Today I wanted to see if Ninian, (pronouced like "nine-ian"), my dear Wizard friend was home. To my delight as I neared his Etheric cottage I could see a soft glow of Ethereal Light up ahead. I sent him a telepathic message asking if he was receiving guests today, and if so, would it be alright for me to come for a visit. He kindly said he was free and warmly welcomed me to come over.  So, I continued on my way down the path which lead to his little cottage.


(Ninian’s cottage is invisible to the naked eye, unless he wants you to see it. If a human or other being or creature were to step into his yard they would not know it.  It is carefully safe guarded and protected from outsiders or intruders by being prudently located on the vibrational border between the etheric realm and the physical human world as we know it.)


The Wizard


Ninian opened the door as I approached. His gentle caring face lit up as I stepped out from behind the trees and came into his view. His eyes sparkled with loving kindness.  He always had a warm inviting smile that lit up his entire face.  It might be helpful to note that Ninian is not a physical being, but instead is more closely related to the Elder Weefolk and Angels.  And yet he can appear as a human when it is helpful to do so to fulfill a divine mission.


Ninian is an ancient Wizard, a "true blood" - who had inherited his abilities from his long line of noble Wizard ancestors.  This is very different from those humans who clumsily try to become a wizard through practicing and using incantations and spells. His powers are natural gifts from birth.  They have evolved over centuries and are passed down from one generation to the next. In addition, Ninian has gradually perfected his natural skills, abilities and powers - fine tuning and adapting them to meet his needs and the needs of the forever changing world around him.  He always uses them to help all the good beings and creatures that live here.


Ninian’s philosophy on life is for all living beings to live in harmony, united as one, all working towards the common good of humanity, to replenish, and restore life, and earth’s balance.


Ninian usually prefers to take on his "human" form instead of his etheric one when he is working, or if he has human guests, to make them feel more at ease. When in his human form Ninian prefers to be shorter than most humans approximately 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall. He can take on any form, shape, size, and color he chooses, but he finds it to be more convenient and less intimidating for others to be kind of short. His hair is pure white, about shoulder length with a matching beard which is trimmed short, neat and tidy. He looks very dignified, strong in stature, stocky with the essence of authority, and yet kind and gentle. His hazel eyes sparkle like the twinkling stars in the night sky. When he smiles his whole face shines with a soft warm glow which radiates out into the room making anyone feel at ease and comfortable in his presence. Even the most skittish person or creature relaxes and feels welcome here. His mannerisms are gentle, but he is very strong, with each movement being deliberate and exact.  Ninian is full of love, hope, kindness and all things positive and good, with an inspiring, enlightening personality. When I am near Ninian, or even thinking about him, I can feel his love and lightful energy pouring into me, filling with me warmth, renewed strength and vitality.


Ninian is a very wise old Wizard who was destined to lead the path of the healer, who is called upon by the Angels, Fae, Wee Folk, Woodland Creatures, and some selected humans, to help heal the sick, injured or weak including helping to make this earth a better place for all.  (Wee Folk can get injured if they densify their bodies to an almost physical vibration in order to render a service at that level.  For instance, maybe spraining a foot while walking through the forest or something like that.) He too has limitations, but he does what he can, when and where he is needed.


Ninian's Cottage


His little Etheric cottage is very quaint - beautifully handcrafted from his own hands, not conjured up by magic.  Ninian believes that anything made from your own hands from a heart full of love has it's own beautiful soul.  The object or food or whatever is being created, then has a life essence of its own that is full of love and wonderful healing vibrations that can be felt by others. Ninian is a true romantic and philosopher by heart. The wood he chose was oak, for it is one of the strongest that grow in these forests. Each log carefully chosen for its size, shape and color.  Interlocked and “dovetailed” together so that it is very strong and durable so it will not break apart in heavy storms. Surrounding his cottage on three sides are lovely gardens, and beautiful flower boxes are located under the windowsills. Hand carved stepping stones carefully placed along the path which starts at the edge of the tiny clearing, and stops at his front doorstep. The door is curved in an arch with antique metal door handles and a knocker. There is a tiny circular window near the top of the door. This one matches the rest of the windows in the cottage only this one is smaller. Everything is hand carved with intricate detailing, painstaking done with Ninian’s own two hands. There is a tiny log bench outside next to the doorway that has a matching wooden table. Ninian enjoys sitting outside in the early morning sunshine that peaks through the tree branches casting golden rays of sunlight down upon his little table, and bench where he can enjoy a cup of hot tea while basking in the warm embrace of the sun.


The inside is just as beautiful as the outside. Again, everything is made from nature’s bounty, all hand carved, and hand crafted by Ninian’s own hands. He has such creative talents. Even though Ninian is a mighty Wizard with exceptional magical powers he still enjoys making most things with his own two hands instead of conjuring them up by using his magic. To him, something that is hand crafted created out of love and joy is a thing of beauty, a treasure to behold. So, Ninian takes the time, whenever possible, to make everything from scratch - after all to him time is what he has a lot of, for all eternity.


As you step over the threshold into the room you are surrounded by love and joy.  I can feel the warmth radiating out from every corner of his cottage.  Lovely hand painted pictures adorn the walls. To the left and center of the room is the beautiful fireplace made from locally found river rocks.  Each rock is specifically selected and carefully placed interlocking with the next one.  A little bit of mortar was used to fill the tiny cracks between the rocks binding them together, strengthening their bond. All made to withstand the test of time. The opening for the fireplace is large enough to accommodate the cooking grate and a large pot hanging from the metal arm that swings out to make it easier for stirring or pouring. It's a very practical, functioning fireplace and cooking space. Ninian prefers to cook using his fireplace rather than using the woodstove top burners.  He does have a heavy duty cast iron woodstove in the kitchen but he usually only uses this when he is making big batches of his homemade jams and preserves or if he has a lot of guests at one time.  To me, all these items create the delightful ambiance of his cottage.  To the left of the fireplace is Ninian’s favorite chair and ottoman with a little lamp on an end table sitting serenely off to one side. Next to his chair is another chair and ottoman with its own lamp and a little end table for guests.  Directly opposite on the other side of the fireplace is a little sofa.  Again, it too, has a little lamp and end table.  All so very cozy, and inviting.


To the right is Ninian’s kitchen table and chair set. The kitchen is located behind them with several built in cupboards with antique brass door handles. There are lots of counter tops giving Ninian ample work space, plus there is a very large pantry that’s full of all his delicious jams, preserves, herbs and spices, etc.  Off from the kitchen is a hall way that leads past his library and study, his bedroom, the guest bedroom, and washroom. At the back of the house is his workshop.  The cottage has a beautiful aura about it - so serene, tranquil, and peaceful. I love coming here and always relax as soon as I enter the cottage feeling so naturally calm.


Ninian is always a gracious host. He had the kettle on the wood stove and a hot fire burning in the stone fireplace. It was so toasty warm and cozy in his home. I always feel at ease here. Ninian poured our tea, and pulled hot scones from the oven which he served up with fresh homemade butter and an assortment of his delightful jams. They are so delicious - such a yummy treat. I too, had something special for Ninian. I gave him a gift of his favorite treat: my chocolate chip, caramel brownies. They are very rich, and oh so gooey and chocolaty that melt in your mouth. When I handed Ninian the tin his eyes lit up and as he lifted the lid his smile grew very large as he quickly took one out of the tin and bit off a morsel.  I could see his enthusiastic love of food written all over his face as he took each bite savoring the flavor of each piece. I was glad that I had decided to make these for him as he does enjoy them immensely. He also likes my coconut snow drop cookies which I gave to him the last time I was here. Ninian sure likes his sweet treats.


Ninian's Book


We chitchatted, catching up on the local Fae news as we indulged in our treats while sipping on our tea. Then out of the blue Ninian had a wonderful surprise to share with me. He had started writing a book. It's still a work in progress and will take quite some time to finish it.  But when it is completed it will be a masterpiece on how to live in harmony with nature in practical ways. I was so thrilled to hear this news. The book consists of recipes for everything you can imagine or think of.  It will include the secrets for growing all things edible, as well as those that have medicinal properties, and herbal remedies. Plus, how to make useful household items and so on, as well as how to prepare some of his favorite dishes.


It's personally illustrated with his own sketches and drawings. He wants everything to be exact so any of us can recreate his recipes, and creations with wonderful results. Wizards of course can conjure up (materialize) most anything they want too, but most humans, half humans, and some woodland creatures, and so on cannot, so he is creating this beautiful book for those of us who do not have the magical powers to do these things. We of course can make all of these things ourselves from scratch, but Ninian has a different “spin-on-things”, that is to say, he has a few “tricks-of–his trade” that he is sharing with everyone. Such a beautiful surprise! I can hardly wait until the book is completed. Everything in his book can be found in nature, you just need to go look for them, and prepare them in the correct way.


I am very excited about his book and he promised to give me a copy when he finishes it, but I am not allowed to peek beforehand. I promised and we both had a good laugh. He was as excited about telling me about his book as I was learning about it. What an honor!  I was so touched by his generosity and trust and thanked him for allowing me to have a copy when he completes it. Ninian is creating it by hand instead of using magic to make it. He wants it to be done by hand so it will be special. Plus, the sketches, and drawings are more personal when physically drawn instead of being conjured up. Doing the book in this way will take him a long time but it will be a work of art, personally created by his own hands rather than by a magic wand or saying magic words. It will be something that everyone can treasure for ever, that can be passed down from one generation to another. What a fabulous gift it will be!


Saying Goodbye


We finished our tea, and scones. I helped Ninian clean up, and then bid him farewell while giving him another hug. Waving goodbye as I left his yard I carefully made my way back home. I entered through the side door so I could hang up my rain gear on the drying rack. I put the kettle on for some more tea so I could warm up after my trek in the forest. It was a little bit chilly and very damp out. But the rain was gentler now, and the mist had slightly lifted off the ground exposing the greenness of the field. It was a beautiful morning! And as I sat beside the warm fire I thought about our visit. I was thinking about Ninian and his book and delightfully speculating about all the marvelous treasures it would hold! I felt so honored and humbled knowing that one day I would receive such a magnificent book.


Today turned out to be extra special. It is always a grand day when I can spend time with him or any of my Fae, Woodland & Nature Spirit friends - my etheric family. They are so loving, kind and so full of life. It always warms my heart, soul and whole being when I can spend time with any of them. Rainy days can turn out to be very special, just like this morning had. I slowly sipped my hot tea as I softly said a prayer of thanks for such a blissful, transcendent morning.


*    *    *


Note: According to Ninian in ancient times (in other realms) there were some rulers in some lands who did not trust any beings who were magical, so they were all banned from these kingdoms.  But, fortunately there were some rulers who embraced the Fae, Elves, Wee Folk, Wizards and Nature Spirits, so they fled to these safer havens in other parts of the world.  Ninian had been one of these beings who fled.  Traveling from afar, he has traveled many miles over the centuries. Luckily, because of his magical powers he was able to travel long distances in a very short time via teleportation. Fortunately, having these abilities has enabled him to save many lives over the years. Now he lives a more protected life, still very busy though, helping the world become a better place and healing those whom he can.


Part 2: Another Adventure with Ninian the Wizard: "Spring & Rebirth"!


*    *    *


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