"My Fae Tea Party Experience"


by Cheryl


When I was a young child, about 3 or 4 years old, I lived in the beautiful alpine town of Banff located amongst the majestic grandeur of the snow covered Canadian Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada.  Our house, that my mother and father built, was on the side of one of the mountains.

One day I was playing at the edge of our backyard next to the forest. I was sitting on the grass next to some bushes and as I glanced over I saw a Fae (fairy), one of the wee folk that lived in the forest.  She invited me to join her and her family to a tea party later that  afternoon.  I was so delighted and immediately agreed to join her. She left and I ran into the house to tell my mother.  My mother was very happy for me, and so together we made some tea cakes and treats for the all the wee folk.


After the tea cakes and sweets were ready I went outside and picked a beautiful bouquet of flowers for the fairies. The flowers were all colors - like the colors in a rainbow, and I tied it with a multi-colored ribbon and looped the ends into a pretty bow. I was so excited I could hardly wait.


The Fae came to the edge of the forest by the bush and took me to their meadow. The Fae, and all the wee folk were so delighted with the tea cakes, sweets, and flowers that I brought them. We drank our tea and ate all the goodies while the elven folk played their musical instruments. They hand made these instruments with precision - hand carving them with beautiful designs. There was a flute player, one on drums, a harp, and an instrument that looked similar to a mandolin.


After we ate our treats and drank our tea we all got up and danced. It was such a wonderful day!  We sang, laughed, and danced, and whiled away the afternoon.  I had never had such a glorious tea party as this!  My best ever!


The fairies were all wearing dresses and each had a different color.  One was wearing yellow like the daffodils, a lavender one like the violets, a pink one like the roses, blue like the bluebells etc. all the colors were the same as the bouquet of flowers I had given them. They were so beautiful and majestic!


The elves were dressed in fine clothing as well with little bolero vests, short pants, and elven shoes and some had hats with feathers in them.


The Fae and Elves and other Wee Folk can change their appearances, shapes and sizes to suit their needs or the needs of the humans they wish to make contact with. They do this out of respect, as well as to not frighten or startle the humans.  After all, they are all magic!


I didn’t want it to end, but when it was time, my gracious hostesses and hosts escorted me back to our backyard. They said that they would see me again soon.  I curtsied in gratitude and told them that it had been the best tea party I had ever been to!  We each waved and said our good-byes and then they vanished into the forest. When I could no longer see any of them, I then ran into the house to tell my mother.  She also had experiences with the Wee Folk when she was a child and was absolutely delighted for me!


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