A Fae Surprise Party


By Cheryl


The following true experience took place on the shore of a beautiful lake surrounded by gorgeous glacier-clad mountains in the Canadian Rockies.   I immensely enjoy my camping trips here as it is so picturesque and peaceful, and there is an abundance of wild life that live in the dense conifer forests.  Each winter I anxiously await the arrival of spring so I can come back to this special place.  And best of all, some of my beloved Faeries, Elves, Wee Folk and other woodland beings and creatures live here.  They love living here, far away from the crowded cities.


Most often my excursions into the forest results in great adventures. I never know what to expect and what wonderful new experiences I will have. Today turned out to be a fantastic day.


As I left the campsite, I headed north through the forest following one of the hidden paths until I came to the edge of a large meadow.  I was delighted to see Bert and some of the Faeries in their etheric forms perched on top of some tree stumps. Since they seemed to be in a meeting I decided not to disturb them and was about to back up and leave.  But Bert sensed my presence and glancing over my way telepathically said that I was welcomed to join them.  So I strolled through the meadow to where they were sitting.  Bert and the faeries were happy to see me.  We have grown very fond of each other and I am very thrilled to be a part of their families and community.


Bert started to explain that one of the Elders’ was having a birthday and they were trying to decide how to make his birthday a special occasion.  We sat there for a while discussing some options.


Here are some of the ideas that came up:


1. A Parade.

2. May-Pole-Dancing.

3. Play-Acting.  (Acting out favorite plays or stories.)

4. A Dance Circle.

5. Story-Telling.


As one might guess, Bert and the Faeries all agreed that in order to make the birthday party extra special we needed to do everything on the above list!  So we met up with some more Faeries, Elves, Wee Folk and woodland creatures to go over the plans for the party.


The young’uns, and some of the woodland creatures went about collecting pine cones, tree branches, moss, leaves, berries, and so on for decorations.  The May-pole was made from a large fallen tree which had been stripped of its branches, and erected in the center of the meadow. Colorful streamers made of vines and flowers cascaded down the pole from the top. The dancers would use these for the May-Pole Dance. They also made wreaths to wear that matched the colors of the May-Pole. They now wore bright and cheery colorful costumes. Each representing one of the vine’s colors. This would create a beautiful intertwined display as they performed their dances.


Tree stumps and logs were arranged for seating and for tables for all the food, beverages and gifts. As was customary, everyone made a special gift for the guest of honor for his birthday.


Finally fresh flower arrangements were made and placed in baskets around the edge of the meadow.  Everything was coming together and what a glorious sight!  It looked so spectacular!  I knew that the Elder would be very pleased.


Now all the Wee Folk and woodland creatures made the preparations for the parade. Some Faeries remained in their etheric forms to lead the parade. They flew in formation and glowed in various beautiful colors, putting on a light show.  They were so graceful and beautiful as they lead the procession, changing colors as they changed formations.  Totally amazing!


Next came the young’uns who were riding the Unicorns.  They were all decked-out in bright and colorful costumes with matching flower wreaths on their heads.  As they proceeded along the parade route, past the crowd of on-lookers, they threw flower petals along the way enhancing the charms of the parade.


Following the young’uns were the “be-tweens”, who are the equivalent of our teenagers.  Then came the young adults, senior adults, and then Bert and myself followed by a group of Elders. The lead elder came next, and then the Senior Elders.  Last, but not least, came the Angels riding on the flying Pegasus.  What a divine and glorious sight!


While the parade was going by, the musicians continued playing up-beat festive music. The parade circled around the meadow again and then broke formation. Now the guest of honor came front and center to start the dance celebrations. Everyone joined in singing and dancing to the wonderful tunes the musicians were playing. We were all having so much fun! The guest of honor was so happy with everything we all had done for him.  A joyous occasion!


The singing and dancing continued on for a couple more hours. As the sun began to set it was time to wind things down, so everyone including the Unicorns, Pegasus, and woodland creatures all gathered around as some of the Elders were going to start the storytelling and play-acting sessions. This lasted for a while then the guest of honor received his gifts.  The presents were wrapped in containers made from natural materials found in the forest. The gifts themselves were as unique and special as the individuals that gave them to him. The gifts were personally handcrafted and handmade by each individual being. As he un-wrapped his gifts he personally thanked each and every one of us.  He was so amazed at how creative each gift was and how much love went into making them. Treasures he will always keep dear to his heart.


Today turned out to be such a glorious day! Once all the gifts were opened and we all ate some of the various cakes and goodies, it was time to call it a day.  So everyone and all the woodland creatures started to leave to go home. I thanked everyone for such a wonderful time and went back through the forest along the path to the campsite.  A beautiful experience I will hold dear to my heart as well.


Special Note:


There's something the Fae need to be careful of when they are making preparations for a party or for any other Fae get-together.  If by chance another human is in our area of the forest and is approaching the meadow, the Senior Elders must decide whether or not that person would be able to see and hear what is going on.  Fae, Elven and other Wee folk have special spiritual powers that enable them to sense when something or someone is in the area.  Then they assess whether or not that person or creature might cause a problem.  Then they decide whether they are going to allow that human or creature to see and hear the Fae get-together.


Not everyone or everything is allowed to be a part of the Faery world because the Angels, God, and the Divine Masters have Divine Plans for us all which may or may not allow a connection with the Fae and woodland creatures and so on.


The Senior Elders sometimes use their spiritual powers to lead the person or creature away from the meadow - so they don’t come anywhere near us. Or other times the Senior Elders might make it so we would be all invisible to the humans or creatures.  In this case the person or creature would walk right past us and not even see or hear us.  The meadow would look like an ordinary meadow surrounded by the forest with trees, shrubs, grass, and flowers, and nothing else.  It would look as if it belonged here with no signs of the Faeries.


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