A Simple, Blissful, Easy & Effective

"Blended Meditation"



This particular meditation is a blend of several different kinds of simple, easy and popular meditation techniques: "light meditations", "devotional meditations", "loving kindness meditations", and "mindfulness meditations", while blending it with the major elements of Saint Germain's and Sai Baba's Light Meditations.  You can even add the Violet Flame Meditation to it.  It's my (Bill's) favorite meditation technique, because it contains the best of them all and yet is so easy and natural.  It's essence is simplicity itself: we quiet our minds and feel loving gratitude to GOD, while letting GOD's love pour through us as a feeling of loving kindness to all life everywhere, while visualizing ourselves as the beings of light that we actually are on the inner levels of our being.  And we are mindful of staying in that quiet, peaceful, pleasant/blissful place in our heart area.  We can even blend it with our prayer life and doing affirmations - gently moving back and forth from meditation to praying and doing affirmations and back again.  Here it is in the form of a "Guided Meditation".  It's pretty sweet!


 A Guided "Blended" Meditation - Have Fun!


First it helps to find a quiet, comfortable place to sit where we will be undisturbed. We can keep our eyes open or closed, whichever works best for us. If we keep our eyes open, then we may want to have in front of us a picture of the I AM Presence, a candle flame, a picture of Sai Baba, Jesus, Beloved Mary, Saint Germain, or an image of our chosen form or aspect of Deity. It is best to sit up, nice and straight and tall, but with our muscles relaxed. We want the spine straight so that the Light will be able to flow easily down our spinal column as it enters through the tops of our heads. But it is also important to have our shoulders, back, and chest muscles relaxed so that we do not have any tension in the body. This relaxing of the muscles we may not be able to do too well at first, but with time it will become natural. Now we begin to breathe nice and deep and easy with a deep, gentle feeling of relaxation. After a minute or two, this relaxed form of breathing usually becomes fairly well established. And gradually it will become softer and softer.


Now we turn our attention to that quiet place within our heart area. Gradually, we become aware of a soft peacefulness within us. Gently, we allow this to expand to fill our entire body and the atmosphere about us. Now, while softly staying within this deep feeling of peace, we begin to visualize our heart center as a glowing golden flame or light. Let its light effortlessly expand to fill our entire body. Gradually, we see our heart becoming a blazing sun of brilliant golden-white light. This brilliant sun continues expanding and filling the world about us. We now see ourselves sitting in the middle of this great blazing sun of light that has become several hundred feet in diameter. And we are happily aware that the center of it is our very own heart. We feel its soft, gentle peace flowing through us, and continue to visualize this light expanding outwards to envelop the earth, and everyone everywhere.


Staying in this serene awareness we begin to visualize our own I AM Presence, our Higher Christ Self - our own Atma, which is about twelve or so feet above us. Imagine how beautiful Jesus or Beloved Mary must look now. This is how lovely our own God or Goddess-self is as well. We see its peaceful, loving expression and let our hearts open in grateful adoration to it. We know that this is our own True Reality, our own Higher Self, the part of us that is made in the “Image and Likeness of GOD.” It is holy pure and perfect. It always has been, and always will be. We feel and know that it is the source of all the divine love, light, and peace, that flows into us. And we are aware that some day, when we Ascend, we will merge into it and become forever One with It. Now we feel a sweet, thankful devotion pouring out of our hearts to our I AM Presence, within and above us, and we accept that this magnificent Divine Presence is our own individualized focus of Divinity, our Atma. We thank it for all the blessings we have had in our lives. If our life seems hard at the moment, and there does not seem to be much to be grateful for, then we can simply thank our own God Self for the beautiful blue sky; the lovely, fragrant flowers and green trees; for our own heartbeat and breath; for this incredible opportunity of becoming an Ascended Being; or simply for life itself and its infinite preciousness. It is essential that we feel grateful for something, because nothing opens the heart quite so easily as gratitude. And as we feel this sweet, humble, loving thankfulness pouring from our hearts to our I AM Presence - our Atma, within and above us, our hearts begin to open. Notice the peaceful feeling expanding within us. This is simply the energy fields of our own “heart center,” or “heart chakra,” starting to open like the petals of a lotus blossom, and our Atma beginning to fill us with its peace and love.


As our Divine Mother-Father’s Love begins filling our hearts, we start to realize an astonishing thing. We now have even more love to pour back to our Creator! And as we pour this new, softer, sweeter feeling of love to our Higher Self, our I AM Presence, our hearts open even wider. Thus, it is able to fill us with even greater bliss, serenity, and light. Gently, we continue this process of pouring ever-sweeter devotion to our Higher Self, and receiving of its increasingly delicate, more blissful love and light. We relax more and more into this soft, pleasing, serene feeling and allow it to flow out through us and into the world. We feel it filling our home, community, and moving out into the world beyond. We visualize it becoming an ever greater, brighter outpouring of loving, brilliant golden-white light. Amazingly, we now notice that the light has become love, and love has become light. They are now one and the same! And somehow we know that they always have been – we simply had forgotten this fundamental truth. We continue to sustain this loving outpouring by keeping our attention on our Higher Self, our Atma while allowing a sweet feeling of adoration and gratitude to pour up to it.


Simultaneously, as we stay in this soft, relaxed feeling of pouring Love to GOD, we allow the sweet love and light of the Presence to continually flow through our hearts and out into the world to bless all Life everywhere. During the rest of the meditation we sustain this two-way flow of love, as we pour it to our I AM Presence, while feeling GOD’s Love flowing into us from above and pouring out through our hearts to bless the world. We are blissfully aware that this outflow of Love and Light to the world is a tremendous blessing for us and all Life. It is literally “the Light that Lighteth every [person] that cometh into the world,” (John 1:9, KJV). Delightfully, we realize that we are now directly experiencing Jesus’ great truth, “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” (Acts.20:35, NIV). Because the more we allow this healing love and light to flow out through us to bless the world, the more we are filled with even vaster amounts of it. Once we are deep into the feeling of this, if we would like to, it can be a good time for us to begin doing some sincere affirmations, visualizations, decrees, or calls. After five, ten, fifteen, or thirty minutes or so of this healing, revitalizing, “Devotional Light Meditation,” we then sincerely, sweetly, and gratefully thank our Mother-Father GOD for this blissful, transcendent, privilege of loving Her-Him.


Then we close the meditation with a grateful, heartfelt prayer. Here are several that can be used, or you can make up your own, or choose some other one. This one is by Sai Baba:


O Lord, take my love, let it flow in full devotion to Thee;

O Lord, take my hands, let them work incessantly for Thee;

O Lord, take my soul, let it merge in perfect Oneness with Thee;

O Lord, take my mind, let my thoughts be in tune with Thee;

O Lord, take my everything, let me be an instrument for Thee.


Another helpful ending prayer is this one by

the Great Divine Director:


Into Thy hands, O [Mother/]Father, I commend myself, mind, heart, life, world, for I know that “I AM” your child. From You I came; all that I have – all that “I AM” – is Yours, and unto You I now and forever return. Thy Will Be Done through me as it is in You – “I AM,” One In GOD Forever.


- From: "I AM the Open Door", by Peter Mt Shasta, p. 2


There is also a fine ending prayer by Saint Germain

on page 11 of Unveiled Mysteries:


I AM a Child of the Light - I Love the Light - I serve the Light - I live in the Light - I AM protected, illumined, supplied, and sustained by the Light. And I Bless the Light.


If our eyes have been closed during this meditation, then now, over a period of maybe a half a minute or so, we can gradually and gently allow them to open. Now we can serenely rest in the soft, peaceful feeling within us without really focusing our eyes on anything in particular, as this relaxed, blissful, refreshing peace, love, and light softly permeates our outer awareness. After a few minutes of absorbing this into our normal waking consciousness, we serenely begin the next step in our daily routine.


*   *   *


Pouring love to GOD in this manner is an easy and happy way to fulfill the “Greatest Commandment,” the one that Jesus said replaces all the other commandments: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself,’” (Matthew 22:37-39, NIV). When our hearts and minds are filled with devotion for our Higher Christ Self, our I AM Presence, our Atma, we become so filled with divine love that we can not help but love everyone!


You may wonder why this meditation works so well. One reason is because as we pour love and gratitude to our Divine Mother-Father - our Atma, the energy fields surrounding our heart center or “heart chakra” start to open like a lotus blossom. Thus, as has been mentioned:


Our I AM Presence can now begin to fill us with all the peace and love we have been wanting all along, but which previously could not get in very well because our hearts had been closed by dwelling on the “hurries and worries” of life!


This does not mean that we will necessarily be able to feel the deeper levels of peace and bliss with our first few meditations. Pearl would remind us that in the beginning we may find it difficult to reach this peaceful, loving, grateful state. But like anything else, with practice it gets easier and easier to attain. And even once we “get a feeling for it,” we will probably still have ups and downs in our meditations. On some days it may seem easy to reach this serene, blissful consciousness which brings such a feeling of fulfillment, wholeness, and a clear, quiet mind; and on others it may seem impossible. So we do not need to be concerned about it. As we keep on practicing and calling to our I AM Presence, and Sai Baba and our Arisen Friends for assistance, we will gradually become more adept in our meditating. Pearl explained that we can sustain the various blessings, which we acquire through meditation, by simply being deeply grateful for them. Our Ascended Sisters and Brothers tell us, that of all the various divine activities, gratitude is the single, most powerful one for sustaining a divine blessing. And as we feel this gratitude in our hearts, it is also helpful to affirm something similar to the following, “I AM the Presence of GOD’s peace and love sustained within me, and I AM deeply grateful for it.” And then call to one of the Masters or Lady Masters to amplify the call. These two things will add an even greater sustaining power.


Some After-Thoughts


If learning to meditate seems difficult to you, consider this kind offer of assistance from an exceptionally sweet Arisen Lady Master named, the Goddess of Loving Charity:


“If you are having trouble meditating I will help you if you will silently affirm within the stillness of your Being: “ ‘I AM’ Loving Charity.” I think that you will find my effect very soothing.”


- From: "I AM the Open Door", by Peter Mt Shasta, p. 29


Here are some additional helpful hints to

improve our meditations.


If our human intellects begin to wander to worldly things while we are trying to meditate, it sometimes helps to start talking to our I AM Presence - our Higher Self - our Atma, just as a small child would talk to a loving, trusted adult. We can thank our Divine Mother-Father for all the blessings we have received; or praise our Creator; or bless our Divine Parent; tell GOD how much we love Her-Him. Or maybe we might want to sing a song to GOD. Another good way to help keep our hearts open and our minds focused on GOD, by is by repeating “mantras.” Some useful “mantras” are: “I love you GOD, I love you GOD, I love you GOD”; or, “Thank you GOD, Thank you GOD, Thank you GOD”; or “I AM that I AM that I AM”; or “I love you Mother Atma”; and so on. Sai Baba devotees often like to say: “So -hum;” “So” with the in-breath and “hum” with the out breath. It means “I AM GOD.” Other Sai devotees like to repeat, “Om Sri Sai Ram” and others like the “Gayatri Mantra” which is well known in India. Naturally there are many other useful mantras, and we can make up our own. We can also create meaningful visualizations to accompany these various mantras and affirmations.


Quite simply, we can use whatever technique works best for us; whatever helps us to sustain the serene, sweet, blissful feeling of pouring grateful, loving devotion to our Higher Self - our I AM Presence, while simultaneously allowing GOD’s soft, sweet love and light to pour out through us to the rest of the universe.


If we do not feel results at first, there is no need to worry – just “keep on keeping on.” Believe it or not, it took me (the author), two years of steadily trying to “pour love and gratitude” to my I AM Presence, before I actually started to feel these divine qualities within me in the tangible way that I desired. But the persistence has paid off, and now my meditations are usually extremely high and deeply blissful. And, if I can do it, you can do it. Likewise, if we do not seem to have enough time in our day to meditate, then we can call to our I AM Presence to arrange our schedules so that we do. Often it is simply a matter of changing our priorities. It is amazing how much time people can waste each day doing completely useless activities such as worrying, arguing, watching television, and so on. An especially good time to pour our love and gratitude to GOD, is when we are commuting to work, or traveling. This is because the free time is available and it is more soothing and fruitful than listening to the radio. Also it makes us feel so good by the time we get to our destination and it is so simple and easy to do. Another convenient time is during part of a lunch break – we just need to get off by ourselves somewhere. At home if it seems like there is no place to be alone, we can always go into the bathroom and close the door.


Speaking Softly, Gently and Sweetly


Sai Baba gives us another helpful hint. He explains that if we speak in a soft, gentle, sweet voice during our normal day to day activities, it will not only raise our consciousness in general, but it will also make our meditations much deeper, more blissful, and successful. And this is true for every man, woman, and child. It also is a great blessing for every other aspect of our lives. In fact, he teaches that it is one of the greatest secrets to expanding spiritual happiness and well being within us, while simultaneously spreading it throughout the world. Sai Baba says:


One important thing that is to be remembered is that it is possible and desirable to utilize the full power of words, through softness and sweetness. If one is anxious to see GOD in every object, the sweetness of the word will be of immense help. . . . How happy you can make others, and how light your minds will become, by the practice of softness of expression! When dhyana [meditation] is carried on in that happy atmosphere, how quickly can concentration be attained!22


How Often Is It Best to Meditate?


Our Ascended Sisters and Brothers recommend that we use a “Devotional Light Meditation” three times a day; in the morning when we first awaken; next around noon; and then again before going to bed at night. As we do our morning meditation, we can become so filled with the Love and Light of our I AM Presence, that this uplifting, contented feeling literally carries us through the day. It thus becomes easier to be our natural, happy selves, and we are more likely to find ourselves in the perfect places, at the optimal times, doing the Divine things, without hardly having to think about it. When we do our noon meditation it restores our inner peace, “recharges our batteries” and helps us through the rest of the day. And at night before going to bed, our evening meditation softens our hearts and quiets our minds. This brings about a deeper feeling of relaxation and a more restful sleep. Pearl would explain that it is important to get a good night’s rest because while we are out of our bodies during sleep we are working in the Higher Etheric Realms. In these transcendent “Octaves of Light” we are being recharged with precious Light Substance and it is essential for us to carry it back to our bodies when we awaken. In these beautiful Etheric Realms we are also learning from our Ascended Sisters and Brothers about the various things we need to know to progress towards mastery, as well as absorbing their Arisen Master Light Substance into our own consciousness. And last, but not least, in these Higher Octaves we are also serving the “Light” wherever and however we can be of humblest assistance. On occasion Pearl would even bring back the memory of her activities in these Higher Realms.


Once we become accustomed to using a daily Devotional Light Meditation, it becomes a simple, happy, purifying, revitalizing process which expands within us greater inner peace, illumination, satisfaction, health, and a comforting feeling of wholeness.


To meditate with Pearl was a tremendously uplifting experience. This was because in her presence, there was always such a powerful outflow of Light from the Ascended Host that filled, purified, and raised us.


Happy Meditating Dear Friends!


*     *     *


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