A Day in the Life of the Elven Folk


By Cheryl


The elves in this area of British Columbia, Canada, are wonderful beings full of love and pure of heart. They vary in size and shape and range in age from the young’uns to the Elders. And of course they are very hard working – going about their tasks and duties diligently, while respecting the feelings and space of all others – whether in their own magical realm along side the Fae and other Wee Folk or in our human realm. They always take great pride and care in all that they do. Elves are very honorable, intelligent beings of high standing like the Elders. Age is a factor – the older the Elf the more honorable position they uphold in their clan. The Elders are well respected and looked-up to. It is an honor to be in such a position and is not taken lightly. There isn’t any anger, resentment, fear, jealousy nor negativity like what we humans have. They are lightful, kind-hearted, free spirited beings full of love and joy who never hold a grudge. They are very peaceful beings who do not want to offend anyone or anything.


They can teleport through various realms as if there are no borders or walls – after all, they have wonderful spiritual powers so they can do what is needed of them in any realm while communicating via telepathy.


The Elven Folk are very hard workers and are often called “Connectors”. This is because they are part of the Fae world that holds everything together – the foundational members of any of the Fae, Wee Folk and Woodland Creature clans. Plus, the Elves are “Jack-of-All-Trades” and they happily go wherever they are needed.


Elves pay attention to the little details in all aspect of their lives as well as for those around them. They are very tenacious  and do their tasks and duties promptly and efficiently with great determination and to the best of their abilities. They always go above and beyond what is expected of them. They love pleasing others – it's one of their divine qualities. The Elves always lend a hand to whoever or whatever being needs help or assistance as long as they are from the Lightful side. They always watch out for each other and for all the Fae, Wee Folk and Woodland Creatures, as well as the select humans that belong to their clan. The Elves easily teleport from one realm to another as they do any work or tasks that are required of them at any given moment. For example, they might be called upon to help clean up a mud slide or the after-math of a forest fire or on a more normal day to lend a helping hand with duties in the forest, highlands or mountains. They can not interfere with the normal cycles of the Earth – meaning they can not stop a hurricane, mud slide or forest fire, etc. from happening. But they can go in afterwards to help clean-up. The natural cycles and rhythms of the Earth must play out.  Elves can help nature, the trees, the flowers, foliage and so on by pruning or cleaning-up the under-brush to let more lightful energies from the sun enter into the forest floor and so on. They plant seedlings, tend to the gardens and guard the forests to protect the Wee Folk from negative forces.  So their tasks are many and varied. And of course they are well respected in all the communities with all the clans because of all that they do and for who they are.


The Elves have a deep reverence for Mother Earth, the land, mountains, forests, streams, lakes, oceans and other parts of nature. They are one with the Earth and nature and keep their skills as fine-tuned as a piano. They are prophets, healers, musicians and poets. They love to sing, dance and tell stories just like the Fae and other Wee Folk. On their off time they too, like to join in with all the Wee Folk and Woodland creatures in the story telling and any celebrations that take place. They are lively beings full of laughter and joy. They like their sports activities just like us humans and they are always coming up with new games to play. The Elves are very creative and they like to try new things just to have fun.


Some Elves are tall in stature and some are smaller depending on their tasks and duties they need to perform. Like us humans their appearances vary as well. Some have light colored hair and others have dark or any color in between. Again it all depends where they live and what their environments are like so they can blend in. Greens or beige to browns are the colors of their clothes. A human can walk by them and not even know they are there. They easily blend into their surroundings and for extra protection oftentimes form an invisibility shield around themselves when they don’t want to be seen or heard.  And on other occasions they might teleport to a different area until it is safe for them to reappear.  Safety is their highest priority – protecting their clan, the Fae, Wee Folk and Woodland Creatures.


Even though at the present time most humans can't see them, they can still attract these sweet benevolent beings and receive their blessings just by believing in them and having a pure heart full of love, kindness, hope, joy and helpfulness to others in need. Your positive, lightful qualities will attract them to you and you will naturally become part of their world even though your only awareness of their presence might be an increased feeling of innocent joy and an almost childlike wonder of the beauty of nature around you.


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