An Angelic Formula

for Successful Living


By Cheryl


I would like to share with all of you one of my wonderful experiences that I had with the Angels and the advice they shared with me.


Some Faeries, Elves, "Bert" (my tree sprite friend), a few other Weefolk, many woodland creatures, and myself were all sitting together on a grassy knoll near a great forest. We were surrounded by beautiful wildflowers of many colors, shapes, and sizes and overlooked a crystal clear, glacier fed mountain lake. Sitting here with the three Angels was breath taking, and so delightful, calm and peaceful. Their presence filled my heart with their pure love, kindness, and happiness. The Angels radiated light energies that emanated from every fiber of their being. I could feel nothing but pure love, peacefulness, understanding, and patience. Everything positive - nothing negative or judgmental - just pure love and goodness.


I immediately felt relaxed, at peace and rejuvenated - totally at ease in their presence. I felt like I was part of a huge family, and community that was there to protect and guide me. The Angels all had a warm sunny glow - an aura that surrounded them - so majestic. Truly amazing.


The Angels passed onto me some advice on various things we can do to assist our spiritual progress and awakening. I would like to share them with you now.


An Angelic Formula for Successful Living


The following are a list of divine qualities that the Angels recommend us to cultivate in order to better awaken into our "Higher-Self Realm Consciousness" while gradually gaining ever greater Enlightenment and Self-Mastery.  Working through this list each and every day helps to strengthen our positive attitudes and behaviors so we will stay in our Higher-Self Realm. Also, we'll be learning to control and master our lower emotions, egos, and thoughts which will give us added inner strength and equip us with the necessary tools to deal with all of life's challenges.  Blessings on your journey and be kind and patient with yourself!


Everyday Try to Increase the Following

Divine Qualities and Habits:


1. Being Loving

2. Kindness

3. Forgiveness

4. Acceptance

5. Empathy

6. Compassion

7. Don’t worry, especially about the “What ifs”

8. De-stress

9. Balance

10. Let Go!

11. Work on becoming sufficiently masterful so that no one and nothing can "push your buttons".

12. Don’t let your negative emotions and “ego” take control

13. Stay calm and focused

14. Think first before reacting

15. Take responsibilities for your own actions


Summary of Angelic Advice


When we are confronted with someone or something which is hurtful, or there is a bad situation that we need to deal with, always remember to take a few deep breaths to calm ourselves.  Then we will be able to make an informed decision on how best to handle the person or situation.


Taking a few deep breaths gives us time to think about what is really going on rather than what our “ego” is telling us. Staying calm, focusing on inner peace, and keeping control of our emotions and ego, helps us to be in our "Higher-Self Realm" instead of our lower realm.  Staying focused on positive thoughts and actions accomplishes this.


If we are over whelmed by a person or situation and feel we are losing control, continue to take deep breaths, and focus on our inner strength.  Ask the Angels, GOD or Divine Masters to help guide us to face the person or situation so we can deal with it in a positive manner and fix the problem - and then let go and move forward.


Remember that we are here on earth to learn life’s valuable lessons and to make positive life changes so that we can awaken more and more in our Higher-Self Realm Consciousness.


Plus, we are here to help others, (those who can be helped), as well as to make positive changes and make a difference in this world.


Life is a learning journey for all of us: to experience life and to be the best we can be.


It is also helpful to not compare ourselves with others, but instead focus on how we are improving ourselves.  Likewise, it is helpful to change what we can, and accept the things that we cannot change.  It is an imperfect world, so don't expect perfection from others or ourselves. Do the best that we can or are able to do and let go of the rest.


We don't have control over everything around us - only some things and some situations. But we can make a positive difference by changing our own attitudes and behaviors.  It is up to us.


Acceptance and forgiveness: Accept the fact that we cannot change everything. And forgive those who have hurt us, or those who cannot be helped.


Please remember we are never alone.


And remember - achieving Self-Mastery and an Enlightened Awareness is a gradual process and we can be kind and patient with ourselves along the way.


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