"The Dance of the Fae"


by Cheryl


A month or two later the Fae, Elven, and wee folk invited me to a Fae dance. It was such an honor to be asked to attend! We were in a beautiful meadow with lush, thick green grass with lovely flowers of all colors that surrounded the edge of the dance circle next to the forest.


The Fae and Elven folk were of various age groups (and sizes) ranging from the very young (shortest) up to the very wise elders (the tallest).  All were wearing their favorite dance outfits, brightly colored and cheerful.  Some of the smallest were certain types of sprites, water and tree root fairies. These particular ones are about 2-3 inches tall - although many sprites and water fairies come in larger sizes.  Their wings give off an illuminating golden glow and the very small fairies sometimes are mistaken for fireflies, because of the light emanating from their wings.


The youngest Fae were riding the fawns in and out around the dance circle. The rest of us were dancing in the circle. Some butterflies were leading the group. The birds were chirping, singing in tune with the songs that were being played, and sung. Bunnies were hopping in and out of the dancers. Little Ladybugs were riding on their shoulders so they wouldn’t miss out in all the fun that we were all having.  It was such a glorious sight!  Everyone dancing and singing, and having so much fun!  Everyone communicating via telepathy so as not to disturb the singers.  All creatures great and small participated in the singing, and dancing, and talking with us!  It was awesome!


The most interesting part of this experience was the fact that there were two of "me".  The normal physical part of myself was sitting at the edge of the dance circle watching my finer, higher, "Etheric Self" dancing, and singing with this wonderful group.  Plus, I was communicating in both realms simultaneously, that is to say, my normal physical body sitting there watching everyone was communicating to my Higher Etheric Self as well as to all the Fae, Elven and woodland creatures. Now that was fantastic!  Such a marvelous experience to be able to be part of this group in two different kinds of bodies - one physical and the other spiritual!


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