"My Sprite Experience"


by Cheryl


I was about 7-8 years old. We lived near a beautiful city in the Okanagan Valley, in British Columbia, Canada. Our house was smack dab in the center of a large orchard full of beautiful fruit trees, which was awesome. We could pick the fruit at any time we wanted to, as long as we picked the fruit properly without damaging the tree.

On three sides of our house we had a very deep green, thick lawn with some fir trees at the edge which was situated next to the orchard. I always played outside as much as possible. I loved running on the grass in my bare feet to feel the coolness underneath.


There were small fir trees which were the perfect height for me to reach the branches where I built little tree forts for my dolls.  Sometimes the Fae, Elves and Wee Folk would come out to visit me on their off time.  The Fae, Elven and Wee Folk have designated duties and tasks that they perform every day.  They get time off as well, to do as they please. These are the good folk who work hard at keeping the trees, flowers, and all living plants, and animals on earth healthy.  It is their tasks to help the plants and animals grow from the Etheric side of life.  They take care of the forests, and nurture all living things.


There are many different Wee Folk of varying ages. The Elders oversee all the work that is being done, and the underlings are assigned certain tasks which they perform with all their hearts and souls. To them it is an honor to assist in the larger Divine Plan of the Angels and GOD. Even the young’uns have their tasks, too. Diligently they dive in with gusto doing whatever needs to be done. They know that every task, no matter how small it is, is still important and necessary to make everything grow and flourish. The young’uns also knew that they would have time each day to do as they pleased as long as it was not harmful to any living thing.


Tree and Water Sprites (faeries/fairies) are very hard workers, but when it comes to their free time, or "off time" as they call it, they play hard too.  (It might be helpful to note that the "Tree Fairies or Sprites" are actually quite different from a tree's internal "Tree Spirit".)  Now some of these Sprites like to play tricks with each other or on humans. They are never mean. They like to tease and play games, but it is all in good fun. No one is hurt or harmed. They just like to tease everyone. It is a game. Everyone knows this, and tease back, all in fun.


Which brings me to one of my experiences with a Tree Sprite.  I called him "Bert", because as a child I couldn't pronounce his actual name.  Now Bert, he always liked to play during his off time. Often we would play tag, but the rules were that he would have to be the same size as me, no flying, and no turning invisible, because I could not do those things so it would not be fair. After all he was "magic" and I was not. Sometimes we would play sock tag where we would throw a rolled up sock at the other person to try to “tag” them, then they would be “it” and would have to chase after the other person. It's like a game of tag, but using a sock. We always had so much fun, laughing and running around the yard. Great fun!


Now one day, Bert was in a teasing mood.  All in fun of course.  I was outside by my dolls’ tree fort.  I turned my back for just a moment and “poof” my favorite doll went missing.  Ah, ha, I thought … Bert is here. I glanced around, but couldn’t see him, so I walked over to a huge tree nearby, and peeked up inside and sure enough Bert was there. He was laughing, so hard he almost fell off his perch. I scrambled up the tree, but couldn’t get close to him. He had turned small so he could go higher up in the tree. He had his hands behind him, and I knew he was hiding my doll. I was laughing, because he was teetering back and forth while he laughed, and he looked like he was on a teeter-totter. He had wrapped his legs around a branch and swung around it. He was quite the character - so funny to watch.


I thought I would tease him too. I asked Bert to please give me back my doll, and he just laughed harder shaking his head, "No".  So, I told Bert that I had something better than my doll, and if he didn’t give me back my doll, I would not share any with him.  Well, of course his eyes grew wide like I knew they would, and he asked me what I had. I reached into my pocket and drew out a chocolate chip cookie. I slowly nibbled on it telling him how yummy it was and oh…how those chocolate chips tasted so good. I smacked my lips, and carefully took each bite savoring the taste of each morsel…Well, Bert couldn’t stand it anymore. He loved my chocolate chip cookies, and he so badly wanted one. He scampered down the tree, and gave me back my doll so he could have a cookie. We both laughed, because it was all in fun.  He teased me by taking my doll, and I teased him by eating a cookie in front of him.  I gave him one from my pocket, and together we ate the cookies.  We talked for a while laughing, and enjoying each other’s company.  It was a perfect day!


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