The Curiosity of a Fire Elemental


By Cheryl


On our planet earth there are four major "elements" that help to sustain life here: fire, air, water and earth itself.  (By the way, this is a different definition of the word "element" than is used by chemists to describe the Periodic Table of Elements.)  Without these four elements all living things and beings could not exist on this planet.  Interestingly, each of these elements have intelligent Etheric elemental beings that are part of the elements’ spirit and soul so to speak - as part of their existence and essence.


For instance, we need the fire element to help add to the earth's surface through lava flows that create new earth and to help sustain life. Likewise we need air to breathe, water to drink, and the solid earth to build our homes upon.


The various types of Elementals, the Faeries, (the Fae), Elven Folk, Wee Folk, and of course our Divine Beloved Angels, who are all here to help our world, and to help all living things and beings that live here. These Divine Beings are here to help maintain the natural balance and the natural living on this planet. They are overflowing with pure unconditional Divine Love as they assist humanity and all living things so we all can thrive here on earth. They provide all of us with the necessary life sources and Lightful Energies to help keep us living. We need their assistance and depend on them for life supporting substance (including food) in order to survive and continue to be able to live and thrive here on earth. They renew, replenish and restore the balance of earth. The natural disasters as we humans call them are actually part of the natural cycles that cleanse, purify and restore this planet. All the elements that make up this planet continually help to replenish the earth. These cycles will continue for all eternity. It is all part of the natural processes for all living things including birth, life, death (a temporary return to the Higher planes), and re-birth once again.


A Curious Fire Elemental


Today, I am going to introduce and explain about a Fire Elemental that I had the honor and pleasure to meet.


I was gazing across the lake watching the golden glow of the sun as it began to set behind the mountains. The warm heat that reflected at me from the hot embers of the small campfire made my cheeks a rosy pink.


I sat there in solitude enjoying being alone in the campground. Everyone else had gone out for one last kayak ride on the lake before night fall. I had already been out twice today, so I chose to stay behind. As I sat there I could hear the waves lapping gently across the rocky beach. The sound was soothing, and it had its own rhythm creating a soft melody mixed with the crackling sounds from the campfire.


As I sat there reflecting on today’s events I heard a quiet little voice. I looked over to the glowing log in the fire pit. There, sitting on top of the hot embers of the burning log was a Fire Elemental, or as some people call them a Fire Faery or Fire Spirit. She was a young’un in her etheric form with delicate features that glowed a light amber color with white edges, and a hint of deep indigo. She of course was translucent or semi-transparent, so I could see through her, and see the glowing embers of the fire behind her. Her body shifted patterns as a gentle breeze blew across us. She swayed back and forth keeping in time with the waves and the crackling fire. She was approximately 3-4 inches tall but changed to match the embers of the flames. I could feel the warmth of the fire as well as feeling her warm, loving elemental vibrations and lightful energy.


What a majestic sight! It was invigorating – a true-life force that can ignite our soul and spirit – enhancing and enriching our lives. The spiritual flame within us is actually part of the essence of all life, a benevolent gift.


I politely asked what her name was, which is “Edana”. Her name is of Irish origins meaning: "Fire". (In Gaelic it means "Fiery" and the Celtic meaning is "Passionate".) She said her parents wanted her to be named after the Ancient Ones.


Edana had been attracted to my campfire so she appeared in the glowing embers. She was a curious sort, wanting to know more about us humans. Being young, she had not been exposed to them very much and she had been warned about the bad ones. She was being cautious which is understandable. She had heard that a friendly human, one who is part of the Fae family was near by. Edana was very curious and wanted to meet with me.


Edana had many questions about humans, the good and the bad. Of course, she knew about the various life forms that thrived on earth and how so many depended upon fire. She had met many of them but no humans. She had seen some from a distance but was very wary of them.  She also had been eager to share with me about her heritage and all that the Fire Elementals have done for humanity and our planet and will continue to do for all eternity. She knew that some humans had lost their lives because of erupting volcanoes and forest fires which she was sorry about and it made her sad, but volcanoes have been around since the beginning of this earth's creation and they are a part of the life cycle of the earth which is all part of the Divine Plan. There is birth, living of life, and then death (passing on into the Higher Realms), and re-birth – the normal cycle of all living things.


Edana comes from a long line of ancient Fire Elementals which have come from the Divine Eternal Flame of Life. Such an honor being in her prescience.


There are larger Fire Elementals often called: “Salamanders”. They work at the very core of the earth, the very existence in the fiery depths of the center of the earth. Building life through their creative powers and the molten magma and the erupted molten lava. These Fire Elementals are usually found in the earth’s center diligently working with the fire element and the molten magma, but when called upon they are actively involved with forest fires or anywhere else they are needed to help cleanse and purify the earth. They create and supply the necessary renewed energy sources to sustain life here on earth. They continually rebuild the earth’s land masses, also, including creating volcanic ash, a form of fertilizer for the earth which provides important nutrients to sustain a variety of life forms. Certain undersea creatures and various life forms survive and thrive around the fresh lava vents so common along the underwater oceanic ridges. It is all part of the Divine Plan. Everything has a purpose and we are all connected and united-as-one. We each are different, special and unique as individuals, but simultaneously we are also all united as part of the Divine Plan . . . we are all part of the bigger picture so to speak.


Edana didn’t go into the geological terms or detailed scientific explanations because we only had a short time together. She specialized in helping with the creation and sculpting of new land masses during lava flows. Sculpting and creating volcanic islands and gradually re-shaping continents. Edana is like an apprentice sculptress. Under the watchful eyes of her Fire Elemental parents, she takes great pride and care in shaping our earth.


When a volcano erupts the Salamanders are at work bringing forth the molten magma from the lower mantle, to the upper mantle layer (Asthenosphere) where the molten magma then rises upward through the crust (Lithosphere) – which is where we humans live. The molten magma is pushed upward through the volcanoes’ vents and then the molten lava either explodes upwards and outwards to form the steeply sloped composite stratovolcanoes (like the Andes or Cascades) or gently flows out of vents to form the more shallow sloping shield volcanoes (like the Hawaiian Islands). The volcano’s shape shifts and changes as the hot fiery lava pours out over the top of the volcano and spilling over and sliding down its’ sides. This shaping effect of the lava is where Edana comes in. She explained that the shield volcanoes spill the molten lava up and outward, but in a more layered effect that is broader and wider than a composite volcano which goes up the vent and spurts upward into the air then flows down over the sides and spreads out running downward, down the mountain sides. Sometimes whole mountain sides are released and come tumbling down. Everything in its’ path is either destroyed or must get out of the way or they too will be destroyed in the waves of the hot lava. These kinds of volcanoes' eruptions are more explosive and move at a faster pace with toxic ash gases that plume and spread moving at excessive speeds.


This is what we humans call a natural disaster. It is how the earth has been evolving for billions of years. It is the natural cycle and re-birth. It is how the earth is built, cleansed and purified. When an eruption occurs the lava creates new mountains and islands. It creates new eco-niches for life. And the volcanic ash has marvelous mineral nutrients that sustain life. So, even though some things are destroyed at first by the fire and hot lava – it also cleanses and purifies the earth filling it with new nutrients that sustains life. It is the balance of existence. Natures’ balance working in harmony with the Divine Plan.


Anyway . . . Edana’s role is to help sculptor the hot lava. Working along side her parents she carefully guides the lava down the mountain until it reaches the oceans or seas. Riding the lava like a surfer riding a wave, she slides down the mountain swerving left and right weaving a path to the ocean or sea. Edana works with the smaller lava flows to develop her skills while her parents work on the denser and more forceful heavy lava flows.


In part they help to guide the flow of the lava over the flatter terrains by working with the temperature of the lava.  When the lava is very hot it is more fluid and flows straight downhill.   But by maintaining heat at a higher level on one side of the flow more than the other side they can gently guide the flow to curve to some extent. (For instant if the right side of the flow is hotter and moving faster than the left side, then the flow will slightly bend to the left.)  Also they can divert the flow by cooling the lava somewhat so that it backs up and diverts the flow around it – possibly sending it in a new direction altogether – depending on the terrain of course.


Edana guides the lava flow down until it reaches the ocean. Then the steam rises and the water starts to cool the lava. Here she must work quickly sculpting and guiding the lava into shapes forming the new land masses. Once the lava cools she then goes back up to the top and starts another path and so on until the volcano stops erupting.


When there are no volcanoes erupting in their area they go back to the center of the earth’s core and continue to build energy sources to sustain life. Sometimes they are called upon as a fiery energy force to ignite and fuel the flames of naturally caused forest fires – not the fires caused by humans. Edana went on to say that the energy sources they provide also, help to purify any negative energy forces that are present. It is a huge task that continues from billions of years ago to now and will continue into the future for all eternity which is all part of the Divine Plan and the bigger picture – the continuum cycle of life.


The time just slipped by as we exchanged information.

We whiled away a few hours talking about what each other is responsible for, what our purpose in life is and so on. As mentioned above I learned a lot about volcanoes from Edana. She was a very enthusiastic teacher and learner. Such a delight to be around. The time went quickly, and the setting sun was an indicator that she would have to leave because my friends would be coming back to camp as darkness was becoming apparent. The shadows created by the setting of the sun, were now creeping across the shore heading our way. Edana could see the boaters were on their way back so she said that she too, must head for home.


We said our goodbyes and she mentioned that if, given a chance she would like to come back for another visit someday. I told her that I would be delighted to continue our chat and she gave a wave as she flickered and then disappeared.


I put another log on the fire and gently coaxed the flames back to life to ignite the new log. I gazed into the flames watching the flickering light dance across each ember in a magnificent ballet – prancing about in unison with the soft gentle breeze that blew across us.


I sat quietly thinking about Edana and our conversations digesting all the new information I had learned from her. I am so grateful and thankful for meeting her. I was glad I had chosen to stay on shore.


*    *    *


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