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All spiritual paths recognize some sort of Infinite, Universal, Loving, Guiding Benevolent Presence in the Universe to whom we can all pray to and pour love to that is the Source of All Goodness, Kindness, Compassion, Wisdom and our Creative Spirit. It doesn't matter whether we call this Benevolent Universal Presence: "GOD"; our Creator; the Infinite Buddha Nature; the Divine Mother; the Tao; Brahman; Mother Goddess, the Source; Jehovah; the Great Spirit; the Great I AM; Paramatma; Allah; the Great Mystery; the Universal Spirit, the Supreme Being; our Mother-Father GOD; Divinity, or whatever - it's all the same wonderful all-knowing, all-loving Divine Presence.  The main thing is that this Transcendent Infinite Presence is very, very real and is accessible through our heart through sincere prayer and pure intention.  For the sake of convenience in this website I will usually refer to "this Universal Presence" as either our "Mother-Father GOD" or as just "GOD".


It is also helpful to realize that when we refer to GOD as our “Divine Mother” or “our Divine Father” we are really saying the same thing.  There is only one GOD.  GOD is the fullness of the divine feminine and masculine principles in perfect oneness, in perfect balance, and in perfect wholeness.  These qualities are not separate in GOD.  Yet, it is sometimes helpful to refer to GOD as “our Divine Mother” when focusing on the feminine aspects of divinity, and likewise to call GOD, “our Divine Father,” when referring to the masculine qualities of divinity.  But, at the same time it is important to remember that in actuality they are one and the same Being.


One of the main purposes of this website is to help us feel "at One" with our Mother-Father GOD and how it unites all of us human beings as Children of GOD.


So, if we are all Children of GOD, what then is "The Purpose of Life" ?


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In this website, in order to distinguish our "Mother-Father GOD" from the various Ascended Masters and Lady Masters who are sometimes known as “Gods and Goddesses” (such as Quan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion), I will use all upper case letters for spelling "GOD", but only capitalize the "G" in “Gods and Goddesses”.


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