An Angel, the Elders & the Young’uns:


A Lesson Learned, and then a Party!


By Cheryl


I was about 6 years old when I was invited to a Fae (fairy), Elven and Wee Folk gathering.  One of the Elven Elders had asked me to join him to attend a "working party".  Now, what that means to the Wee Folk is that everyone takes part in the designated "work project" and then when everything is completed there is a party afterwards.


So, even the very young, called "young’uns", take part.  It is all a part of the learning lessons for the young’uns, because these duties lead to bigger and more important jobs or tasks that they will be responsible for later on as they grow-up and mature.  Each young’un has a specific task and duty to perform and certain elder’s look on with watchful eyes to make sure the young’uns do their jobs and tasks properly.  It is all part of the learning process, their "school lessons", so to speak.


All was going well.  My task was to help the flower fairies collect dew drops, and take them to areas where the flowers weren’t getting enough moisture because they were sitting in the direct sunshine or under shaded areas that had too dense of foliage. We collected the dew drops from the trees, shrubs, and bushes that had broad leaves. The dew drops, were collected in tiny pieces of bark. We gently scooped the water off the leaves making sure not to harm the leaves, bushes, and trees and so on. The creek was too far away, so that is why we collected the dew drops. The Water Sprites from the creek tended to the flowers near them so we did the ones that were farther away from the creek.  I was not allowed to go to the creek unless under strict supervision either from my Mom or older brother.


I enjoyed doing these tasks.  The Fae were singing songs while they attended to their tasks, and watching them while we worked was so magical.  They are so graceful and dainty as they fly about doing their tasks.  I felt such joy and happiness as I went about collecting the dew drops for them.  I felt such a sense of peace and calmness as we went about our work.  It was so beautiful here amongst the Fae, Elves and Wee Folk in this wooded area.  It was always a pleasure and a great honor for me to be able to spend time with them.


A Lesson Learned


A couple hours had gone by with everyone busy, but then I noticed an Angel come floating down to where a couple Elders were working.  Of course my curiosity was getting the better of me so I eased closer within ear shot of them.  I was still working very diligently collecting the water, but I was wanting to know why such a beautiful Angel came for a visit.  I felt we were being blessed by her presence - which of course we were, but there was a down side to this visit. Apparently two young’uns had snuck off when no one was watching them, and instead of working, they were playing tag while flying in and out of the trees in a nearby part of the woods.  Of course, the Angel had spotted them from her watchful eye above.


This was not good. Everyone was supposed to be working. The Elders were very embarrassed that they had not seen them sneak off.  They had been so focused on the tasks at hand, and the other young’uns they were watching, that they hadn’t noticed these two slip away undetected.


The Elders and the Angels went and rounded up the two young’uns, and explained to them what the problem was.  The Angel stood over them, and gave them a lecture about the importance of the jobs they were to be doing and why they needed to focus on their tasks and do them properly, instead of playing tag. There is a time for work and a time for play.  Now was the time they needed to be focused on working, not playing.


Of course the two young’uns now felt very sad, and they felt bad for flying off the way they had.  They apologized to the Angel and the Elders and were very sorry for misbehaving.  They promised not to do it again.  Now the Fae, Elves, Wee Folk, and Angels are very forgiving and they do not hold a grudge.  So the Angel told the young’uns that if they wanted to be part of the group that was going to have a party, that they would now have to make up the lost time, and work twice as hard to finish in time.  If they accomplished their tasks and did their jobs properly, then they would still be able to join in the fun.


Well the two young’uns did not want to miss out on the party so they eagerly agreed, and quickly went back to work, working twice as hard than before, and much more efficiently. They did not want to disappoint the Angel or the Elders again.  That would be horrifying to them.  Plus, of course they wanted to be able to attend the party.


The Angel then talked with the Elders about other more important tasks that I didn’t know much about, so I turned my attention back to the flowers and collecting the dew drops.


The Party!


Now the party is a bit different then what we humans have.  Everyone is invited including the birds, butterflies, animals and creatures of the forest.  Each bring something to contribute.  It maybe helpful to point out here that normally the Fae, Elves, and Wee Folk do not eat like we do, because they are Etheric Beings and thrive on Etheric Light Energy, but for the sake of the humans and all the woodland creatures that eat physical food, the Wee Folk will sometimes take on a more humanistic form so they can eat like we do.  They can then taste and enjoy the food like we do.  The Flower Fairies brought sweet nectar from some of their flowers.  This was a special treat!  It tasted so divine!  Others brought treats they had made from the fruits of their labor such as greens from their gardens or berries freshly picked from the forest; while some made little sweet breads made from the grains they gathered and so on.  I brought some tea cakes, and some of my chocolate chip cookies.  Of course these were always a big hit with all.  I also brought some grain for the deer and the fawns, and some nuts and sunflower seeds for the birds and small creatures.


We ate the delicious food, and then the Elders would tell stories of ancient times - which of course the young’uns and I were fascinated by, and wanted to hear more.  Our eyes grew big as they us told their mesmerizing stories.  The Elders always made sure that the stories weren’t frightening and each story always had a lesson for all of us to learn.  Then when they were finished, out came the musical instruments and everyone danced and sang songs.  Everyone, including all the creatures joined in.  It was so exciting and we all had such a wonderful time!


Another interesting thing is that the Wee Folk not only sometimes put on more humanistic looking clothes so we can relate to them easier, but they also like to play dress-up and act out scenes from plays - mimicking us humans!  It is great fun to watch them!  They are so entertaining, and we all laugh, and have such joyous, happy fun.  Each of us take turns play acting, and we all join in the singing, and dancing.  Great fun is had by all!  Even the animals and birds all join in!


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