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The following is an excerpt on "Affirmations" from a spiritual biography that I'm writing about my spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris.  I hope you find it helpful and inspiring. - Bill Gaum


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We Are Creators!


More than anything, Pearl wanted to understand how to acquire this mastery over her thoughts and feelings.  And during this process she began to better appreciate that one of the greatest secrets, which our Arisen Friends reveal, is that we are actually creators!  Our creative faculties are our thoughts and feelings; especially when we use them to imagine or visualize something while we are feeling harmonious, clear, and focused.  It is through our imagination that we create.


Pearl had learned a little bit about these concepts from Christian Larson’s books, but now she was to learn it in a much deeper and fuller way.  She discovered that the divine energy that is continually pouring through us, is the substance that we use to create with, much like a potter molding clay into various forms.  Only instead of our hands shaping the clay into objects, our feelings and thoughts are molding the “Light Substance” into powerful living “feeling/thought-forms.”  Once we understand this principle we can begin using these potent, creative faculties to consciously change ourselves, our lives, and our worlds for the better.  This is why the Great Ones explain, that since GOD’s Light Substance, (which is continually flowing through us), is constantly being changed and requalified by our feelings, thoughts, and visualizations, it is vital that we accept our responsibility as creators and learn to consciously create the perfection that we so much want in our lives and world!


The next important secret that Pearl learned from the teachings of the Ascended Host is that in order to gain conscious control over our own “thought-creation” process, we need to consciously “tap into the power” of our own Higher Self - our I AM Presence or Atma.  The sooner we learn to do this, the quicker we will be able to manifest the divine life that each one of us inherently desires.  And she found that the easiest and most powerful way of doing this is by using “I AM” affirmations and visualizations.  Our Divine Friends teach us, that as we combine these twin activities with our growing understanding of the I AM Presence, we will gradually become quite competent in this process.


Before Going Any Further, I Suggest that You

Read About "Our Higher Self"


At this point I strongly encourage the reader to go the page on our Higher Self to read about how we can use the Light pouring into us from our own Higher Self to create upon.  It is this Light that we will be using when doing our affirmations, calls & decrees and it's very helpful to know where this Light comes from and how our thoughts, feelings, visualizations and spoken word, modify and shape that Light.  Then please return to this page to continue with this article.  (There's a link at the end of that page to return you here.)


Affirming and Visualizing


What is an affirmation?  It is simply the process of putting into words the goal we want to achieve, and then sincerely repeating it to ourselves, while simultaneously feeling deeply within us the reality of its accomplishment.  For instance, saying to ourselves: “I AM kind,” or “I AM the Presence of GOD’s loving kindness pouring through me to bless all life at all times.”  Then we repeat this affirmation to ourselves at various times throughout the day, while accepting or “affirming” in our feelings that it is already accomplished.  At this point, the reader may feel that this seems like a rather strange and ineffectual process, but as we go along, the understanding of the divine principles behind this highly effective process will become more apparent.


The activity of visualization complements this process by creating a mental picture or “blueprint” of the desired outcome.  And as we visualize whatever we want to achieve in its complete, final, perfect form – the light coming through us can now pour into this mental “blue print,” and more easily bring it into manifestation.  Thus, these twin activities of affirming and visualizing are wonderfully conscious ways of qualifying the light pouring into us with desirable thoughts, pictures, and feelings.  Since we are continually “creating” with our feelings and thoughts anyway, we might as well take advantage of this reality to manifest the divine qualities and goals we all inherently desire.  Of course, this does not mean that after we make an affirmation, we necessarily notice an instant and complete transformation of ourselves, or our world.  While this sometimes happens, more often the transforming process is a gradual one.  Step by step, the more we consciously use this process of “thought creation,” (or more accurately “thought/feeling creation,”) the more adept we become at it.  In fact, as the months and years go by, the momentum and speed of accomplishment we can develop in this perfectly natural activity will increase our confidence in it.


In a nutshell, using an affirmation is similar to saying a prayer, but in the case of the affirmation we use the process of visualization and affirmation to add extra concentrated divine energy to the process so that our Higher Self has more divine energy than usual to help bring it into reality.  Most people like to use prayers and affirmations together.


What is the most potent way of making an affirmation?  The Great Ones tell us that it is by using the words “I AM.”  They also explain that the deeper our understanding grows of these, most sacred of all words, the more masterful we will become.  Likewise, the more we are able to feel the divine reality behind the words I AM, the more quickly we will be able to manifest the divine qualities and goals we desire.  Fortunately, this deepening process happens naturally, gradually, and easily, the more we apply the teachings of the Ascended Host and Sai Baba.


And what kinds of “desires” are desirable?  Sai Baba tells us that it is best to have only one kind: “GOD Desire.”  GOD Desire is simply the desire to be our true Divine Selves.  And the best way that we can gradually become more and more divine is by affirming and visualizing the needed divine qualities expanding within us.  And as we combine these affirmations with devotion to our Mother-Father GOD while allowing GOD's loving kindness to pour out through us to the world, as well as doing acts of selfless service to those in need, we are then becoming ever more divine.  It may be helpful to note here, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with desiring to become divine, or affirming these qualities of perfection to expand through us.  Since our Divine Self is not selfish, there is nothing selfish about affirming divine perfection.  In fact, it is quite the opposite – the closer we approach toward perfection, the more humble, kind, and selfless we become.


Using Affirmations


The following is a simple, seven-step method for affirming or “making our calls” for greater mastery.  It is not the only way of doing it.  There are many variations on this theme.  And while these seven steps contain the basic elements, you might want to adjust them to suit your own preferences.  In short, do whatever works best for you.  Over time, the seven steps will probably blend into one smooth activity.


1) First, we intune to that quiet place within our hearts while visualizing our Higher Self - the I AM Presence - the Atma above us and feeling our Oneness with it.


2) Next we identify the particular human weakness that we want to correct.


3) Then we recognize the divine strength that we want to replace it with.

4) Fourthly, as much as we can from now on, we take our attention off of the human weakness we desire to eliminate.


5) Fifthly, from this moment on we concentrate instead on the positive, constructive, divine quality that we want to embody by visualizing, feeling and affirming (repeating to ourselves either silently or aloud) that we already are an outpouring of this desired divine attribute (regardless of all appearances to the contrary).


6) Then we strive with every ounce of our being to implement these divine qualities in our lives.  Sincere effort and earnest self-discipline are essential.  They are some of the ways we put the divine energy released by the affirmation into practice.  It is the “other half” of the affirmation equation and without it little will be accomplished.


7) Lastly, while striving to implement these desired qualities, we go through the ensuing days with an attitude of gratitude inwardly thanking the I AM Presence that it is “already accomplished” (regardless of all appearances to the contrary) knowing that it will “out-picture” according to GOD’S perfect timing.


An Example: Affirming "Patience"


An example might help to clarify this affirmation process.  Let us say that we have recently become aware that we are sometimes impatient.  What do we do?  First, we intune to that quiet place within our hearts, while feeling at One with our Higher Self - our I AM Presence within and above us.  Next, since we have already identified the problem as impatience, we then ask ourselves, “Which divine strength is the opposite of impatience?”  In this case it is easy to see that the desired divine attribute is patience.  So we now take our attention off of the quality of impatience and switch it to the attribute and feeling of patience.  Then in a relaxed, but alert way, we try to feel as clearly as possible a feeling of patience within us, while seeing our Higher Self, our I AM Presence, filling us with divine patience.  (Please don't worry if you're not able to actually feel a feeling of patience yet, that is okay – it will come with time – that is the whole purpose of affirming.)


Simultaneously, we serenely, sincerely, and earnestly begin visualizing and affirming, either silently or aloud, to ourselves: “I AM patient,” or “I AM the Presence of God’s patience pouring out through me to bless the world,” or something similar.  Then we continue to affirm this desired goal several times a day.  Thus, by trusting, and knowing that it will come about in the most perfect way in GOD’s perfect time, all will unfold naturally.  Then, as we keep on affirming throughout the coming days, weeks, or months, while simultaneously striving to implement this quality in our own daily lives, (even though we may sometimes still be feeling very impatient), the desired quality of patience (or whatever it is we are “calling for”), will gradually manifest more and more.




There are a number of insights that will increase our confidence in the use of affirmations and thereby help us to gain quicker results.  These will be shared in various places throughout these articles.  (By the way, this website article you're reading is actually an excerpt from a spiritual biography I'm writing about my spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris.  - Bill Gaum.) For instance, Pearl discovered that the more we purify our hearts and minds of resentment, irritation, and selfish desires, the better this process works for us.  Thus, one of the first things for which we will want to use affirmations is for purifying and spiritualizing our consciousness.  And of course the activity of visualization goes hand in hand with this process of affirmation.  Because, if we visualize and accept that we "already are what we want to become", (even though the desired attributes may not yet be “manifesting”), naturally it will go a long way in helping to bring forth the desired results in the quickest possible time.


Pearl learned that this method of affirming and visualizing works with any divine quality we wish to call forth, whether it is courage, strength, gentleness, forgiveness, or whatever.  And every time we affirm or “make the call,” our I AM Presence (Higher Self) releases more Light into us, qualified with the particular feeling we have asked for, and we become a little sweeter, more humble, courageous or whatever we have affirmed.  In this perfectly natural way we are steadily attaining the ability to feel and think only constructive feelings and thoughts.  And day by day, call by call, we are becoming a little more divine.  Thus, in this straightforward way, we are climbing ever closer to our goal of perfect Self-Mastery.


Using Affirmations for Practical Everyday Things


The Great Ones also want us to know that affirmations and visualizations are not only essential for “calling forth” divine qualities, they also want us to use them for more mundane things.  For instance, we can affirm or “make the call” for perfect health, gaining more abundance in our lives, for getting a new job; finding something we have misplaced, and so on.  In short, we can affirm or “call” for anything which is constructive providing it does not hurt anyone else.


Sai Baba refers to this process of “thought creation” when he says that this world is actually a “wish-fulfilling tree,” but people do not realize it.  In Hindu scriptures, a “wish-fulfilling tree” is a mythical tree which grants to the person sitting under it, whatever desires they happen to be entertaining in their minds.  The reason that we do not realize that our world is a “wish-fulfilling tree” is simply because instead of things manifesting instantly there is usually some sort of a time-delay factor.  Thus, most of us have yet to recognize this cause and effect relationship between our desires, thoughts and feelings, and their consequent effects which we eventually experience - simply because of the fairly long time-delay between having the thoughts and feelings and experiencing their inevitable results. It might take weeks, months or years for some things to manifest.  We will also come to realize that this creative process also works the same way for things we do not want to bring into our lives.  If we focus overly much on some fearful condition because of a worry or concern that it might happen, we can actually “force” this particular thing to happen when it otherwise would not have.  Thus, when we are irritated, jealous, or hateful, we are using this same process of “thought creation” to eventually bring the very things which we are “hating” into our own experience!  The Great Ones tell us that the reason this occurs is because we become “one” with whatever our attention is resting upon.  Again, we simply have not recognized this cause and effect process because of the time-delay factor.


One of the nice things about consciously using “I AM” affirmations and visualizations is that it significantly reduces the time-delay factor ­­– in fact, it sometimes reduces it to zero.  Of course, when this happens we usually call it a miracle.  And ultimately, if we become perfectly masterful, we will often accomplish we want instantaneously, just as Jesus and Saint Germain were able to do prior to their Ascensions.  And even now, when we are first starting off, we can sometimes achieve instant results.


So, just how does this time factor work?  Interestingly, our Ascended Sisters and Brothers explain that the moment we make a “call,” it is answered instantaneously on the “inner planes.”  But, it may take awhile, and many more calls, before it actually comes into existence in our physical, emotional, or thought worlds.  In other words, it may manifest instantaneously, or it may take minutes, hours, weeks, months, or even years to become fully established in our lives.  In fact, for some Divine Qualities such as perfect Self-Mastery it might take several lifetimes.  (Of course, because of all the Divine Assistance now pouring to the earth as we prepare for the coming Golden Age we might Ascend at the end of this lifetime – if we give it everything we got.)  The length of time it takes for our affirmations or calls to manifest depends on a number of things, including the magnitude of the thing we are calling for.  For example, qualities of mastery, such as the ability to forgive the “unforgivable” will require more calls to accomplish than finding a misplaced wallet.  It also depends on the degree of our sincerity, how much energy we have released in each call, how earnestly we are attempting to put it into practice in our lives, the depth of our feeling of acceptance that it is already accomplished (despite all appearances to the contrary), the momentum which we have built up in this activity through previous use, and so on.


As has been mentioned, Pearl taught us that an easy way to understand this divine process is to realize that the mental picture that we are thinking and visualizing actually establishes the “blueprint” or “mold” for what will eventually manifest.  And interestingly, it is the feeling that we are choosing to feel, while we are making the affirmation, that energizes the “thought-form.”  Consequently, it is our feeling-emotional nature which literally gives this "thought/feeling–form” its independent life and strength and thus brings it into being!  That is why it is so important to feel confident, serene, and loving as we are making our affirmations.  This illustration also helps us to easily see that if we deliberately place within this “blueprint” the instructions: “please see that this is a slow process,” then it will obey our decree and take longer to come into physical reality.  Of course, no one would consciously want to do this, and yet this is exactly what we are inadvertently doing when we allow the element of “time delay” to enter into our thoughts and feelings while we are in the actual process of making the call.


In other words, if we make the call while simultaneously thinking, “I bet this is going to take a long time to manifest,” then it will take longer.  So why do it that way?  Why visualize and affirm that it is going to take us a long time to become divine when we can speed up the whole process by affirming and visualizing that we have already achieved it?  It is alright to be realistic about the fact that it may take a while for our calls to be fulfilled.  But we certainly do not want to be thinking or feeling this while we are actually making the call because this is when we are setting the creation process into motion.  Even after we have made the call we want to avoid dwelling too much on the fact that it may take some time to actually come into being on the physical plane because this consciousness of time-delay might also slow down the out-picturing process.  One of the easiest and most powerful ways of sustaining this feeling of “already being accomplished” is to have a continuous attitude of gratitude, knowing that in our Mother-Father GOD’s heart and mind it is already done.  Simultaneously, it's also okay to know in our hearts that it will unfold in GOD’s own perfect timing.  Patience is essential as we are learning this divine activity.


At this point it is helpful to remember that becoming a Master or Lady Master (which is our divine goal) is a gradual process.  No one achieves it overnight.  It is impossible.  Thus, we need to be patient with ourselves and keep on persevering.  This is another reason why it is important not to feel discouraged or ashamed if we can not conquer our fear, doubt, impatience, irritation, anger, or other happiness-stealing, self-destructive behaviors right away.  Self-condemnation is simply a trap that slows us down.  A cheerful, hopeful feeling of patient confidence, combined with humble gratitude for life’s lessons is a far more successful attitude.  As we keep working at it, we will find that we are slowly, but surely, achieving Mastery over these human weaknesses.  And as we “keep on keeping on,” with hope in our hearts, we will find life steadily becoming brighter, happier, and more satisfying.


The Coming New Golden Age of Loving Kindness


By the way, as our planet begins to more fully transition into the coming New Golden Age of Loving Kindness we will find that our calls, affirmations and prayers will be answered more and more rapidly.  And once we are fully into the New Golden Age (when humanity and the world will be vibrating at a much higher, more Etherial level than now), our calls, affirmations and prayers will frequently be answered instantaneously. Interestingly, the compassionate Ascended Master Saint Germain and the Great Ones were expecting the "Great Change" (with it's accompanying catastrophic changes) to happen sometime between the mid-1930s and mid-1940s.  This is why the Ascended Master Teachings as given forth by Godfre Ray King in the 1930's focused on achieving instantaneous results with affirmations, instead of gradual results.  They focused on expecting instantaneous results because soon after the Great Change would have happened and the spiritual vibration of the earth was raised, the surviving human beings would be able to achieve rapid results from their visualizations and affirmations.  Fortunately the Great Change didn't happen back then, because the Great Ones were unexpectedly able to gain greater cooperation from humanity than anticipated.


So now, thanks to the unceasing work of the Angels and Archangels, the Ascended Masters and Lady Masters and Sathya Sai Baba, we're now going to be able to enter the new Golden Age in a more gradual way –  that is safer for the majority of humanity.  Happily, because the catastrophe's (which are often associated with the change of one Age into another), are no longer going to happen, this will enable many more millions of people to enter into the New Golden Age on this planet than otherwise would have happened, instead of having to go to other school rooms throughout the universe.  But the take away here is the realization that this safer, more gradual transition into the coming New Golden Age means that instead of getting instantaneous results to our calls, prayers and affirmations at the present time, they will instead come in the more step by step way that we experience today.


Dwelling On the Positive


Pearl also discovered that in order for our affirmations and visualizations to be the most powerful they can be, it is essential throughout the day to dwell as much as possible only on things that are constructive and uplifting.  This idea is expressed so beautifully by Saint Paul in the Bible as:


Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.  Philippians 4:8, NIV


This, of course, is the same message that Pearl found in the book given to her by the mysterious woman in the library:


Whatever is lovely, beautiful, perfect, lofty, and sublime, let the mind dwell with these things, and let the mind choose such alone for its ceaseless companions.


As Pearl strove to cultivate a positive attitude by dwelling as much as she could on the good in life, rather than the bad, she found herself becoming much happier.  We can do it too!


And as the months went by and Pearl continued to affirm within her heart the divine qualities that she desired, her understanding of the sacred words “I AM” was also growing.  It might help to mention here that the words "I AM" are what are referred to as the "Word" in the Biblical quote, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with GOD, and the Word was GOD."  (Holy Bible, John 1, Chapter 1, Verse 1, KJV)  Slowly she was gaining clearer insights as to why the words “I AM,” when used with their true spiritual meaning, do not refer to our own limited, human personalities – our lower selves.  She was now, in an “intellectual” sort of way, beginning to understand what it means when the Great Ones say that these precious words refer to the Presence of GOD, the Great “I AM,” within and above each one of us.  And that our I AM Presence, Atma, or Higher Self, is our own true Divine Reality, Destination, and Inheritance.  Yet, her growing comprehension was not the deeper kind of “knowing” that comes from experiencing and feeling this reality more directly.  But, this would gradually come with time.


As more months passed, a new awareness began to dawn on Pearl.  She discovered that as we apply these “Laws of the Ascended Host” in our lives an astonishing thing begins to happen.  Little by little, day by day, we start to feel a sweet, humble, oneness with our Mother-Father GOD.  And wonderfully enough as time goes on, bit by bit, this new awareness continues to expand within us.  Also, as this process continues, we find ourselves naturally becoming more joyous outpourings of GOD’s sweetness, serenity and courage.  In other words, step by step, we are awakening ever more to our own divinity in feeling, thought, word and deed.  And remarkably enough, this is happening simply because we are starting to qualify the Light which is pouring through us in more constructive ways.


Thus, in one sense, our goal is really quite simple.  Pearl could see that all we need to do is to keep on identifying our various human weaknesses and shortcomings, then call to our I AM Presence to dissolve them and replace them with divine qualities, while simultaneously striving to implement these new life-affirming habits in our lives.  And yet, obviously for some of our self-destructive, happiness-stealing habits that are particularly ingrained, this is going to be easier said than done.  So it is understandable that the Great Ones kindly tell us that we need patience, endurance and perseverance as we steadily walk the path to our spiritual freedom and Ascension.


Pearl eventually came to realize that when we are affirming and visualizing, it is the same as saying:


“Oh, Beloved Creator, You created me, and You are within and above me.  You are my own true Inner Reality and Divine Self.  You have made me in Your Own Image and Likeness.  You have given me the creative powers of feeling, thought, and visualization.  Whenever I AM kind, understanding, or serenely courageous, I AM simply an outpouring of Your Love, Your Wisdom, and Your Power.  Therefore I can recognize and accept my Oneness with You and affirm the divine qualities that I wish to become.  Then, as I make the effort to visualize and feel that I AM these qualities, You begin releasing and expanding them through me and I become a greater outpouring of your Divinity.  And, as I become more and more like You, the illusion of “separation” steadily melts away.  I know that when I AM sufficiently raised in consciousness, I will directly experience that I AM You.  Then I will be gradually awakening into true Self-Realization.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


Pearl did not know it yet, but this gradual, dawning realization of who and what we really are was an essential step in the process of attaining what is referred to as “Self-Realization.”  Little by little we are simply recognizing our Oneness with our Mother-Father GOD and accepting our responsibility as Divine Creators to create only good.


As Pearl began making affirmations and visualizations a part of her daily life, she began utilizing one of the most powerful methods of moving towards Divine Self-Mastery.  And the further she progressed, the happier she became.  There were still ups and downs in her life, but things were definitely getting better.  We too can use these same potent tools and with patience and perseverance we will ultimately achieve our spiritual goals.


Pearls of Wisdom


(A summary of the most important elements in this chapter.)


· We are creators!


· We have a Higher Divine Self – our I AM Presence, our Atma.


· It is continually pouring Divine Light into and through us.


· Our feelings and thoughts determine how this light is qualified.


· By affirming, feeling and visualizing divine qualities within us, we gradually manifest them.


· By developing a serene, happy, positive attitude our affirmations become more powerful.


· By contemplating and reverently using the words “I AM” we acquire an increasingly deeper understanding of who and what we really are, thus moving ever closer towards Self-Mastery and Self-Realization.


· Patience, endurance and perseverance are required as we steadily walk the path to our spiritual freedom and Ascension.


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