The Healing Powers of a Unicorn


By Cheryl


Before I share the following true story about the healing powers of Unicorns, it might be helpful to share some brief insights about these types of Etheric Beings in general.


The Nature of Etheric Beings:


The group of Faeries, Elven, Wee Folk, Unicorns and Pegasuses, that I am friends with are all Etheric Beings. They have the ability to take on denser forms and shape shift. What this means is that they can change into other animals, humans, and other creatures, etc. When this happens though they do become more vulnerable and spiritually and/or physically they can be hurt. So they are very careful of who and what they are around, and where they go, when they have densified themselves closer to our physical density or have changed from their natural shape.


When the Faeries, Elves, Wee Folk, Unicorns and Pegasuses are in human or animal form etc., they are between two worlds, and are vulnerable to spiritual and/or physical damage.  Especially the young’uns – the “innocent”.  They can fall prey to evil humans or evil spirits who can hurt them. So, the elders, Angels, and so on try to protect them as best they can. They try to protect them from all that is evil.


The reasons that these Etheric Beings change forms, especially turning into a human form, is because they are reaching out to us. They are trying to re-connect to us humans. In ancient times all living beings, including humans, woodland creatures, Fae, Wee Folk, and so on, lived and worked together in unity. But eventually evil forces broke the bond that unified us all.  Because of this, some Faeries, Elves and so on are trying to help to re-unify all of us and our beautiful planet – our world, our home. These wonderful various Etheric Beings and creatures are trying to help us to learn how to become aware once more of our higher, Divine Levels of Consciousness – "our Higher Self Realms". They have been sent here by GOD, the Divine Masters, and the Angels to help restore humanity's finer levels of awareness while preserving all cultures working towards a common goal for the good of all mankind and for the good of all creatures of this world.


As a result these Etheric Beings want to better understand our ways – just like their ancient ones did. Because they want to be able to better connect and unify with us – so that we can all be whole again – just like before – working together for the common good of all living things.  Fortunately, some humans are very receptive, loving, kind, and empathetic compassionate people who are here to help to achieve that goal, too. It will take time, but more, and more people are trying to make this world a better place for all.


Now let's get to the main story - it's remarkable and true!


A Unicorn Heals a Fae


Unicorns have always been well known for their abilities to heal. They have the unique, and special gift for healing all living creatures, including humans.  Their horns of light have magical healing powers as well as their tears.


One day I was asked to witness a healing session first hand.


It started on a brisk morning. The young’uns, Faeries and Elders were going out on a field trip to pay a visit in the human world.  This was for a training lesson for the young’uns to better prepare them to work more closely with humans as we approach the coming Golden Age. We went to a small school where some young human children were putting on a live performance in the auditorium of the school. The Young’uns, Faeries, and the Elders were dressed and looked like humans – so the adult humans never noticed anything was different.  Some of the human children knew, but they also knew that they must not say anything, because our visit was a special privilege for them.  So they kept quiet about who we all were.


Everything went well during the performances and afterwards everyone went outside where the human children were happily playing with the Young’uns in the playground – the Faeries and Elders carefully watching over all of them.  After a little while we all headed across the street to some shops and then we stopped at a café for some snacks and beverages.  All was going well, but then things were about to change taking a turn for the worse.


We finished our treats and beverages so we headed out of the café. As we walked down the street one of the young’uns ran ahead and then stopped by a shop. It was a foreboding, dark, and evil looking shop. One of the Elders yelled out to the young’un to stop and not to go in there.  But unfortunately, the young’un had already reached out and touched the doorknob before the Elder had finished uttering his words.  The damage was done – by touching the doorknob of such an evil place, it greatly affected the Young’un.  The Young’un experienced evil and saw negative images in her mind which had a negative and adverse effect upon her spiritual consciousness.  She was an “innocent” who was very impressionable and these cruel evil images affected her deeply.  The Young’un had experienced and had witnessed horrible things, and being young, and vulnerable it touched deep into her spiritual heart and soul. The color in her face began to fade as her life energy was being drained from her whole being.  She began to lose consciousness. The Elder quickly reached her, picked her up, and took her off to the nearby forest. We all followed.


A healing circle was quickly formed.  The young’un was gently placed in a circle full of healing crystals.  Then the Faeries, Elves, Wee Folk, and woodland creatures formed into the circle around her. The Angels knelt beside the young’un placing their hands upon her forehead. Then a beautiful unicorn joined us. The lead Elder placed the Young’un’s hand upon the unicorn’s horn. The Guardian Angel placed her hand upon the unicorn’s head, and her other hand on top of the Young’un's head, to complete the circle. The Guardian Angel spoke directly to GOD asking for help to heal the Young’un, and everyone joined in – focusing on healing the Young’un with divine prayers. In unison we all focused on the Young’un, praying for her safe spiritual journey back to us, and to our divine group, praying that she will be well again. The unicorn began to cry shedding tears that gently dropped down upon the Young’un. Slowly the color came back into her cheeks. Her breathing became normal, and her inner glow returned.  Then her body began to change back to her normal etheric self. I could feel all the pure love radiating from all the living beings and creatures in our midst as their healing prayers poured into the Young’un – into her whole being – into the heart, soul and essence of her life and existence. The healing circle had once again performed a wonderful miracle. The Young’un had been returned to us safe and sound.


She carefully got up, and went to each of us, thanking us for helping her. Under the careful guidance of the lead Elder, the Young’un floated about. Spiritually and mentally she was now healed, and very happy to be back amongst all of us. A hard lesson for her to learn, but one she will never forget. And through this experience, the other Young’uns now know firsthand of the possible dangers lurking in the human world.  Thus, they will be wiser and more cautious when venturing out into our world.


Now that all had been restored to normal and the seriousness of the situation was over, it was time to celebrate – to celebrate the beautiful and positive side of life. The Faeries, Elves, Wee Folk, and woodland creatures, and so on, always wisely offset something negative with something positive by having a celebration to honor the innocent, joyous, pure side of life.


Again, the Young’uns quickly went about bringing out food and beverages as the musicians were setting up and tuning their instruments. The Angels and unicorn lead the dance around the healed Young’un – so graceful and beautifully they danced.  Then everyone, including all the woodland creatures joined in – singing, dancing and having a grand time. We danced well into the late evening and then the Elders took turns telling wonderful stories to wind down the festivities, always ending on a wonderful and positive note.  So, it had turned out well after having such a terrible scare.  And we were all so thankful for the marvelous Divine Intervention that saved the Young’un.


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