Angel Saves Exhausted Moose

From Drowning


By Cheryl



One day, when I had some spare time before going into work, I thought I would stroll through one of our nearby bird sanctuary's walking trails. So, happily I headed down the path. This particular trail meanders along the shoreline of one of our larger lakes. The views from here are breathtaking, so of course it's a popular area for both locals and tourists who enjoy nature’s beauty.


As I was gazing across the lake I spotted a moose swimming towards my direction from the opposite shore. That is quite a journey! It is a large lake – being 3.1 miles (5 km) wide at it’s broadest place, 55 miles long (89 km), and quite deep (528 feet or 161 meters at it’s maximum depth).  So that's quite a challenging distance for even a strong swimmer such as moose. As I watched it swimming closer towards me, I could see it was having some serious difficulties. The spring run-off had started so the lake was fuller than normal from the melting snowpack on the surrounding mountains. Plus, there was a lot of logs and debris in the water which was creating life-threatening obstacles for the moose.


So I sincerely prayed that the moose be able to make it safely to shore. No sooner had I finished praying when a majestic Angel appeared next to the moose. The Angel serenely cleared a path in front of the moose, pushing the debris out of the way so the moose could swim freely without any dangerous obstructions further exhausting it.  I delightedly watched as huge logs, trees, and branches were being pushed aside by the compassionate Angel which allowed the tired moose to swim safely to shore.


I smiled and thanked the Angel for saving the exhausted moose from drowning. She smiled sweetly back at me and said she was happy to help.  Then she faded out of sight.


After the moose arrived on shore, it shook the excess water off, looked at me, bowed its head, snorted, and then it sauntered off into the nearby wooded area.  I smiled and said a thank-you prayer to our Mother-Father GOD and the kind, caring Angel, then turned around, headed back to my vehicle and drove off to work. Everything happens for a reason and I felt so grateful for this lovely start to a great day.


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