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The "Ascension", also known as "Liberation", "Moksha", "Parinirvana" and so on, is the ultimate goal of all our many hundreds of lifetimes. It is when we forever leave the physical world behind us - never again to be reborn in another physical form.  This means, that instead of going into the beautiful Etheric or Heavenly Realms - which we do when we're in between physical lifetimes - we do something quite different. As we come to the end of our final lifetime, and we begin to leave our physical body behind, instead of entering into the Etheric Worlds, we instead merge into our Higher Self and become one with it Forever.   In fact, we literally become it. (Different spiritual paths have different names for this Higher Self: in Hinduism it is often referred to as the Atma, in some forms of Mahayana Buddhism it is called the Tathagatgarbha or Buddhic-Self, and in some New Age circles it is our Christ Self.)   From that moment on we are Liberated Beings of Eternal Light, (Ascended Beings, Celestial Bodhisattvas or Buddhas, etc), like Jesus, Blessed Mary, the Buddha, Quan Yin (Kuan Yin) the Goddess of Compassion, Saint Germain, and so many others!  We are exquisitely beautiful, Blissful Eternal Beings whose bodies are made of Pure Light, and who are embodiments of deep loving wisdom, infinite compassion and goodness, and who are capable of all things.


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The following explains a little more on this subject.  It is from a spiritual biography that I'm writing about my spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris.  I hope you find it helpful and inspiring. - Bill Gaum


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The Ascension

The Ascension is a completely different activity than simply “passing on.”  When an individual passes through the change called “death,” they simply leave their physical body behind and move forth into the Higher Etheric or "Heavenly" Realms in a finer body.  While there, we study, absorb much needed Light, and serve in various ways until it is time for our next embodiment in a "material world".  The Ascension however is completely different.  It is the glorious goal of all our embodiments – the Victory of Life!  It is the culmination of all the spiritual effort we have made and the selfless services we have rendered throughout the ages.  It is graduation time – the fulfillment of all of our Mother-Father GOD’s promises.  As we Ascend, we merge into our own individualized Higher Self - I AM Presence – Atma - Tathgatagarbha - Christ Self  (or whatever it might be called by different spiritual paths) – and are forever free from the bonds of earth’s limitation.  We are now exquisitely beautiful, blissfully happy, Divine Beings living in bodies of pure Christ-Light just like Jesus, the Buddha, Blessed Mary, Saint Germain, Quan Yin (Kuan Yin - the Goddess of Mercy), the Goddess of Justice, and so many, many others!  We have the accumulated wisdom of all our embodiments, plus the continually expanding consciousness of our Creator’s Infinite Divine Mind.  And from this time forward, we are continuous outpourings of perfect Christ Love, Light, and Wisdom, experiencing the transcendent beauty and happiness of the magnificent Arisen Realms!  Never again do we have to reincarnate into a physical body, or experience pain, suffering or disappointments.  Therefore, we can now take our rightful place in GOD’s Cosmic Pageant of Creation.  Henceforth, we are free to travel anywhere throughout the vast magnificent expanse of the Universe - both at physical and spiritual levels.  And yet we can appear at will on any physical or nonphysical realm, in bodies which appear to be tangible, but which are actually made out of Ascended Master Light Substance.  Thus, the people living there can see and interact with us, and after rendering the appropriate divine assistance to them, we can then instantly disappear again into the Arisen Octave of Light.


Of course, in order to make the Ascension at the end of our current lifetime, we will have to attain a certain, minimum level of mastery over our feelings, thoughts, words, and actions.  But this does not mean that we will have achieved the full level of perfect self-mastery that the Goddess of Wisdom, Jesus, the Buddha, or Saint Germain had achieved prior to their Ascensions.  Consequently, even though we may become Arisen Beings at the conclusion of our present lifetime, if we have not yet acquired the complete consciousness of “Ascended Mastery” – in the fullest sense of the word – then we will have the joyful opportunity of attaining this higher level of Ascended Master consciousness while serving humanity from the Arisen Octaves of Light.  And as we pour forth our ecstatic assistance from our homes in the Arisen Realms to our sisters and brothers still upon earth, we will gradually attain the complete divine consciousness of Ascended Mastery.


And when both we, and our Cosmic True Love, our Twin Ray, have Ascended to become the fullness of Ascended Master Consciousness, we can then move forth together in the Universe to serve at Cosmic Levels together in ever more increasing bliss, beauty, and divine perfection.


A New Dispensation


Saint Germain informs us that since 1938, we can now make the Ascension without having to “raise the physical body” as Jesus did.  This is because of a “New Dispensation” now pouring to Earth from Great Cosmic Beings in order to bring this planet into the Golden Age.  But Jesus, not having the advantage of this new dispensation, had to achieve the much harder and more Masterful activity of consciously transmuting his physical body into pure Light, before Ascending up into his own I AM Presence.  Jesus’ Ascension, which occurred at the conclusion of his ministry, several weeks after the Resurrection, is very briefly described in the Bible in Acts 1:9-11 (NIV):


[Jesus] was taken up before their very eyes, and a cloud hid him from their sight.  They were looking intently up into the sky as he was going, when suddenly two men dressed in white stood beside them.  “Men of Galilee,” they said, “why do you stand here looking into the sky?  This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way you have seen him go into heaven.”


In this particular case, the word “heaven” as used in the above quote refers to the Ascended Realms, rather than the Etheric Realms.


In other words, anyone making their Ascension prior to 1938, would have had their physical body transmuted into Light, as it was being raised into their I AM Presence.  Thus, there would have been no physical body left to leave behind.  But since 1938 the new dispensation enables those who have earned the Ascension to Ascend at the end of their lifetimes - even though they leave their physical bodies behind.  Godfre Ray King was able to take advantage of the new dispensation.  Saint Germain has these inspiring words to say about it:


The individual making the Ascension through the activity of the New Dispensation of the Ascension, which is the leaving behind of the flesh form and the taking of the other finer bodies into the Higher Octaves, is then given the opportunity to serve humanity very closely for a number of years.  During that time, working from the Inner Levels, they attain their Mastery.


You would naturally question how it is possible for an individual to leave the physical octave very imperfectly and come into the Octave of Light and suddenly become perfect.  That can only be accomplished by a great momentum of calls being made by the individual, and at the moment of change . . . the momentum built up in all the decrees previous to that time instantly goes into action to raise the . . . individual’s finer bodies, with the exception of the physical, and thus he will quickly go into the Higher Mental Body and then into the [I AM] Presence – if the momentum built up is sufficient for that.  However, such a one still has a great service to render humanity and will have to give it before he is free to move on to higher Cosmic Levels.1


The Great Ones also explain that once the heart has stopped beating, it takes three days (72 hours) for the Ascension process to be completed.


Sai Baba Teaches About the "Ascension"


In India, in the Hindu religion, the "Ascension" - this accomplishment of becoming forever free from the wheel of birth and death, (the cycle of reincarnation) - is called, “Liberation”, “Moksha” or "Mukti".


Pearl would later learn that Sai Baba teaches:


You should not die, you should “merge” [with your Atma] and fulfill yourself.  That is the destiny, that is the destination. 1


Again, it is extremely important to make the distinction between those who have simply “passed on” and those who have made their Ascensions by merging into their Atma; their I AM Presence.  When an individual “dies” in the normal sense of the word, they but go into the higher, Etheric or Heavenly Realms until it is time to reincarnate in another physical body.  Thus, these individuals must once again experience physical birth.  Starting out as tiny infants, they will again go through the normal “growing up” process.  And hopefully in this next “lifetime,” or “embodiment,” they will learn many lessons; help those they may have injured in past lives; and attain an increased degree of spiritual consciousness and mastery.  This cycle of living and dying, birth and death, can go on for a long time.  Indeed, this has been the case for each one of us.


However, as has been mentioned, for those making the Ascension, it is an entirely different activity.  In this case, when someone comes to the end of his or her life, and begins to leave their physical body behind them, rather than entering the Etheric Realm for a temporary stay before having to re-embody, they instead Ascend up into their I AM Presence, merging into it and becoming One with it.  Thus, they are now Arisen Beings!  And fortunately, this will some day happen for each and every one of us.  Once we are Ascended, the Christ Light pouring through us is so powerful that never again can discordant feelings or imperfect thoughts exist within us.  Thus, we are forever free from the “wheel of birth and death.”  Never again will we have to embody in a physical body on a physical planet, or ever again go through pain and suffering!  We will forever live in the beauty and perfection of the Ascended Octaves with Jesus, Mary and our other Elder Sisters and Brothers; ever growing in wisdom and love.  Thus, we too become a part of the continually expanding blissful drama of Divine Creation.  From this point onwards, we are pure “Divine Beings” living in bodies composed of Eternal Christ Light and Perfection, forever dwelling in this perfect I AM Consciousness in the Arisen Octave of Light.  Yet, if a particular service requires it, we will still be able to appear as visible, tangible individuals to those human beings who are still in physical embodiment on Earth.  And as the service is completed and we part company from these younger sisters and brothers we will be able to disappear instantly into the Ascended Realms.


Sai Baba also teaches about these same Sacred Ascended Realms, which are far, far beyond those which are called the “Heavenly” or Etheric Realms.  He also explains that the only way we can attain this state is by rising into, and becoming One with, our Atma.  In fact, he describes how Krishna taught his prize student, Arjuna, this very same transcendent knowledge:


Krishna informed Arjuna that there was a State, which was far beyond and far more Sacred than Heaven, “Do not consider Heaven as a permanent place,” Krishna said.  “When you have exhausted all your merits, you will have to leave Heaven and return to Earth.  Heaven is only a temporary camp; you will not be able to reside there permanently  . . . in truth, the pleasures you get there are only a little greater than those you get here on Earth.  There is a State, which is far, far beyond; far more Sacred.  That State may be reached by identifying yourself with GOD, by associating yourself with the Atma, by merging your small individual self with your Highest Eternal Self.  In order to attain this State you will have to become totally desireless* and selfless; you will have to perform all your actions without expecting any fruits** from them.”2


* "Desireless" - Sai Baba says that we should have only one "desire" and that is "GOD Desire".  Literally any desire that takes us closer to GOD is a form of GOD desire.  This includes wanting to be a better, kinder, more forgiving, humble, merciful, compassionate human being and wanting to expand within us all of those qualities.


** "Fruits" - When Krisha uses the phrase "you will have to perform all your actions without expecting any fruits."  He means that we need to serve humanity without desiring or expecting any rewards for our selfless service.  It is similar to the Buddha's teachings on "letting go of attachments".


Happy News!


To Pearl, the best news regarding the Ascension was still to come. The Arisen Ones explain that any of us who make the required effort can now achieve the Ascension at the end of our present lifetime!  This extraordinary opportunity is now possible, because of the tremendous additional divine assistance currently pouring to the earth.  All we have to do is to keep on sincerely applying the Teachings of the Arisen Host and Sai Baba to the very best of our ability, literally giving it everything we have got!  If we do that, the Great Ones say that we will either make the Ascension at the end of this lifetime or sometime in the next embodiment.  And if we have not achieved complete mastery before we Ascend, then after our Ascension we will be able to continue expanding into the fullness of Arisen Master Consciousness in the Ascended Octave of Light.


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