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The following is an excerpt from a spiritual biography that I'm writing about my spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris.  It focuses on affirmations, decrees and "making the call".  I hope you find it helpful and inspiring. - Bill Gaum


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“Making the Call”


It was about this time that Pearl learned some additional things about making using affirmations or "making the call.”


As has been formerly explained, she had learned that the process of affirming or “making the call” is similar to that of saying a prayer to achieve some desired constructive goal.  The main difference is that in this process, we fully accept that we are made in the “image and likeness of GOD,” and thus have been given by the Creator certain divine creative powers.  In this same way, we realize that at all times, the Light that is continually pouring through us takes on the very qualities that we are feeling and thinking.  Then, by going to that quiet place within our heart, and visualizing what we want to achieve or obtain, we consciously feel and know that it will be provided by GOD, in a natural way and at the perfect time, if it is the Divine Plan for us to have it.  After feeling this Oneness with our own GOD presence - our Higher Self - the Great “I AM,” within and above us, we then say, silently or aloud, something like this: “Beloved I AM Presence please provide for my every perfect need.”  Or an even more direct way of saying this same thing is: “I AM the Presence providing for my every perfect need.”  As has been mentioned, the term “making the call,” refers to this creative process of consciously using our minds to visualize our heartfelt desire; our hearts to confidently and harmoniously “qualify” the divine energy with the correct feeling; and our voice (either silently or aloud) to verbally release the Light necessary for its accomplishment.


What's the Difference Between

Affirmations & Decrees?


It may now be helpful to explain the difference between an “affirmation” and a “decree.”  If we call for a divine attribute to be strengthened within ourselves, such as the quality of forgiveness, it is usually referred to as making an “affirmation.”  This is because we are “affirming” that GOD is expanding the feeling of forgiveness through us as we are making our call.  If the call is for the blessing of others or for the world in general, such as a call for world peace, then it is usually referred to as a “decree” because we are “decreeing” that something beneficial happen for the blessing of others.  The Ascended Master known as the Maha Chohan clarifies this point:


May I offer this suggestion: I noticed just recently there was some misunderstanding as to the difference between an affirmation and a decree, and feeling perhaps that I might draw some Light upon that subject may I give you these words.  A decree is a GOD Command to bring perfection forth for another.  An affirmation is a GOD acknowledgment of your own perfection.  They are really inseparable, yet you will find when you wish to give decrees you will be able to give a [greater] blessing to others if you stand when you give them.  With your affirmations, it is just as easy, and sometimes more effective, to be sitting.  Please do not attempt to make yourselves jump up and down . . . too frequently as that disturbs the flow of energy.  Remember, this Light is real and these mighty currents of energy flow on their way according to the direction given to them.1 


If we have called for something that is in accordance with the Divine Plan, and we have released sufficient energy and sincerity in our calls, then it will come into our lives in one way or another.  Usually the more sincere and relaxed we are, and the more heartfelt our call - the greater the amount of Light released, and the sooner it will be fulfilled.  Oftentimes more than one call is necessary in order to release sufficient energy for the desired plan to be manifested.  And for things of great magnitude such as calling for world peace, the amount of energy required is so enormous, that obviously it might take a great many people calling or praying very sincerely over quite a period of time to release enough Light to bring it into its fullness.


The Master Saint Germain has the following advice regarding the use of affirmations:


I am going to give you some instruction now on the use of these affirmations, which . . . will bring about that which you wish, through the Dominion of your own GOD-Self – directed by the faculty, which is a twin faculty: visualization-qualification.  You can not have one without the other; where there is thought there is feeling, where there is feeling there is thought.


Visualize that which your affirmation calls for, already taking place; then, at the same time, qualify that thought by your feelings; in other words, modulate your feeling energy flowing forth from your Heart so that in the dual activity of the Mind and Heart you focus the energy of your own “I AM Presence” on the manifestation which you, by your Word – spoken or silent – are calling into being.  And by the Power of GOD, and by the Divine Law by which that power operates, that upon which you have focused your attention shall come into being as surely as day follows night, for it is Law, and nothing can change the Law.  So do not despair when you are making a Call and you do not see the immediate result; the result is there, though you may not yet have sufficient Inner Vision to see it; for GOD works from the “inside” out, that is, all manifestation takes place on the Inner Planes of existence first, then, as more Conscious Light substance is added, begins to manifest on the other, more dense planes; though, remember, all planes are GOD Planes.  GOD is Everywhere and there is nowhere that GOD is not.  And it is by the very fact of GOD Everywhere that what you conceive in your mind in one part of the universe can manifest in another part of the universe; for there is only One Substance, One Consciousness, and that One is the Consciousness of your Own GOD-Self, “I AM.”


When you use an Affirmation, dear ones, keep in mind that it is the power of GOD Alone that is the sure, certain fulfillment of your Call, and consequently there need be no rush or mental strain involved at all.  As certainly as you say the Words in the Center of Your Being, the manifestation is going forth, and that for which you are Calling is coming into being, nay – it is already . . .


And so, dear ones, if you will use the “I AM,” you will open wide the floodgates from the Ascended Master Octave for Us to flood you with an Assistance, fill your worlds with a Light, you had not dreamed possible. 2 


- from, "I AM" the Open Door, by Peter Mt Shasta


Saint Germain also recommends that as we make our calls we do it in a balanced manner:


Let me say one more thing concerning the use of your decrees and affirmations.  Do not fall into the mistake of feeling that you must decree by the hour.  That is not necessary.  I have told you repeatedly that one decree issued with feeling is of much more value than hundreds of decrees issued as a matter of empty form. 3 


This, of course, does not mean that we can not repeat an affirmation or decree to ourselves over and over again.  Sometimes this is very useful.  But it does mean that with each repetition we need to be equally focused and deeply sincere.


Pearl also learned that our Ascended Sisters and Brothers want us to first call to our own Higher Self - our I AM Presence - our Atma - and then call to them.  It is important to do both.  After we have called to our Presence, then it is a marvelous thing to ask these Great Ones to assist us and to “amplify” the call we have made to our Presence.  Our Divine Friends want us to call to our own I AM Presence before calling to them, because it is through this very process that we are developing mastery ourselves.  They explain that if we only call to them, but forget to call to our I AM Presence, then we are becoming dependent on them, rather than developing and acquiring the attributes and confidence of self-mastery.  And more than anything else they want us to become Arisen Masters and Lady Masters too.


Pearl discovered another benefit of making our calls in this particular sequence.  We have to initially call to our own I AM Presence - our Higher Self - so that it can pour into us the particular divine quality that we have affirmed.  But since we have free will, once this energy comes into our feeling world, it is possible for us to later misqualify it with our own doubts and fears.  However, if after calling to the Presence, we call to our Arisen Sisters and Brothers to amplify our call, a remarkable thing happens.  The “Great Law of the Infinite ‘I AM’” now permits them to qualify the Light, (which our individualized I AM Presence has released into us), with their Ascended Master Consciousness.  Henceforth, this Light can never be accidentally requalified by us in an inharmonious way!


In other words, let us say that we have called to our I AM Presence for extra energy to carry us through the day.  Then an hour later we receive a potentially disturbing letter in the mail.  If we become irritated by what we read, we would now be discordantly misqualifying all the light within our “feeling world,” including the newly called forth energy.  But if we had called to the Great Ones to qualify the previously called forth energy with their Arisen Master Consciousness, then at least this portion of the light in our feeling worlds would not be able to be requalified by our feelings of irritation.  Of course, it is always unwise to misqualify any of our feeling energy with discord, but at least in this case the enormous amount of extra light that had been released by our Presence as a result of our previous call is not also requalified destructively.


There is also another advantage in asking our Elder Sisters and Brothers to requalify our calls with their Ascended Master Consciousness.  As they are pouring their own Arisen Master Radiation into our feeling worlds, it actually reinforces and amplifies the energy which has already been released by the Presence, thus allowing the call to be that much more powerful and sustained, and therefore more quickly answered.  So even though it is important to call to our Higher Self - Atma - I AM Presence first, it is also essential to call to the Ascended Host.  In fact, Pearl discovered that without the help of Jesus, Beloved Mary, Saint Germain and the other Great Ones it would be impossible to make the Ascension.  Saint Germain makes this point clear in the following quote:


And only through the assistance of the Ascended Host of Light which your use of the expression, “I AM,” permits us to give, and which assistance is the sustaining power behind all calls of fully sustained effect, does anyone ever reach the Ascended State.  Though your application may be very great, and we assume that if you are serious it will be, the only way those calls may be permanently sustained is through the addition of our sustaining Light substance and activity . . . 4 


In this way, Pearl learned to call first to her I AM Presence and then to the Ascended Ones to amplify and sustain the call she has just made.


She was also greatly encouraged to learn that when our Arisen Sisters and Brothers were working towards mastery, they too had to overcome the very same self-destructive emotions, thoughts, desires, and habits that we do, in order to achieve the victory of their Ascension.  Thus, they know our every requirement and anticipate it.  And as we call to the Presence and then to them, they are now able to help us in so many ways; most of which we are not even aware.  In later years, Pearl would teach us that sincerity is the key to achieving the most powerful results from our calls.  She stressed that we do not need to shout, or jump up and down – these kinds of activities are counterproductive.  Rather, in order to release the greatest energy, it is of far greater value to calm our emotions and serenely fill our hearts with loving devotion to our Higher Self, our I AM Presence.


The years ahead would bring many extraordinary adventures, challenges, and miraculous occurrences to Pearl.  But through it all, it was her deepening understanding of the teachings of the Ascended Host, as well as her increasing confidence in the use of affirmations and decrees, which steadily lifted, transformed, sustained, and protected her.  Of course, this was especially effective when she took the time to visualize these calls as being “already completely fulfilled,” – while feeling serene certainty within her as to their outcome.  But the greatest satisfaction of all came from the growing feeling of happiness and inner peace as she progressed in self-mastery.  And as time went on, she found this feeling of peaceful contentment not only occurring more frequently, but also lasting longer.  She also observed that when something happened that formerly would have discouraged her, she did not fall quite so low as previously, and “bounced back” faster.  She could see that she was making progress.


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