An Overview of Angels


Angels and Angelic type beings are found in virtually all religions.  They are able to change their appearance at will and always choose an appearance that is appropriate for the particular service they are rendering at the moment.  So, sometimes they appear with "wings", and sometimes without them.  They can even appear in a form that is indistinguishable from a normal human being.


Angelic Assistance


What do angels do?  Angels are very busy divine beings and can do many, many things:


• They often act as heavenly messengers of one sort or another.


• And when it's time for a human being in the higher realms to experience life at the physical vibratory level once again, an Angel will often provide assistance.  The Angel will guide the incoming soul from the heavenly sphere, where they're currently dwelling, to move them down into the correct place on the physical earth, and help them to take up residence in their future mother's womb.


• And of course Angel's help out when a human being has completed their mission on the physical earth, and it's once again time for that person to leave the physical world behind them and move back into a heavenly realm.  In these cases they assist the "outgoing" soul to leave their physical bodies behind, and move serenely, happily and quickly up into whatever spiritual realm they are now qualified to dwell in. (See "Near Death Experiences" to get a feeling for one of the ways we can move into a higher realm.)


• Angels also help to inspire people to make the right decisions in life, including finding and choosing the right life partner.


• Angels often assist someone during a Near Death Experience (NDE) to ensure that they encounter an appropriate experience so that they will be more spiritually awakened and dedicated to being a kind person when they returned to their "revived" physical bodies. See "Intro To NDE's", for an explanation of Near Death Experiences.


• Sometimes Angels even save people's lives - if it is not yet the person's time to move from physical life into the heavenly realms.  In fact, many of the amazing, inspiring, true, real-life "Angel Stories" found within this website fall within this latter category.


• There are Great Angelic Beings - "Angel Devas" - who are the dispensers of the vast flow of Angelic Light that flows gently down into  and through the various Nature Spirits - happy little Etheric Beings who expand and balance the Etheric energy currents within plants, trees, streams, oceans, rocks and mountains.  These Great Angel Devas receive these amazing Etheric Energy Currents from those Cosmic Ascended Masters who work closely with the forces of nature to fulfill the Divine Plan for the Nature Kingdom and to bless us all through the activities of nature.  If you would like to learn more about this topic, you might want to checkout these books in the Recommended Reading List:  Books About: Angelic Beings, Devas and Nature Spirits, or click on Nature Spirits to read some delightful true stories in this website by people who have seen and interacted with these little beings.


• Some Angels inspire musicians, composers, and performers to write and perform musical works that uplift and purify humanity.


• Other Angels inspire works of art that uplift humanity's consciousness and exalt the vastness and simplicity of the heavenly realms.


• Some Angels are "Warrior Angels" and inspire and protect those defending a sacred cause.  The Archangel Michael is a classic example of one of these amazing, exalted Divine Protectors.


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The following is an excerpt on Angels from a spiritual biography that I'm writing about my spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris.  I hope you find it helpful and inspiring. - Bill Gaum


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Pearl shared that the Angelic Host is a magnificent spiritual evolution within the Angelic or “Deva” Kingdom, which is different, and yet parallel to the evolution which leads to the development of Ascended Beings.  In short, angels evolve to become ever greater Angelic Beings, while human beings evolve over many lifetimes to ultimately become Ascended Masters and Lady Masters.  She also explained that the term “Deva” is quite an appropriate one to describe the beings of the Angelic Kingdom, since it is a Sanskrit word meaning “Shining Ones.”


When the “San Francisco Group” was serving together in the 1940’s, someone once asked Saint Germain about the Archangels.  He replied:


The Archangels, Angel Devas, Lords of the Flame, Cherubim, and Seraphim are all members of what we refer to as the Deva Kingdom. . . Your love and attention to these Great Beings – and many of them are very powerful in their own right, and in turn command great legions – will bring many blessings.7 


He also informed them that:


There are a great company of Archangels, but the names of only a few are known to you.  Archangel Michael, who is referred to as a Lord of the Sun, and also, a Lord of the Flame, is the Being of the Deva Kingdom who has charge of the incoming individual upon this planet.  It is He who has appeared many times before the blessed mothers.  His activity is one of great Purity and Love.  The Archangel Gabriel is another great member of the Deva Kingdom, who assists in leading the blessed ones who have just quit physical embodiment into their proper realm of activity . . . 8 


Pearl always felt quite close to the Angelic Kingdom and would later share with her students that these beings are closely connected with, and watch over the various nature spirits as they assist them with their tasks.  The angels are also closely related to the Music of the Spheres and are an important source of inspiration to musicians and other artists.  Likewise, they play an important role in pouring forth peace and harmony to humanity, while protecting, guiding, and inspiring us on our journey to self-mastery.


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