A Day in The Life of Pixies


By Cheryl


Pixies are similar to Sprites but are tinier – approximately a foot tall.  But of course they can instantly change their size and appearance as needed for performing their various tasks. Sometimes Pixies will become much smaller in order to help the insects and bugs (especially the Lady Bugs), as well as helping the bees to pollinate the plant life.


Pixies are of course magical with a great love of life. They have a sense of curiosity that is filled with a bit of mischief, but everything they do is all in kind good fun and they would never hurt any being or anything.  Like the Fae, the older and more experienced they are, the greater their magical powers.


They help the Faeries, Elven, and Wee Folk with the care and well-being of all plants, flowers and shrubs.  Pixies love doing this particular task because they can hum and sing while they fly and flutter about from one plant to the next, dancing and singing while pollinating the plant life –which they so love to do. So even though the job they are doing is very important they go about their tasks with great fun, merriment and joy in their hearts, soul, body, minds and spirit.


In summary, the Pixies, being the loving, kind, joyous beings that they are, help to make all the plant life flourish as part of the Divine Plan.


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