Part 1: Cheryl Visits a Wizard


Another Adventure with

Ninian the Wizard


"Springtime and Rebirth"


By Cheryl


I have always enjoyed early Spring mornings. I love the peaceful, light mist that like a soft blanket covers the fields where dew drops glisten in the first light of dawn. And the feeling of gentle anticipation as the new day sun creeps along the country side removing the nighttime shadows as it rises farther up into the sky.


So I put on my jacket and headed outside. I headed for the forest to spend some more time with my dear Etheric Wizard friend Ninian. As mentioned before, Ninian is a very wise and ancient wizard who is helping humanity as well as all living creatures and beings here on earth.


Anyway…today is extremely exciting for me because Ninian invited me to come over to his place and we are going out on one of his excursions, an adventure! What a wonderful day this is going to be!


As always I am very careful not to be followed, making sure that all my Fae and Woodland Creatures can remain safe from harm.


I was nearing Ninian’s cottage so I sent him a telepathic message letting him know that I was nearby. He replied with his usual charm and wit. Even though I am always excited to see him, a sense of calm always spreads through my whole being and soul whenever we connect with each other. Even when I just think about Ninian and the time I have spent with him, it makes me feel calm and at peace.


Ninian was standing in his doorway with a big smile on his face and he gave me a big hug. He is such a delightful fellow – always loving, friendly and kind. He greets me in this fashion every time. Ninian put on his coat, picked up his backpack, and then we headed for the door. We walked through the forest winding back and forth. Soon we were accompanied by some Fae, and woodland creatures. What an awesome group of adventurers! They were all excited about something, but they wouldn’t tell me what it was. Apparently Ninian wanted it to be a surprise, which of course just added more to all the excitement of today’s adventure. What an awesome journey this was turning out to be!


As we meandered along a tiny path I could feel the presence near by. Soon we came to a tiny clearing which was almost undetectable by the human eye. Here in front of us laying on the ground was a pretty young doe, a White Tail deer. Ninian had come here to check on her. She was about due to give birth to her first “young’un”, her first baby fawn. She was nervous and a bit scared because this was her first pregnancy. She was a yearling, but small for her age. Her siblings were born first and were larger in size. She was the runt of the litter and the smallest in the herd.


All the Fea and Woodland Creatures formed a protective circle around her. Ninian knelt down beside her. He gently placed his hand on her enlarged belly. Gently talking to her – reassuring her that everything was going well. His kind words and gentle manner had a soothing effect on her. Ninian asked me to get the herbs from out of his backpack and then he asked the young deer to eat them, so that it would help calm her down so she could focus on the delivery. She eagerly ate the herbs. Ninian told her that it wouldn’t be much longer. He gently stroked her belly and everyone could feel the calmness, the soothing, healing Divine Lightful Energy flowing through his hand to her belly and the baby. A few minutes later Ninian told her to push so she did and then again. Not too long after, the baby fawn was born. What a delightful little fawn, a little doe. She was so adorable, so cute. She took her first breath and her mother gently nudged her and carefully licked her clean. After the fawn suckled for a few minutes her mother coaxed her to get up and try to stand. That is so crucial for a new born fawn, that is to try to stand and take a few steps even on her little wobbly legs. Moving is so important for her survival. All the Fae, and Woodland Creatures cheered.


The baby fawn took a couple steps, and then with all the cheers encouraging her, she took a couple more steps. Everyone clapped and cheered again. The little fawn was excited with all the enthusiasm and support that everyone was giving her. She took a couple more steps then plunked down on her haunches. Everyone kept encouraging her so she got up again and tried taking a few more steps. Then she wanted to feed again so her mother let her nurse. Ninian softly spoke to the mother and fawn giving them loving support and reassurances. This was a successful delivery and a great start for the new mother and her baby. Ninian was pleased that the delivery went so well, and that both the mother and fawn were doing great.


Some White Tail deer have up to three fawns in one season but most have one or two. This was a yearling, and small in stature, and smaller than most so perhaps for her first pregnancy it was best she only had one. The spring foliage with all the new growth provided excellent protection. They were well hidden. The ground cover provided ample coverage, a good hiding place from prying eyes and predators. All this lush foliage also, provided the mother with a source and supply of nourishing food which was very crucial for their survival.


The fawn will stay very close to her mother for approximately 2-3 months before venturing out much on her own. By Summer time the little fawn will start to venture exploring on her own but will still stay with in sight of her mother. When Autumn or Fall comes both the mother and her fawn will start to come farther down the mountains foraging for food, and as the snow starts to fall they head even farther down the slopes. They don’t want to be caught in deep snow. This can prove to be very dangerous for both the mother and her young’un. If caught in deep snow they could either starve to death or be attacked by predators. And it is hard for them to get enough food to eat if the snow is too deep and it is difficult to run away from danger so they start moving down the mountains as the cooler temperatures arrive.


They do love alfalfa so sometimes they graze in farmers’ fields. Some farmers are fine with this and others are not, so the deer have to be careful and watch out for those that do not. Plus, they are always keeping a look out for hunters and poachers. But most of all they have to watch out for wolves, bear and cougar.


Ninian promised to check back in on them at first light so we said our goodbyes and made our way back through the forest. The Fae, Wee Folk and Woodland Creatures would take turns keeping a watchful eye on the mother and her fawn. No one wants anything to happen to the pair.


*     *     *


PS:  If you liked this story about the doe giving birth her fawn, you might also be interested to know that in our wonderful province of British Columbia, Canada there is a special project underway to help Caribou called: "The Maternity Project". The Canadian Wildlife Federation, Ecology, Conservation, and Management of the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks created this project to help protect, preserve, restore, enhance and increase the survival rate of the Caribou. (By the way, the Canadian Caribou is related to the European and Asian reindeer.)


Here in Canada, the Mountain Caribou ecotype is on the sensitive or vulnerable or Blue-list and recommended for being put on the endangered species list (the Red-list), so it is very crucial to their survival to have the calves survive as many as possible. So, to increase their chances this Maternity Project was born. The pregnant Mountain Caribou are captured in the wild, and brought here. They are all checked over by the veterinarian and placed in the maternity pens. They have 6.8 hectares or approximately 16.803 acres to roam while the mother and calves remain healthy with out worrying about predators. Then in mid-summer they are set free back into their regular forested areas, and alpine meadows. Great care is taken to keep both the mothers and their babies healthy. When the mothers give birth the babies must get up and move around almost immediately if they are to survive. A mother Caribou, (called a cow) is approximately 3 years old when she has her first calf, and usually only gives birth to one calf at a time. The females generally live 10 to 15 years and the males between 8 to 12 years. Approximately 15 % to up to 30% of the adults die each year though, because of predators, avalanches, or starvation. The calves are dark brown with no spots.


Unfortunately, there is a low survival rate for the calves, predators kill more than half of the new born calves each year so the population of the Caribou is declining. That is why the Maternity Project was created, to help the Caribou. There are also, other ecotypes located in various parts of British Columbia, Canada and the USA. All these regions are protected and projects are continuing to increase their populations so they don’t become extinct.


When the Caribou are set free, my Etheric Wizard friend, Ninian, keeps watch and guard over all of them, especially the young’uns. Making sure they are protected until they are able of looking after themselves. Even when they are older he still checks in on them from time to time. All living things are precious, needing assistance now and then. He is always trying to maintain balance, but of course there are times when he is not allowed to interfere, letting nature to take its’ own course. It is difficult to do that, but a necessity of life here on earth. There is so much he would like to do to solve a lot of the issues, and concerns that occur here on earth, for example; he would like to eliminate all the bad and evil things that are here, the violence, the wars and so on, but he can not intervene too much. It offsets the natural progression of things. He can assist in some ways, but he can not interfere with “fate” or the natural cycles of the earth, such as natural disasters like tornadoes, earth quakes, volcanic eruptions and so on. He can help rescue humans and animals and help to clean-up the mess afterwards, but he can not prevent the things from happening. He can help rebuild, restore and replenish some of nature and do other things that need to be done. Ninian is a great humanitarian who is always lending a hand, healing those he can and taking care of our planet earth.


*    *    *


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