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This is a continuation of a four part article that explains how a few of the sincere, well-meaning teachers, as well as many of the "channelers", in the "New Age" community are actually "the blind leading the blind."  The various kinds of deceptions encountered are carefully explained so that you can have better discernment sorting out the reliable New Age teachings and activities, from the fraudulent ones. This article also touches upon the role of lower astral forces in causing some illnesses, including aspects of some mental illnesses, as well as their role in distorting religions.  - Bill Gaum


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Spiritual Healings


Another area of confusion within the “new age” community is that of “spiritual healings.”  Authentic divine healings are the result of GOD’s light pouring into the individual who needs the healing.  Sometimes this holy energy instantly and miraculously replaces broken bones, torn tendons, scar tissue, diseased organs, and so on, with materialized healthy replacements.  Other times it heals the body in a more gradual manner, over a period of days, weeks, months, or years, as the incoming light steadily energizes and accelerates the body’s own natural healing processes.  This latter way is the more common method.


Genuine spiritual healings can also take place in a lesser known manner.  It can happen when GOD’s Light flows into a sick person’s body and simply forces out of them destructive psychic thought-forms which happen to be causing a health problem.  These astral entities can cause illnesses in a variety of ways.  They might be interfering with an endocrine gland’s ability to produce sufficient quantities of a necessary hormone.  Or they might reduce the immune system’s ability to respond to an infection.  Psychic energies can also disrupt the subtle bioelectrical signals in the nerves and brain, and so on.  Healings in these cases take place when the interfering thought-form is literally forced out of the body and the body’s surrounding energy fields.  In these cases, since the source of the problem is the interfering entity, once this thought-form is removed, the previously disrupted organ or system is to able re-establish normal functioning and the person is healed.


As the reader might remember, the Ascended Master Saint Germain says in reference to these kinds of entities and “thought-forms:”


Those of you who are so eager to open your inner vision would literally shriek at the sight of some of the thought forms (for all thoughts are forms that have been qualified in a certain way according to the feeling of the creator) that are floating about in the atmosphere and attaching themselves to people, who, by the attention they give to these ideas, have become magnets for them; and you would certainly run the other way if you could see them.  And you wonder sometimes that you do not feel so well, or that you have an ache here and there, or perhaps a headache for no “apparent” reason?

- from, "I AM" the Open Door, by Peter Mt Shasta


A variety of sacred practices can bring about the release of divine healing energies.  It may be the result of sincere prayer, or the “laying on of hands.”  Or one of the most powerful ways is by simply making deeply sincere “calls” to the I AM Presence to bring forth the required perfection, and then assisting this process by “visualizing” the person as being already healed.  Or it may come about in some other way such as through the touch of a Master Presence.  This is what Jesus did during his ministry two-thousand years ago.  Since he was “one in consciousness” with his own Higher Self - Atma - I AM Presence, it was an easy matter for him to visualize the perfection required for the individual, and then call forth the necessary Atmic Light to bring forth the desired change.


While these are indeed valid divine healings, the astral-psychic realm, as usual, has its pseudo-versions of the same thing.  Some of these fraudulent “healings” are similar in principle to what our fictional character “John” experienced in the previous The “Light Side” of the Dark Side chapter.  For example, a “fake healing” occurred when John’s anxieties were replaced by the “empty, false feeling of peace.”  As was explained, this type of “pseudo-healing” occurred when a discarnate human being who was pretending to be Jesus, temporarily pulled back the astral thought-forms of worry and anxiety from John’s feeling world.  It did this to create an illusion of the “peace that passeth understanding,” in order to gain John’s confidence so that it can now fool him with some other psychic experience.  Similarly in a fake “physical healing,” a discarnate being simply removes a thought-form which has been interfering in one of the sick person’s bodily functions.  Naturally, since that particular organ now begins to function normally, the person feels that they have experienced a bona fide “healing.”  Little does the patient realize that the astral being has simply removed one kind of problem in order to replace it with a more dangerous, but less recognizable one.  While the person may have lost a physical infirmity, they might now have taken on a thought-form of worry, self-pity, intellectual pride, vanity, self-justification, resentment, rage, suicide, or some other self-destructive manifestation of fear and doubt, which will do even greater damage to them than the previous “physical” problem.  Since this “new arrival” may wait a few weeks before starting its nefarious activity, the person might never realize that it had come through the so-called “psychic healer.”  And to add insult to injury, these kinds of “healers” often charge their clients a large amount for this dubious privilege.


Unfortunately, much of what is called “psychic-surgery” often falls into this same category of “pseudo-healing.”  Most of these “psychic healers” are sincere, well-intentioned people.  They are simply unaware that they are being fooled.  Thus, in addition to using careful discernment and common sense when sorting out the “real,” from the “unreal,” we also need to have compassion for those who feel they are doing good work, but who do not realize they are being tricked.


As you may recall, all of this does not mean that we can not help each other in the healing process – we can – we just need to follow our hearts and use common sense.  For instance, some individuals have reported that during a personal interview with Sai Baba, he has encouraged them to continue with their existing type of healing work that involved placing their hands on people and pouring healing energy into them.  Yet Baba has also cautioned others to be careful of some so-called “healers.”  For instance, during an interview with Baba, Dr. Hislop once asked him about the reliability of someone claiming to be a “healer.”  Their conversation went as follows:


Hislop:  There is a situation in California where a healer wishes to join a Sri Sathya Sai Center and use his healing powers for the benefit of Baba’s devotees.  The leader of that particular center has had relief from illness by means of the power flowing from the hands of the healer, and has the idea that the healer has been sent by Baba and that Baba is doing the healing through the person of the healer.  I was requested to ask Swami for His viewpoint. [Sai Baba's devotees affectionately refer to him as "Swami".]


Sai:  The power flowing from the healer is not Swami’s power.  It is evil power.  The healer is himself in need of healing. . . .


Hislop:  The healer also has a question.  He asks if what he is doing is all right.


Sai:  No. It is not all right.  It is not divine power flowing through the person of the healer.


So we need to be careful.  Some people have genuine healing abilities that originate from our Mother-Father GOD, while others are channeling dangerous astral-psychic energy.  In short, if we do not get a good feeling about a so-called “healer,” then regardless of what others may be saying about them, we should avoid them.


We also need to be careful of becoming fanatical about all these things, and begin thinking that every little ache or pain, or even a serious illness, is caused by psychic thought-forms.  There are an enormous number of conventional causes for illness that do not involve “entities.”  These might be poor diet and nutrition, an infection, an inherited condition, various diseases, poor posture, organs whose biochemistry is imbalanced, a weakened immune system, an over-active immune system, and so on.


One may ask, “Is there anyone in modern times who has performed the same kinds of dramatic instantaneous healings that Jesus did during his ministry?”  Yes.  Some of the most amazing and carefully verified of them, are the ones which Sathya Sai Baba did.  He not only healed any kind of physical, mental, or emotional affliction instantly - including instantly restoring sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf and normally functioning limbs to the lame.  He has also raised several people from the dead.  In some of these latter cases, medical doctors had declared the corpses “clinically dead,” and yet as much as three days later Sai Baba brings them back to life again.  But he only performed these kinds of healings, or resurrections, when it was karmically appropriate for the individual to be healed in this particular way, and when it has an important divine purpose behind it.  And of course money is never involved.  Pearl cautioned us that the more that money is involved in “spiritual healings,” the more indicative it is that something is not quite right.


Some people are surprised to discover that Sai Baba also encouraged the wise use of modern medicine and health care.  In fact, during Dr. Hislop’s above mentioned interview with Baba, he asked him:


How then should one be healed?


Sai Baba replied:


By ordinary medical means and by prayer.


So, a few miles from his ashram, Sai Baba built the largest, most modern hospital in all of India.  This “Super Specialty Hospital” does highly technical cardiac, respiratory, and kidney surgeries, performed by some of the world’s finest doctors using the most modern medical equipment and practices.  And like everything else Sai Baba did, all of this of course, is provided free of charge for the patients.  Even the prescriptions are issued at no cost.  There are no hidden charges, nor are insurance companies billed.  All costs are paid using the interest generated from a trust fund of unsolicited donations given by Sai devotees.  This same trust fund also pays the salaries of the doctors, nurses and staff.  And of course there are many doctors and staff people who work as volunteers.  The hospital’s services are available to anyone in the world regardless of race, caste, creed, income, gender, age, or religion.  Neither is it required that they be a follower of Sai Baba’s teachings.  As one might expect, the large majority of the patients are poor Indian villagers who would otherwise receive no medical treatment at all.  Sai Baba explains that this Super Specialty Hospital is a model for the future hospitals of the world.  Baba has already created numerous free medical clinics and schools throughout South India.  Sai Baba, and the Sathya Sai Trust, has also recently completed an enormous water project which now provides pure drinking water to 1.5 million inhabitants of the drought stricken State of Andhra Pradesh, India.  This vital public health project which serves a huge area suffering from chronic drought conditions, was applauded by the Prime Minister of India who traveled to Prashanti Nilayam, Baba’s main ashram, to inaugurate the project.  The entire water project was paid for by funds donated by Sai devotees.


In addition, Sai Baba teaches that every single one of us needs to place much more emphasis on choosing healthy lifestyles, including: proper vegetarian diets, exercise and spiritual practices; as well as pure thoughts and feelings.  He says that self-destructive habits such as smoking, drinking, jealousy, anger, and hatred should be replaced with life-affirming activities including various kinds of selfless service in our communities.  Then life will become a joyous celebration of our own divinity rather than a painful struggle.  He also teaches that medical doctors need to focus more on preventative medicine, be less concerned about money, and be more open to recommending alternative forms of health care such as naturopathic and ayurvedic medicine.   Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medicine that includes the use of appropriate healing herbs.


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