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This is a continuation of a four part article that explains how a few of the sincere, well-meaning teachers, as well as many of the "channelers", in the "New Age" community are actually "the blind leading the blind."  The various kinds of deceptions encountered are carefully explained so that you can have better discernment sorting out the reliable New Age teachings and activities, from the fraudulent ones. This article also touches upon the role of lower astral forces in causing some illnesses, including aspects of some mental illnesses, as well as their role in distorting religions. - Bill Gaum


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Mental Illness


The different causes and treatments of the various kinds of mental illnesses are an extremely complex subject.  Yet, there is one area of mental illness that can be treated relatively easily.  The Arisen Ones teach that health care professionals will someday learn that many of the people who are considered to be “mentally ill” have simply, in one way or another, inadvertently opened themselves up to dangerous astral forces.  Pearl knew that this is why “mentally disturbed” people are often seeing and hearing things that no one else does.  And as they become more and more under the control of these deceitful, malevolent forces they have a harder and harder time distinguishing between normal physical reality and psychic-astral illusions.


As we all know, “maya” or the illusions associated with “normal physical reality” can be hard enough to figure out, without adding the devious tricks of the psychic realm.  And as the clarity of thought of these unfortunate individuals sufficiently diminishes, the discarnate human beings who are fooling them, begin telling them to do all kinds of “crazy,” self-destructive things.  Naturally, when these duped individuals start acting in strange ways, people think that something is wrong with them.  This is extremely frustrating for the “mentally ill” person, because they feel that they are just doing what they are “told” to do.  The longer a person is under the influence of these astral forces the further distorted their lives and thinking generally become and the more they are controlled by these forces.  This can become so extreme that they completely cease to know the difference between “normal reality” and the astral deceit in which they are rapidly becoming more and more enmeshed and controlled by.


Fortunately, a great many of these unhappy people can be easily helped.  The first essential is to patiently and compassionately explain to them how these psychic deceptions work.  Next, it is imperative that they stop listening to all inner voices, visions, and promptings.  Then they need to be encouraged to begin praying for divine protection and inspiration, while once again starting to make their own decisions in life by using common sense.  Gradually after a few months or years go by, and they become clear of this dark influence, they can begin learning to discern the difference between genuine heart-felt feelings, and the pseudo-divine feelings coming through their solar plexus.  But it is essential that they not seek manifestations in any way, or they can get right back into the deceptions again.  Interestingly, it is oftentimes very sensitive, caring, highly spiritual people who open up to these astral influences.  In fact, it is their exceptional sensitivity – which normally allows them to naturally follow their hearts – which can become a curse if they begin to seek manifestations; or if they associate with people who are involved in psychic-astral activities; or if perhaps they are living impure lives.  And since they do not understand what is going on, they need our help.


The role of psychic deception in mental illness could fill a book in itself.  One of the more obvious astral influences in mental illnesses are the murderers who hear frightening inner voices urging them to commit their horrible crimes.  This is a lot more common than most people realize.  In a similar category are the people who commit suicide because they are unable to get these suicidal thoughts and feelings out of their minds.  Pearl taught that it is a great mistake for anyone to take their own life, because they will simply have to return again in another embodiment to face the very same lessons they are trying to avoid in this life.  She also explained that as we approach the end of this “Age,” the discord in the world would in many ways appear to get worse.  In part, this is because the dark forces within the psychic realm are having their last, all-out assault on humanity before they are forever dissolved as we come into the New Age.  Thus, murders and suicides are increasing as a result of inner voices silently, or audibly, urging people on to these insidious actions.  These terrible self-destructive activities also highlight the “values” and the true intent of the astral-psychic realm.  No matter how benevolent and beautiful the beings and thought-forms in the psychic realm may first appear to be, their intention is to ultimately destroy us and all life on earth.  Fortunately, our Ascended Sisters and Brothers have assured us that the total annihilation of this planet is no longer possible.  This is because the Arisen Ones have been able to inspire a sufficiently large number of people to maintain an adequate level of harmony in their feeling worlds.  Thus, the Great Ones are now pouring through these blessed ones a great enough quantity of Light to guarantee the Victory of the Light on our little planet.  The more we help out by maintaining harmony in our feelings, the greater the chance of entering the Permanent Golden Age with the least amount of destruction that usually accompanies the change of one Age, Era or "Yuga" into another.




The idea of “demons” and “demonic” influences is not new.  Every one of the world’s major religions has something to say about invisible malevolent beings who try to influence humanity.  In the Bible, Jesus is occasionally shown “casting” these “familiar spirits” out of the people who are possessed by them.  For example, in Matthew 9:32-33, it says:


 . . . a man who was demon-possessed and could not talk was brought to Jesus.  And when the demon was driven out, the man who had been mute spoke.  The crowd was amazed and said, “Nothing like this has ever been seen in Israel.”


Our Ascended Sisters and Brothers tell us that some of these “demons” are nothing more or less than cruel, discarnate human beings who are temporarily stuck in the astral-psychic realm, until it is time for them to come into their next physical embodiment.  These discarnates may also be accompanied, influenced, and empowered by the temporary, humanly created discordant “thought-forms” which also dwell in the astral realm.  As was mentioned earlier, the ancient Hindu texts refer to these fiendish beings as “rakshasas.”  In addition, the term, rakshasa, can also refer to a person who is still in embodiment, who is either consciously using black magic or who has demonic tendencies.


The Satan/Devil Myth


It may be helpful at this point to remind the reader, that despite the fact that the sinister force still temporarily exists and is extremely dangerous, the Arisen Ones tell us that in reality there is no such thing as an all-powerful evil “being” known as the “Devil” or “Satan.”  The Great Ones want us to realize once and for all that the so-called “devil” is actually nothing more or less than the personification of all the misqualified energy that all of us human beings have put into the astral plane whenever we were acting selfishly, angrily, or discordantly.  And remarkably, it is this same miserable humanly-created sinister force which has deliberately created and sustained the “Devil” or “Satan” myth in order to scare us into thinking that the forces of darkness are more powerful than they really are.  Thus, it is to our advantage to understand that the “Devil,” or “Satan,” does not really exist.  On the other hand, it is absolutely vital to know that the forces of darkness do exist on this planet, although fortunately, their existence will soon come to a timely end.  And amazingly enough, as has been mentioned earlier, it too has its purpose.  Because, as we turn away from its self-destructive promptings and temptations, and strive with all our heart, mind, and strength, to become gentle, kind, and selfless, it is literally driving us straight into the arms of our Mother-Father GOD.  Which is a pretty good arrangement, since this is where we want to be going in the first place.  And remember, it is we human beings who created this sinister force in the first place through thoughts and feelings of anger, fear, selfishness, etc.  And it is we who will un-create it through forgiveness and loving kindness.


In this same vein, as the reader may recall, Sai Baba and the Arisen Ones tell us that there is no such place as “hell,” where people are damned to suffer for all eternity.  However, our Ascended Friends point out that people who have been particularly discordant, may discover that in between embodiments they may have some short, but educational, stays in the lower astral realm where they experience their own self-created, misqualified emotional/thought-forms.  And the Great Ones assure us that this is not fun.  But even this is not for punishment.  Rather it is a self-created karmic “purging” process that helps to cleanse them of some of their erroneous ways.  This is why the astral-psychic realm is sometimes referred to as “purgatory.”  But with all the help that is now pouring into this planet from Great Cosmic Beings who are preparing us to enter the Permanent Golden Age, we have to be pretty depraved to get stuck in the psychic-astral/purgatory plane.  And fortunately for all of us, this sad temporary realm will soon cease to exist as this planet enters the Permanent Golden Age.


Pearl cautioned us that even though there is no such thing as a “devil,” nor a “hell,” where human beings will burn forever, we still need to be very careful of the humanly created sinister force – especially its clever deceptions.  One of its biggest hoaxes has been to persuade us human beings into believing that somehow humanity is not responsible for all the pain, suffering, cruelty, wars, torture, and imperfection on this planet.  But we are!  It is certainly not our Divine Mother-Father’s fault.  We can not even blame some great evil being.  We can only blame ourselves.  It is not that there have not been black magicians or other sinister people.  There have been, including some who acquired significant spiritual powers, before they failed on the pathway of mastery and intentionally began misusing their powers to harm humanity.  And our Arisen Friends tell us that some of these individuals have done a great deal of harm.  In fact, Saint Germain explains that there was at one time a being who “turned aside from the path [of Light], after having at one time gained tremendous power in the Light,  who ended up doing an enormous amount of harm, and that this is how the Satan myth got started in the first place.  And even though this being was temporarily a very effective black magician, it in no way had the kind of powers so often attributed to the “Devil.”


Thus, it is imperative to remember that it is we human beings who created the astral plane, with its vast quantities of misqualified energy, in the first place.  If we had behaved ourselves, there would not have been such a realm.  Nor would there have been any misqualified energy for a destructive discarnate person to use to perpetrate these kinds of deceptions on us.  Pearl assured us that it is our fault that imperfection exists on our beautiful Mother Earth which our Divine Parent created for us, and it is time we took responsibility for cleaning it up.


The powers of darkness have also done everything they can to keep us from understanding the “Law of Karma” – the “Law of Cause and Effect.”  As has been shared earlier, Jesus explains this law as:


A man reaps what he sows.


The last thing the psychic plane wants us to know, is that each one of us, by our own past actions, has been the creator of most of our own life experiences here on earth – regardless of whether these experiences are pleasant or unpleasant.  The sinister force does not want us to realize this, because once we truly begin to understand this Divine Law of Cause and Effect, then we will see that it is in our own best interest to be loving and kind to each other, even if it is for no other reason than for assuring our own future happiness.  The Law of Karma is so simple and straightforward that even a child can understand it.  Yet, the astral realm has been remarkably successful in convincing us that we are all somehow “victims” of forces beyond our control - sometimes we are, but usually these kinds of experiences are karmic ones.  Thus, for our own good, and the future happiness of ourselves and our planet, it would be helpful to more fully understand the Goddess of Loving Charity when she says:


What you pour forth, what you radiate into the world, comes back to you amplified many fold.


What could be simpler?  It has been staring us in the face all the time.  It is only the time delay between our actions and their consequent effects that prevents us from seeing that we are the real cause of most of things we experience.  Because of this time delay, and our subsequent lack of awareness of how the Law of Karma works, we are fooled over and over again by astral forces into believing that we are “victims of injustice.”  In this way it can trick us into feeling the horribly toxic and self-destructive emotions of resentment and rage towards the various circumstances which seem to be “victimizing” us.  It even tries to get us to hate our Divine Mother-Father for putting us into such a “cruel world.”  So, instead of us learning through direct experience that it is never right to pour forth discord towards someone or something, the psychic realm tricks us into responding with even more anger and hatred against these apparent “injustices” which are usually self-caused.  Consequently, our misqualified emotions once again sow the seeds of painful, karmic lessons later in our lives.  It is no wonder that Pearl stressed that it is absolutely vital that we realize, understand, and accept the truth that each one of us is the principle creator of our own past, present, and future experiences, regardless of whether they are happy or sorrowful.


As we begin to understand how the Law of Cause and Effect works, it is vital that we do not fall for still another ruse of the dark force.  And that is to say to ourselves, “Well, that person is suffering because of their own actions, therefore I will not help them out.”  Yes, it is usually true that if someone is suffering it is probably the result of their own previous actions, whether in this lifetime or a former one.  But Quan Yin also showed us the divine way of lifting our sisters and brothers out of this quagmire of mostly self-caused pain and suffering.  It is through compassion, forgiveness and love.  Thus, the only way all of humanity is going to be lifted out of this vicious cycle, is if those of us who are beginning to understand the Higher Laws, begin to work with loving kindness, caring and forbearance towards our fellow human beings.  Only with patience, compassion, and endurance, can we help to raise them out of mistakes which are often similar to those we ourselves have made earlier in our own life-streams.  So it is at our own risk that we ignore the apparent injustices in our culture, or let discord become rampant in the world.  Instead, with all the love of our beings we must help these sisters and brothers out of this seemingly endless chain of cause and effect.


In fact, Sai Baba and our Arisen Sisters and Brothers explain that the cure for all of our social and cultural problems is simply maintaining harmony in our feelings at all times as we selflessly work to help each other throughout the world.  If we maintain harmony in the feelings, then the pure Christ-Atmic-Buddhic Light that is continually pouring through us can gradually correct all the conditions of imperfection as we work to help others who are less fortunate than ourselves.  The Arisen Ones assure us that if we do this, while serenely pouring forth love and forgiveness, we will be absolutely astonished at how fast this planet will come into the Permanent Golden Age!


To learn how similar errors have affected the world's religions,

please go to Part 4: "How Do Religions Become Distorted?"


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Pearls of Wisdom


· There are plenty of good reliable spiritual people in the New Age community, but be careful of those who are the “blind leading the blind”.


· Use common sense as well as our hearts in discerning the genuineness of “miraculous” occurrences.


· Avoid “channelers” and self-proclaimed “psychics.”


· The more a spiritual activity solicits money, the less likely that it is being handled in a pure and genuine manner.


· Do not seek manifestation.


· Not all “spiritual healings” are what they seem to be.


· Some forms or aspects of mental illnesses results from lower astral influences.


· Do not be fooled those by who say that we need to “embrace” the darkside in order to be “whole.”  We are Children of LIGHT!  And our destiny is to become Ascended Masters of pure Universal LIGHT and Loving Kindness like Jesus, the Buddha, Blessed Mary, Quan Yin, Saint Germain and so many others!


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To learn how similar errors have affected the world's religions,

please go to Part 4: "How Do Religions Become Distorted?".


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