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Here we will take a fascinating look at the Buddha's life; examine the simple, beautiful universal spiritual truths which he taught; and ponder the transcendent idea that we too can eventually become fully Enlightened Buddhas.  We will also see how his teachings are very similar to those of Jesus, Krishna, Sathya Sai Baba, and the Ascended Master Saint Germain.


Here's a Brief Introduction


During the life of the Buddha people were naturally attracted to him and his teachings because he radiated such a deep inner peace, spiritual wisdom and blissful contentment, that they too wanted to experience such happy contentment and inspiration in their own lives.  His teachings gave the simple path to this peaceful, happy way of living and being. So what did he teach?


The Buddha taught us that if we want to be happy we need to replace selfish living and attachments, with selfless living, while filling our hearts with compassion and loving kindness to all beings.   Likewise, by becoming innocently aware of the beauty and peace within and around us (by becoming "mindful") we can begin tapping into the benevolent, peaceful, blissful universal energy and consciousness of the Infinite Buddha Nature.  And as we become more grateful and appreciative of this Universal Buddha Nature, we gradually and gently awaken more and more into the consciousness of our own inner "Luminous Mind".  This "Luminous Mind" is the same consciousness that Jesus, Krishna, Lao Tzu and other great spiritual teachers also taught about.


Ultimately, if we gradually become completely free of the various selfish habits that blind us to our true inner nature, we will awaken into a  blissful, peaceful state of consciousness which is called "nirvana".  Attaining "nirvana" is a gradual process that few people achieve in just one lifetime.  But, if we have made significant progress towards this consciousness of nirvana both in former lifetimes and in this one, then at the end of our present lifetime we might be able to move into one of the Celestial Realms as a Celestial Being known as a "Bodhisattva", and eventually even become a "Celestial Buddha" living in blissful, beautiful realms called the "Celestial Buddha Fields".


Sound interesting? If you would like to learn more about the Buddha's life and teachings, you might want to start with learning about his life, and then begin learning more about his teachings by going to the "Cultural Background to Buddhism."  Plus, there's a lot more!  So feel free to click on the various links in the menu on the upper right or the Table of Contents below.  And when you have time you might want to also check out these beautiful Buddhist Songs in our Uplifting Music Section.  Happy reading!  And may you awaken to the peaceful bliss of your own Inner Buddha Nature as you radiate blissful loving kindness and compassion to all beings.

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The Buddha's Path

Table of Contents


Intro to Buddha's Life & Teachings


The Life of the Buddha  (Very Popular!)


The Buddha's Teachings:


Intro to the Buddha's Teachings


The Four Noble Truths


The Three Refuges


The Four Qualities of Which There Can Never Be Enough


The Noble Eightfold Path:


Intro & #1–6 Elements of the Noble Eightfold Path


#7 Right Mindfulness (or "Quiet Awareness")


#8 Right Concentration


Emptiness & Non-Self  (Very Popular!)


The Metta Sutra:  The Buddha's Words on Loving-Kindness


The Buddha's Teachings on GOD & the Higher Self  (Very Popular!)


Buddhist Heavenly Beings: Celestial Bodhisattvas & Celestial Buddhas

  (Very Popular!)


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