A Day in The Life of Leprechauns


By Cheryl


The Leprechauns that I have met are kind, generous, and loving souls. Once you have earned their trust and are invited into their family you have a friend for all eternity – as long as you have a pure heart full of loving kindness and are empathetic, compassionate and love helping those in need. Of course not everyone can be helped or may want to be helped, but if you help those you can and help to make this world a better place for all then Leprechauns will assist you in any way they can. They try to inspire us to live in peaceful balance and harmonious oneness with Mother Nature and our planet earth. They want us to enjoy life, but not at the expense of others.


So where do they live and what do they look like? Leprechauns live in Ireland and they appear as short, stocky muscular men 2-3 feet tall.  They vary in stature depending on what part of the country they are from and the clothes they wear vary as well. They tend to be a bit mischievous by nature (in a kind, friendly way of course) and have the normal magical Wee Folk powers.  They are part of the category of Nature Spirits known as Earth Faeries, Earth Elementals or Earth Sprites. Leprechauns love music and dancing.


I had the honor to meet a few Leprechauns at a special gathering of “The Clans”. This was when several representatives of various Wee Folk clans from around the world came to our location for a very special celebration. It was Pan’s birthday!  This also included all the appropriate Fae, Elven, Wee Folk, Woodland Creatures, Ascended Masters & Lady Masters, Angels, Ninian, and so on.


For Pan’s birthday celebrations everyone joined in all the festivities.  Each brought with them instruments from their own countries and joined in the dancing, singing and playing their instruments in their own traditional ways and styles. The Leprechauns had a variety of their instruments that they played such as the Irish drum (Bodhran), guitars, Uilleann Pipes (similar to bagpipes), Flutes, Tin Whistles, and harps. They played traditional Irish Folk music and some of the Celtic songs as well as some songs that were ancient to them even before the Celts. Every being joined in dancing, singing, playing instruments, and partaking in all the different styles and traditions from all the countries from all the Clans. They honored many cultures with various dances as well as singing along to all the songs. The celebrations continued to way into the next morning. Fun was had by all.


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