Angels Among Us


By Cheryl


Angels are with us every day of our lives. They are not only here to help us in our times of need, they are also here to help guide us through life during the good times. too.  All we need to do is to believe in them, accept them and ask for their help. Of course, they can not do everything for us – we must live life according to GOD’s will and Divine Plan by following our own paths.


The Angels appear in whatever ways that make it easiest to accomplish a particular mission.  Sometimes they have the "classic" appearance that we would expect them to have – with wings, robes and golden light all around them, but they can also appear in any other way they might need to.  They can look either like a normal human being or any of the myriad Etheric beings of various shapes, sizes and colors. They change as needed to meet the needs of we humans.


I have had the honor and privilege to work directly with various Angels and the Fae. And these are some of the tasks and duties that I have personally seen them perform as well as some additional details that were explained to me by the Angels and the Fae. It may be helpful to note that even though their work is endless, that does not stop them from performing each and every task and duty with great care and diligence. They always take great pride in everything they do, whether hard at work or when they have time off for play. The key to all is balance and they too, need balance. "All work and no play" is not the Divine Plan and they too need a break from time-to-time to rejuvenate and recharge just like we humans.


There are different types of Angels. In addition to the Angels who help us human beings, there are also Angels who tend to the Earth and work with the Nature Spirits and animal kingdom.  Each Angel has specific duties to perform and always works in accordance with GOD’s Divine Plan. This means that the Angels cannot do our work for us. We must walk the walk and talk the talk all on our own. That is to say we have to learn life's lessons that are required of us and experience life in the way that is intended for us. We all have our own individual life plans and we need to face head on the highs and the lows of life's challenges as we work through each one. Each one of us is special and unique with our own set of challenges, life lessons and experiences that we are meant to go through. Everyone has their own path to follow and their own life’s challenges to face and deal with. Fortunately, the Angels can help us enjoy and appreciate life’s wonders and beauty in addition to giving us a helping hand when we need it most. And this help comes not necessarily when we think we need it, but when we actually need their help according to them. We only have to believe in them, pray to them, respect them and especially give thanks to them.  After all, without them life here on earth would be a lot more challenging.


Guardian Angels


Our Guardian Angels are our angelic protectors who guide us through our life here on earth.  They are with us from birth to our passing on into our Higher Realms. They assist GOD by watching out for us. They cannot change our course or Divine Path because they always work in perfect alignment with our Divine Plan. But they can help us through difficult times by helping us choose the right path along our journey. Of course, Angels cannot do our chores, duties or tasks that we are meant to do. Guardian Angels help us to deal with life’s challenges, but they can not do our work for us, or learn our lessons for us. That is meant for us and us alone to do. And yes, miracles do happen and many of them are performed by the Angels as directed from GOD – all in GOD’s timing. We humans tend to be very impatient and want instant gratification, and instant results, well it just doesn’t always work that way. If it is meant to be, than it will be, but otherwise we must be more patient and let GOD and the Angels do their part in their time, not ours.




Cherubs are “Baby-like" Angels who specifically help us to relax and open our hearts to the Angelic World so that we are better able to receive assistance from the Angels, GOD and the Ascended Masters. How does this work?  It's easy. When we see them, they are so cute, they simply take our breath way. Usually we utter “aww….” – just like when we see cute little babies. That’s exactly the response Cherubs want us to feel!  When this happens we automatically relax and become more receptive to the Angelic messages or assistance. And of course some people simply feel more comfortable with seeing a cute little Cherub, rather than a “grown-up” or regular sized Angel which might seem intimidating because of their size and aura of authority. Cherubs are here to help us, are very intelligent, and take their duties very seriously just like other Angels.


Sometimes the Angels appear to us as we already envision them in our thoughts and minds – taking on the form that we see in our minds-eye. This is because some people will relate better to one form of Angel over another, yet they all do the same duties. They are all here to assist humanity, helping us in our time of need, but only to the extent that is allowed by GOD. Angels assist all living beings great and small. Cherubs (Cherubim) and other Angels are part of our guardian protectors. They are in constant touch with GOD and love being an outpouring of GOD's Love and Grace to help guide and protect humanity as they save us from ignorance, selfishness and from the bad influences from the dark side.




Sylphs are the Air Faeries or Air Elementals who cleanse the air, infuse Etheric Energy into the air we breathe, and work directly with all the other Angels helping humanity. We all know that air sustains life – without air we humans could not breathe nor survive. But most people are unaware that we are breathing in more than just oxygen.  We are also literally breathing in the Light or "Breath of GOD" or "Prana" as it is called in India - a beautiful sparkly golden Etheric Energy that pervades the "atma-sphere".  So it would be a blessing for us to be more appreciative of the air that we breathe, instead of taking it for granted and polluting it. After all, air sustains life.  So the Sylphs specialize in breathing GOD's Divine Life energy into the air that we breathe helping to awaken one and all.




These are my experiences and knowledge of various types of Angels. Other people will have their own experiences and views which is the way it is meant to be. After all, as said before, we are all special and unique individuals with our own special qualities which include how we see, hear, and use all our senses, and experience life and our Angels. We all have our own path to follow, so let's open up our hearts, minds, bodies, spirits and souls to GOD's Light and Love as we let our Inner Love glow outward from within us. Let our Divine Nature take its course as we let our fears and worries go. Live life to the fullest while spreading loving kindness to one and all.


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