Angel of Happiness:


A Rabbit's "Tale"


By Cheryl


A couple of years ago while we were camping in the majestic country side near Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada I had the honor to have a visit from a beautiful Angel of Happiness.

One day I was sitting on a log near the edge of the lake next to the forest. This was a beautiful spot, so peaceful, and serene. It was very early in the morning, and everyone else was still fast asleep. I sat there in silence relaxing, and sipping on a hot cup of tea while feeling the cool gentle breeze blow through my hair. Quietly watching the waves roll in, lapping against the rocky beach. The sun began to rise as the new day was beginning, and gently the sun caressed the mountain tops. The glacier glistened in the delicate rays of sunshine that slowly swept across its face.


While I quietly sat there watching Mother Nature in all her glory I had a visit by a beautiful butterfly.  At first I did not think this to be unusual because I had seen them here before, but today was beginning to start out different.  As I watched the butterfly come closer, it flew right next to me then flew near some bushes next to the forest.


Nothing unusual about that, but the butterfly abruptly stopped, turned around, and flew back in my direction. Then it circled around me then flew exactly back where it had just been next to the bushes by the forest. I thought this very odd. The butterfly turned around again, and started flying back in my direction. I knew now that the butterfly wanted me to follow it to those bushes. So, I got up from the log, and slowly walked towards the butterfly so as not to frighten it. The butterfly circled around the small clump of bushes. I carefully approached the bushes, squatted down near the ground, and carefully peeked into the bushes. To my amazement there was a very tiny bunny rabbit tangled in some vines, and twigs that were intertwined with some branches.


I softly spoke to the bunny, and gently removed the vines, twigs, and tangled branches. Meanwhile the butterfly was hovering overhead observing what was going on. The little bunny was freed. She looked up at me, then scampered into the forest. As I watched her go, I saw her mother, and a few other baby bunnies peeking out from underneath the underbrush of the forest. The little bunny stopped when she was next to her mother, and turned to look back at me as much to say “Thank you”.  I smiled, and softly said, "Goodbye".  At that moment an Angel appeared above the rabbit family, she smiled at me, winked, and blew me a kiss, then she vanished.  Following her went the butterfly, and the rabbit family scampering farther into the forest.


What a beautiful sight!  Oh, how I love the wonders that surround us each, and every day!


It truly was a great way to start my day!


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