Fae to the Rescue!


 How a Water Faery and a Woman


Saved a Dolphin's Life


 By Cheryl


Before I start sharing the following true adventure, I would like to clarify some things about the Nature Spirits, including Faeries, Elven, and other "Weefolk", and in particular those  that live and work in water.  Water faeries, water elementals, water babies, water nymphs, undines, and so on, as we humans call them, live in streams, rivers, ponds, lakes oceans, and the deep high seas.  Some of these benevolent etheric beings look similar to us humans, while others do not.  It all depends on where they live, what their purpose is, and what their magical powers are.  Some have great strengths of magical powers with seemingly no limits, while others are more limited as to what they can and cannot do.  And, some of these beings like to mimic us humans by changing their shapes, sizes and colors in order to match our appearance. Consequently, those from different parts of the world sometimes look and act differently from each other. Their intelligence's vary as well, again depending on their spiritual involvement and purpose. Various Nature Spirits, including many of the earth, air, and fire elementals, do not venture vary far from where they were born, work and play.  While others like adventure and on their own time venture far and wide learning more and more as they travel the globe gaining new knowledge and experiences.


Now some faeries, elves and other forms of Weefolk and elementals are fond of us humans, but others are unhappy with us because of the pollution we are causing to our beloved earth, and because some humans are unkind or even cruel.  So some of the Nature Spirits avoid us humans as best they can.


The Adventure Begins


This adventure begins one fine summer day four years ago (in 2011).  A few family members and I went on vacation to Vancouver Island off the west coast of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  Vancouver Island is surrounded by the vast Pacific Ocean which is full of beautiful marine mammals and other gorgeous sea creatures, flora and fauna.


It was a splendid day, not too hot, with a gentle breeze blowing off the ocean. Perfect temperature for a picnic at the beach. So, we packed a picnic lunch, some beach chairs and blankets, and headed up island to a quaint beach. This beach was secluded, and only a handful of locals knew about it. A perfect place to go beach combing and start an adventure!


After setting up our chairs, and beach blankets we set about combing the beach for hidden treasures! You never know what you might find! Lovely seashells, pieces of uniquely shaped drift wood, pieces of clay pottery, or wave polished pieces of glass, etc. Each time we venture out there has always been something new to discover or find.


My adventure started out the same as always. I would wonder along the shoreline looking for whatever had washed ashore. Today however, began to be different. After collecting a basket full of seashells mixed with some smooth pebbles and some tiny pieces of drift wood - suddenly things changed. I glanced ahead of me and in the distance I saw a figure up ahead among the rocks in a tiny bay. I waved in a friendly gesture, but received no response. I thought perhaps I had not been noticed so I started walking in that direction. As I drew near, to my surprise and delight, I saw that the form was actually a female water faery. She had a human-like form, but somewhat translucent. Her hair was light auburn with golden highlights that shimmered in the sunlight. It flowed gently down her back. Her skin was tanned, and she had turquoise eyes. She was about 5 feet tall with delicate features. She wore a teal, greenish blue and gold garment that cascaded down her slender body.


She glanced up with a frightened look on her face, and she was frantically pulling at something. I could not see exactly what she was doing, but I knew she desperately needed some help. The rocks obscured my view so I carefully walked slowly towards her. She looked back down and continued what she was doing. I slowly approached closer to her. I did not want to scare her. I spoke softly, and asked her if she needed help. I used telepathy because some faeries prefer to communicate in this manner. She glanced up again, then quickly looked away as she kept tugging on something. I kept sending calm peaceful thoughts to her so as not to alarm her in any way. I wanted to convey to her friendship and provide some assistance if she needed help. She glanced up and this time she seemed very frustrated and agitated. I kept talking to her as I climbed over the rocks. Now I could see down into the tiny bay. Here among some rocks was a Pacific White-sided dolphin tangled in a fisherman’s net, which was wrapped around some rocks.


The tide was going out so the dolphin was in danger. Without water, and being partially stranded on the rocks in the sun, the dolphin was in grave danger and could die. At once I headed over to the dolphin, taking out my utility tool, which I always carry with me on my outings, and bent down and carefully started cutting away the net. Gently, the water faery and I lifted the net up and over the dolphin. I dropped to my knees and dug a trench in the sand under the dolphin’s belly all the way to the water’s edge. The water rushed in under the belly of the dolphin, and freed it from its perch. The dolphin swam to deeper water then stopped, lifted itself out of the water, and did a back tail fin dance like they do in the aquariums, a double somersault, then dove down into the water. The water faery telepathically said, “Thank you”, waved, and she too dove into the water and began swimming off. As the water faery swam away she started to transform back into her etheric form.


It might be helpful to explain here that many water faeries can quickly transform from their etheric form to a more human-like form and back again.  In this case, the water faery had partially changed her etheric form to that of a more denser human-like one, because she needed to reach, and help the dolphin that was stranded on the rocks next to the sandy beach.  In other words, in order to leave the water element and then physically lift the net, she had to densify herself to a more physical-like density and human form.  But, after her rescue mission was accomplished, she rapidly transformed back to her more typical lighter etheric density and appearance.  I have witnessed this type of transformation of a water faery into a more human-like form in the past and it might be of interest to the reader if I explain how it happens.


First of all, just like all humans are different, fae are too. Even their normal etheric forms vary in shape, sizes, and colors. For this particular water faery, her ethereal body would have had a jellyfish-like translucency to it.  Then as she approached the shore she would have begun to change into a denser, more solid state - first changing to a white substance looking like a white puffy cloud. Then that denser white form would change into a human body shape and form. Even though the faery was now in a denser form, it would still have a beautiful aura - a magnificent glow surrounding her delicate form.  And this is the way she appeared to me when I first spotted her behind the rocks.  Such a majestic being!  She was now human-like in many ways and yet the beautiful jellyfish-like translucency of this particular water faery's body still partially remained.  Her facial features resembled, somewhat that of a dolphin's face, but in miniature.  Her nose was shaped like that of a dolphin's, but much smaller and delicate.  Her turquoise eyes shone like emeralds and aquamarines depending on how the sunlight reflected upon them - so beautiful! She was of course much more colorful than a dolphin and had varying shades of turquoise and blue threads that ran through her body like the ocean with hints of gold, sparkling like the rays of sunlight.


Now that we had saved her dolphin friend, the water faery too had returned to the sea.  And as she  began to swim away she started to transform back to her etheric form.  Her human body began to fade as it was replaced with the less dense, etheric form and appearance.  Instead of appearing human-like, she now looked like a miniature dolphin, but again translucent like a jelly fish with the tentacles trailing behind her gracefully flowing in the water. Her colors had changed back to the translucent turquoise blue-green with shimmering gold threads that ran through out her body - very colorful - like the varying depths of the ocean and the aquatic life forms that live here.


Then she stopped several yards away, turned back to me and waved again, thanking me for helping her to save her friend. I waved good-bye telling them to have a safe journey home.  Then she disappeared under the water.


I stood there for several more minutes not wanting to leave in case I would see them again. Off in the distance both did re-surface, glancing back at me, then they both dove off, this time swimming into the deep depths of the ocean. I stood there a few moments longer, enjoying the wonderful feelings of happiness, and serenity, savoring every moment of this glorious day!


I picked up the net and my basket of treasures and headed back to our picnic area. I didn’t mention anything about what had just happened, because some of my family members would not believe me. But my mother knew that something had transpired, and patiently waited for me to indulge her with the events of today’s adventures. Later that evening when my mother and I were alone I told her about the water faery and the dolphin. She smiled at me and said that I had once again been blessed by the Angels. I was so grateful that I had been given the honor of performing a special task for the Angels in helping two of GOD’s marvelous creatures in their time of need - as so often was the case for both my mom and I to do. All was well!


Mom and I went outside to watch the sunset. And as the sun began to set, it turned to a beautiful pinky peach. Then three Angels appeared before us. Silhouetted against the pink glow from the sunset, shining in their golden auras, they smiled down to us, thanking me for assisting the water faery to free the dolphin. A task well done! They were very pleased with the outcome. Again thanking me, they disappeared as quickly as they had come. I waved to them as they disappeared off into the horizon like the setting sun.


The Next Morning


The next morning when I awoke I immediately jumped out of bed, got dressed, and grabbed a muffin as I headed for the door. I was going back up island to the secluded beach where I had the wonderful encounter with the Water Faery and her dolphin friend. I wanted to see if they were still in the area or if they had gone. As I drove near to that location I reflected on yesterday's events and was hoping that my two new friends would still be around.


I walked along the beach and climbed over the rocks to the small secluded bay where I had first met the water Faery, and the dolphin. I saw nothing. I took out my binoculars scanning the horizon for movement. Nothing! I searched for a few moments scouring the ocean for tell-tale-signs, but still nothing. So, I decided to go exploring further up island. Climbing over more rocks then walking along the beach until I came to another tiny bay.  Here I decided to sit myself down on a nearby log, and again look for signs of movement on the ocean. I took out my binoculars but this time I did see movement! To my delight I saw a pod of orca whales swimming in the deeper water. I took a deep breath, and relaxed every fiber in my body so as to be able to send a message telepathically to the orcas asking them if they had seen my friends. A few minutes passed then I received a message. The answer was "yes". Binoculars in hand, I scanned the horizon again, and sure enough, there was the Water Faery and her dolphin friend. What a wonderful, delightful surprise! I quickly sent a telepathic message to them, waving hoping they might see me or feel the vibrations. Hoping that the orcas had told them I was here. I scampered down to the water's edge again, waving in excitement.


Whichever message got through, I wasn't sure, but they stopped, turned and sent me the following message:


"Thank you our kind, sweet dear friend. We are on our way to a gathering so cannot come for a visit. We hope to meet you again some time, perhaps on your next holidays here.  We will meet up again one day. Take care, and you too, have a safe journey home."


I thanked them, and wished them well. They turned, and quickly swam away to catch up to the pod of orcas. They were all bobbing up, and down on the waves, diving in, and out of the water. I was so wishing I could join them. Such graceful swimmers, beautiful majestic creatures!


I sat on the beach for a while watching them disappear out of view. The tide ebbed. The water receding out to sea. When it reached its destination all became calm. There was a lull. Then slowly the tide began to work its way back. I too, started to work my way back along the beach, heading towards where I had parked my vehicle. I carefully climbed over the rocks walking along the beach picking up some seashells as I meandered onward. Now and then I glanced out over the water hoping to see my friends, and the orcas, but they had long disappeared out of sight. It had been a splendid sighting though! Memories I will always cherish.


*    *    *

*    *    *


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