An Angel of Mercy


By Cheryl


A few years after my beloved Jim had passed on, I began dating a wonderful man named Mark (pseudonym) and we became very close.  It was GOD's way of filling an emptiness in my life.  This is the story of an angel coming to reassure me when it came time for his passing from this life.


I had kissed Mark goodbye as I headed out the door to drive the 1 ½ hours to the beautiful city of Kelowna to go to a job interview.  I stopped off at my mother’s apartment and phoned Mark to let him know that I had arrived safely.  He did not answer the land-line phone, nor his cell.  I left a message on both phones for him letting him know that I would call him after the interview.  But I had an uneasy feeling, because he usually answers one phone or the other.  So I called my friends and asked if they had seen him or heard from him today and they said, "No".  Being concerned, I asked them if they would be so kind as to check in on him just in case, because he was not answering either phone and it was not like him to do that.  Mark had type 2 diabetes and he had 4 bouts of cancer in 6 years, so I always checked in on him throughout the day to make sure he was alright or if he needed anything.  My friends said that they would check on him.


I went to my job interview and all went well. I drove back to Mom's to let her know how it went, and I thought I would give Mark a call before heading back home.


As I was driving towards Mom’s place I continued to feel uneasy and had a bad feeling that something was wrong with Mark.  I parked and headed up the flight of stairs that lead towards Mom’s apartment.  Then, as I was walking down the hall towards her door, I was visited by an Angel.  Out of the blue, a beautiful Angel appeared in front of me.  She had delicate features with kind eyes and a warm smile.  She had small, translucent white wings and she was surrounded in an aura of golden light - so majestic and angelic.  Instinctively I knew she was here about Mark, even before she spoke.  She told me that he was not well, and he was waiting to pass on. The Angel said for me not to worry, because Mark will be moving on to a better place.  He will be at peace.  GOD needs Mark in Heaven with him now so he will be leaving this realm very soon. Then she disappeared.


I went inside my Mom’s place and immediately phoned my friends to see if they had heard from Mark or if they had seen him.  I wanted to make sure he was alright.  They told me that they had gone to our house and knocked on the door, but there was no answer.  Seeing his truck in the yard, they were concerned and decided to go inside the house.  They found him unconscious and called the ambulance and he was taken to the hospital in the large town near us about a half hour away. They told me that the doctor in Emergency had told them that he was in a diabetic coma and that the doctor wanted me to call him right away.  I said that I would.  I talked with the doctor and he told me that Mark was not responding to the treatments and they were going to send him to a larger city where there was better equipment that could handle his issues.  I told them that I was in Kelowna and they told me to go directly to  the hospital in Kamloops where they would be sending him.  The doctor asked if I felt okay to drive the 2 hours to Kamloops by myself, or whether I  should have someone to go with me.  I said that I was fine and that I would drive carefully.


I arrived at the Kamloops hospital and went directly to the emergency ward where Mark would be.  When I told them who I was they took me to see Mark and the nurse said that the specialist would want to talk with me about Mark's condition so she left the room to fetch the specialist.


Mark had been put on a life-support system so I knew that he was not well - just like the Angel had told me.  The specialist came into the room and after the introductions were made, he told me that he had some very bad news for me.  He told me that Mark had brain cancer, and that there were several cancerous tumors attached to his brain.  But what was worse was that the largest one had broken and the fluid had seeped around his brain.  He showed me the test results and the brain scan and I could see all the tumors on Mark's brain and the colored area where the fluid had gone.  The specialist continued on to say that there was nothing they could do for Mark.  Even if they tried to perform surgery to remove some of the tumors and he survived, he would still be brain dead and would live the rest of his life in a coma and could only continue to stay alive by being hooked up to a life-support system.  The specialist recommended that we not do the surgery, because they would not be able to remove all the tumors.  The specialist’s recommendations were to take Mark off life-support system and let him die in peace.  I asked the specialist if it would be alright to leave him on the life-support system until his relatives could be notified and could arrive to pay their last respects to him.  He agreed.  Mark's relatives lived in Alberta and some of them were 8-10 hours away.  I thanked the specialist for all that he had done. I then went and phoned everyone to tell them what had happened.  I waited with Mark for them to arrive.


When they arrived we contacted the minister at the hospital who came and said a prayer for Mark. Everyone said their good-byes, and the nurse took Mark off the life-support system.  Mark lived about 1 ½ hours, then the heart monitor flat-lined.  The day was rainy and the weather had been miserable, but just as the machine had flat-lined, the clouds opened up, the sun shone in on Mark's face and an angel drifted down on the sunbeam into the room.  She smiled at me and at that moment a white dove flew by the window and up into the sky.  Then the Angel vanished.  She had been a golden translucent form of Light with a golden aura that surrounded her - a Divine Being letting me know that Mark had passed forward into the upper Realm with GOD.  I smiled to her and nodded my head.  No one else in the room had seen her, the dove, nor the sun beam that shone on Mark.  They had been focused on themselves while watching the heart monitor, totally unaware of the wonderful Angel that had appeared in the room and the beautiful and peaceful passing of Mark.


I'm so grateful the Angels had been so reassuring to me in my time of need.


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