Helping A Unicorn


By Cheryl


Unicorns are beautiful, gracious, pure loving divine creatures that are breath-taking to behold!  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to become one of the few humans to have the privilege of becoming acquainted with such magnificent animals.


It all started simply enough – a typical warm sunny spring day. As the dew drops were absorbed by the rays of the morning sunshine I was joyfully making my way through the forest to pay a visit to Bert, and the Faeries.  I always zig and zag – covering my tracks and double checking to make sure that I am not being followed.  Protecting the Faeries, Elves, and Wee Folk is always my main concern when I venture out on these excursions. It is very important to keep them safe, and out of harm’s way. To keep them safe from bad humans or evil spirits.


On this particular morning however, I began to feel that something was terribly wrong. My instincts told me to veer away from my current direction and go a different way. I have learned to always listen to my instincts so, I turned and walked south instead of going west. As I carefully made my way through the forest my feelings grew stronger. I knew something ahead of me was in great pain and in possible danger. I did not waiver but forged ahead, and low-and-behold I came across a magnificent Unicorn laying on the ground. For a moment I stood very still in “awe” at the sight of this beautiful creature.


The Unicorn lifted its head to look at me. I gently spoke to the Unicorn in a reassuring voice explaining who I was and where I had been heading when my instincts told me to come this way. It had been the Unicorn telepathically calling out for help. Since I was the closest I was the one that received the message that brought me here to this location.


I asked the Unicorn what was wrong and he told me that he had stumbled and fallen, spraining his leg.  (For some reason the unicorn had densified himself to an almost physical density.  They will sometimes do this so that they can pour a special divine energy into Nature to bless the forest and help all of the woodland creatures at the physical, as well as at the Etheric (Fae) vibrational levels.  But unfortunately this also makes them more physically vulnerable and it's possible for them to be hurt.  But they love us so much they do it anyway.  And at some point the Unicorn had stumbled and hurt himself.)  I asked permission to approach him so that I could take a look at the injured leg. The Unicorn granted me permission to help him, so I carefully examined his leg. I explained to him that in my little pack I had some healing herbs and would it be okay for me to attend to the injury. He said, "Yes".  I gently lifted the leg and massaged the area that surrounded the injury, then I took some herbs out of my pack, made a poultice, and applied it to the injured area.  Then I carefully wrapped his leg.


The Unicorn thanked me for my helping him and I assisted him in standing up.  Gingerly the Unicorn started to walk and we slowly made our way towards where Bert and the Faeries were located. I telepathically sent Bert a message, quickly explaining what had just happened. A few minutes after I had sent Bert the message, he and some Faeries and Elves came flying to our aide. Bert, the Faeries, and Elves gently lifted the Unicorn off the ground and carried him to their home. When we arrived everyone gathered around the Unicorn, including some woodland creatures, and formed a healing circle. Healing crystals were placed around the Unicorn and then we all gathered around him linking our minds, and bodies in unison. The guardian Angels joined in completing the circle. We all poured our loving thoughts and prayers into the injured Unicorn.  A beautiful pure white light orb now surrounded the Unicorn and a rich, deep blue light encased the injured leg.


Everyone could see the healing energy pour into the Unicorn and the injured leg. After a few minutes the light energies disappeared. The Unicorn stood up. The leg was miraculously healed with no signs of the previous injury and the Unicorn was no longer in pain.


The Unicorn walked around the circle bowing his head thanking everyone for helping him. Now that the Unicorn was healed and all was well, the Faeries, Elves, and Wee Folk wanted to give thanks to all those who had been part of this spectacular healing process, so to show their gratitude they wanted to put on a dance celebration.


The young’uns of course jumped to it right away. Off they sped to get some food, snacks, and beverages while others went to get the musical instruments. So the dance celebrations began . . .


A Dance Celebration!


The serious atmosphere had now disappeared as everyone began to make preparations for the dance celebrations. The food and beverages were spread out on the nearby tables as the musicians began to warm up their instruments. We all gathered round to join in the festivities. The music began to play and the young’uns entered into the dance circle enthusiastically dancing about to their hearts' content. The woodland creatures joined in too – some of them dancing on the ground, while others joyfully flying about in and around the others above their heads. All were singing, dancing, laughing and having a wonderful time.


As the musicians swung into another song, the older siblings joined into the dance group.  Next the young adult Wee Folk entered into the circle as the dances continued. Finally the Elders, the Angels and myself joined in. As we were dancing about, the Unicorn now joined in, too. Carefully dancing in such a way as not to re-injure his leg – merrily enjoying the festivities.


Then the music slowed in tempo so that some of the dancers could bow out of the circle to exchange places with the musicians so they too, could enjoy the dancing activities. We danced well into the late afternoon, only stopping long enough to catch our breaths or to have a quick snack. Then off into the dance circle again. Fun was definitely had by all.


This day turned out to be such a special day that I would always cherish and hold dear to my heart. Because of my good deeds in coming to the rescue of the Unicorn, I became accepted as part of their family – accepted as one of their own.  A true honor bestowed upon me. They are some of my dearest and most beloved friends and family.


*    *    *


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