How Unicorns Help To Heal & Cleanse Streams After Natural Disasters


By Cheryl


A couple years ago, (in the year 2013), I was out on one of my excursions walking in the forest. I sensed that one of my dear friends, a unicorn, was nearby so I headed off in that direction.  I came across my unicorn friend in the dense forest. My friend had completed his duties for the day, purifying the water in nearby streams so, he was free for the time being.  He wanted to show me what he had been working on, so we sauntered over to one of the nearby streams. The stream had been damaged by the recent rain and wind storm.  Mud, silt, and lots of huge boulders, and up-rooted trees had come cascading down the streams and rivers causing major damage in a rare "debris flow".  The unicorn dipped his horn into the water swirling his horn round and round, magically making the boulders and debris part out of the way to the side of the stream bed.  Simultaneously, the water turned crystal clear again as the mud sank to the bottom, instead of pouring down into the nearby lake.  On rare occasions large boulders and/or huge tree stumps can come tumbling down the mountains blocking the water’s flow, so the unicorns are sometimes asked to clear the path so the various water creatures won’t be hurt.  On other occasions the unicorns are told to leave things alone, and let nature take its own course. The Angels are specific about when and where these kinds of special interventions are needed and the unicorns lovingly and diligently do the necessary work that is required of them. And of course there are all the other times when unicorns are asked to use their healing powers to help the Etheric Beings, woodland creatures or humans.


I had not seen a unicorn use his horn in this way before. It was fascinating to watch. The boulders, trees, and so on, literally moved aside, and were placed in position out of the way so the water could once again move freely down the mountain to the lake. This was all done magically without anyone or anything touching them – only the unicorn’s magic – which was breath taking to watch. I was totally amazed and mesmerized at the work the unicorn was doing. He made it look so easy.  As his horn circled the water, a pure white light flowed from his horn into the water with little star burst shapes dancing around the ring that he made with his horn's circling motion.   Then the star lights dissipated into the depths of the water vanishing out of sight as the water was purified and cleared of the muck and debris.


Now that the stream had been cleared we headed back into the dense part of the forest. Hidden away, we came upon a little clearing that had very lush green grass, beautiful wild flowers, and various edible berries which were in abundance.  We stopped here for a picnic. I picked some of the berries while the unicorn ate some fresh clover. I took off my little pack, and placed my goodies on a log. I sipped on some rose hip iced tea which I had made earlier and munched on some little sandwiches and tea cakes.  I saved the chocolate chip cookies just in case we decided to carry on to where Bert, the Faeries, Elven, and Wee Folk were. Bert always likes to eat some of my cookies.


After the picnic we headed down stream towards the lake – checking the stream for debris, mud, and excess rocks and so on, that may be blocking the water’s path. We came to the mouth of the creek at the lake and all was well. The unicorn was pleased that the task was successfully completed.


Across the way, the sun shone across a beautiful glacier – shining like sparkling diamonds as the snow glistened under the sun’s rays – so breath taking.  It was time for me to head back to the campsite.  I had already been gone for a couple of hours, so I thought it best to get back before anyone would become worried.  Saying my farewells to my dear friend, I then wandered along the rocky lakeside beach and headed back to camp.  I knew we would be meeting up again soon – which is always such a delight.


The Dance of the Unicorns


I sat for a while with my human friends at the campsite, just talking small talk about fishing, weather, and plans for outings and so on, but no one wanted to go out canoeing, kayaking or boating until after dinner/supper.  So I said I would be back in a couple hours because I wanted to do some kayaking.  I picked up the kayak and headed for the beach.  Then I decided to head north, back up the lake.  So I paddled along the shoreline and then stopped where I knew there was a hidden path heading into the forest. I was hoping my Faery, Elven, and Wee Folk friends might be there. To my wonderful surprise, there were five enchanting and gorgeous unicorns that were dancing.  They were keeping in tune with the beautiful songs the birds were chirping. All done in such sweet harmony. These divine creatures are so very graceful, and elegant. Such a joy to watch.



Not too long after, Bert came flying into the clearing with some Faeries, Elves, and Wee Folk – followed by some more of the woodland creatures. Bert, and all his family and friends, can’t resist the sounds of music. When their work is finished they love to get together for singing and dancing.  Of course the young’uns love this time of day or night and eagerly await in anticipation. They loved dancing in and out of the dance circle, twirling and swirling, weaving in and around the unicorns. And some of the young’uns were allowed to ride the unicorn’s backs. This is an honor the young’uns, don’t take for granted.  They cherish it with all their hearts, and souls. The unicorns prancing so gracefully around the dance circle with the young’uns hanging on singing and laughing, having a great time! Such a joyful group, so happy.  The Unicorns, Fae, Elves, Wee Folk, woodland creatures, and in fact all living beings, need balance.  Work and play need to be in balance and in harmony.  Similarly, this is crucial for the whole world – in order to be all in sync with the divine rhythm of life.  The Faeries and all these wonderful beings and creatures always know how to balance life. They are so in tune with this world.  You can feel their hearts and souls beating as one.  They are such a wonderful example to us and we can learn a lot from them!


We all continued singing and dancing having a fabulous time. The time quickly passed and I knew I needed to get back to camp before too long.  So I said my good-byes, walked back to the beach, and paddled the kayak back  to our campsite.


My friends were glad to see me back safe and sound.  I have the best of both worlds. I enjoy spending quality time with my human family and friends, as well as my friends and family of Angels, Unicorns, Pegasus, Faeries, Elven, and Wee Folk, and so on. I have two wonderful families. I am so blessed and privileged.


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