Advanced Guidance


Part 4


Genuine Discourses versus Fake Ones


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One might ask, “With all this cunning, astral trickery being perpetrated on us, how can we tell the difference between authentic Ascended Master discourses and the deceitful psychic pseudo-‘ascended master discourses’ now being given through so many so-called ‘new age’ channelers?”


Fortunately, Pearl taught us that there are some important noticeable differences.  It turns out that while phony discourses are often fascinating to the intellect, perhaps by talking about “pyramid energy on Atlantis,” or some other interesting topic which may or may not be true, they leave a vacuous feeling within the heart.  True divine discourses on the other hand are not only genuinely and deeply inspiring, but they also fill us with a feeling of serene peace and spiritual upliftment.  Another good indicator is that genuine discourses almost always stress the imperative need for self-discipline, self-correction, and self-purification.  Whereas pseudo-ascended master discourses, or other kinds of fraudulent channellings, only give lip service to the need for self-discipline.  Meanwhile, they are encouraging through their subtle lies, just the opposite path.  In addition, they simultaneously make it sound like everyone is going to make their Ascensions automatically.  Of course, as we now know, if it was that easy we all would have become Arisen Beings millions of years ago.  Pearl also cautioned us that fake psychic channellings will often give many genuine truths in order to gain the confidence of the reader so that the discarnate can then “sneak” in their subtle, but tragic falsehoods.


Perhaps the best way of learning to discern the difference between real Arisen Master discourses and the counterfeit ones is by completely immersing ourselves in those discourses that we already know are one-hundred percent true.  This has many advantages.  The more we immerse ourselves in the truth, the more we gradually learn what is true and what is illusion.  Thus, it becomes easier to spot the errors being taught in the fraudulent teachings.  In this same way, little by little, we also become more aware of the sacred feeling that accompanies divine truth.  Consequently, it is now easier to feel whether something is correct or not.  Of course, we already know two teachings that come within this genuine category.  The first is Sai Baba’s teachings that He Himself has spoken in a public discourse or written in one of the “Vahini”s, (beware of people claiming to channel Sai Baba).  And the second are the Arisen Master Discourses given to Godfre Ray King that are published by the Saint Germain Press, as well as those given to Pearl’s Twin Ray, Bob (that are found in Step By Step We Climb, and Step By Step We Climb To Freedom - which are the volumes 1 & 2 of the three volume Step By Step Series), as well as the ones that were given to Peter Mt. Shasta and published in I AM the Open Door.*  These are the only Ascended Master discourses which Pearl would read.


Pearl often pointed out to us that it does not hurt to read the same discourses over and over again.  Each time we read them we are receiving tremendously uplifting Arisen Master radiation.  And the Great Ones tell us that we need to read each discourse many times to actually get what they are trying to give us.  In addition, as time goes on and we steadily progress on the spiritual path by applying their teachings, we will now be able to better appreciate and understand these very same teachings in a much deeper way.  Thus people are often amazed how, even after reading a given discourse many, many times, they still get more out of it each time they reread it.  Pearl, Jerry, and I, read and reread them constantly.  Most of the time we read them out loud together.  But other times we read them silently to ourselves.  Either way they are remarkably uplifting, helpful and informative.


Reliable “Inspired Books”


Pearl often encouraged us to read various books that were inspired in different ways.  The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ, by Levi, is one such “inspired work” that Pearl recommended all her students to read.  She was also prompted by Saint Germain to read some of the books published by the White Eagle Trust in England, such as The Quiet Mind.  In addition, Pearl recommended, The Impersonal Life, published by DeVorss & Company.  There are quite a number of others that she was shown to read as well.  And she was remarkably well informed about the books that were genuinely inspired.  She was also quite aware of the even larger number of books that claim to be divinely inspired, yet really originate from the astral realm.  So we need to use discernment and common sense when choosing our reading material, because “not all that glitters is gold.”  Fortunately for me, soon after I met Pearl, she was prompted to write down a “recommended reading list” for me.  This was a great aid in helping me to sift the reliable spiritual books from the unreliable ones.  In one of the appendixes of this book, I have included a “recommended reading list” which includes many of the worthwhile books that Pearl and I enjoyed reading.


How Can We Protect Ourselves?


 One might also ask, “Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves from hazardous psychic energies and deceptions?”  Fortunately, there is.  First and foremost is daily using the “Tube of White Light” from our Higher Self, our Atma or I AM Presence.  It is imperative to use this protective force field of Light, and the purer our thoughts, and the more harmonious our feelings, the better it will be sustained after we have visualized it and called it forth.  What do we do if we have already taken on some difficult energy?  We need to use the Violet Consuming Flame of Compassionate Loving Forgiveness.  It is also very helpful to take a shower or bath as soon as possible.  The water has a cleansing effect on these types of energies.


True Mastery


 With all the psychic excitement going on in the “new age” community it is sometimes easy to forget what true mastery really is.  Mastery simply means that we are steadily becoming ever more serene, humble, kind, compassionate, forgiving, courageous and so on, in the face of any and all challenges.  As the great Ascended Master El Morya says:


 To dwell within oneself in perfect calm, in perfect serenity, in perfect majesty, yet with the full power of Divine Love in action flowing forth is mastery, and that consciousness, that activity sustained, will surely take each one into the Victory of Life which each one so longs for.11 


Thus, our real goal is simply becoming more saint-like, day by day, one step at a time.  Fortunately, this self-mastery is a gradual, natural result of putting the teachings of Sai Baba and the Arisen Host into practice.  In short, mastery has nothing to do with developing “psychic powers,” “channeling,” “reading auras,” or doing ego centered “magic tricks” with rays of light.  Rather it is becoming ever more pure in heart, kind, and humble.  In this way, we will gradually and safely become more sensitive to the divine energies pouring through us and will be using and visualizing the Light Rays in ways that are truly effective and divinely appropriate.  And as we expand these divine qualities within us, we need to be patient with ourselves, because as Pearl used to say, “No one becomes a master overnight.”  Not even the Ascended Ones became masters overnight.  It is always a step by step process.


If, on a day to day basis, we are sincerely and continually working on mastery, then no matter what kind of seeming “setbacks” occur we can still be happy and content.  Why?  For example, suppose we discover that we have been occasionally fooled by the astral realm, if we have been continually striving to become ever more pure in heart, then this trickery has not kept us from accomplishing our divine purpose on earth – self-mastery.  Or suppose we eventually feel that perhaps our particular job, or profession, was not really the highest use of our time, if we have meanwhile been making every effort to become more selfless, kind, serene, and forgiving, we still have made enormous spiritual advances.  Plus, we have been a blessing to the world, and may even have earned the Ascension!




 Our Arisen Friends, Sai Baba, and Pearl all teach that we are indeed coming into a “New Age” of universal love, peace and truth.  But at the same time we need to wisely “sort out” the genuine New Age practices and experiences, which truly help us to grow spiritually, from the many “pseudo-New Age” activities which are at best distractions and at worst extremely dangerous.  And as has been mentioned, Pearl taught that we have spent hundreds of lifetimes over millions of years acquiring divine wisdom and one aspect of it is beginning to expand through us now as “good old common sense.”  As can be seen, there is perhaps nowhere that we need to use this common sense more, than in the arena of today’s “new age activities.”


 It is also good to remember that people who seem to be experiencing all kinds of dramatic inner visions, voices and so on, are often times actually being fooled by the psychic plane.  And, if they are excited about these things, but are neglecting to apply the Higher Laws to become purer, gentler, calmer, and humbler, they are actually wasting their time.  Whereas, people who have never had a single “divine experience,” but who are becoming ever sweeter, more forgiving, compassionate, and patient, are making incredible spiritual progress!


 And for those who feel that they have been badly deceived by astral-psychic forces and as a result have sometimes done things which they now know were not constructive, the following words of Sathya Sai Baba may bring a feeling of relief:


“My mission is to grant you courage and joy, to drive away weakness and fear.  Do not condemn yourselves as sinners.  Sin is a misnomer for what are really errors.  I shall pardon all your errors, provided you repent sincerely and resolve not to follow evil again.”


There is other good news as well.  As the reader now knows, the psychic realm will soon cease to exist on our planet.  Its humanly misqualified energy and destructive emotional-thought forms can not be a part of the Permanent Golden Age.  This stored up discord has to either dissipate itself through the various destructive activities we are now witnessing worldwide, or we can painlessly transmute it by simply forgiving each other as we become outpourings of love and joy.  Consequently, it is up to us whether this transition period into the New Age is a series of chaotic disasters, or whether it is comparatively smooth.


Thus, it is perhaps quite fitting to end this chapter with these words from the Lord Maitreya:





























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Pearls of Wisdom


· The wiser we become, the humbler we become.


· Take the time to feel things out in our hearts.


· Balance it with common sense.


· Be patient.


· Follow our hearts, not our solar plexus.


· Avoid being fanatical.


· Be careful of dreams.


· Value humble, self-confidence.


· Be discrete about our divine experiences.


· Seek for eternal truths


· Authentic discourses are spiritually uplifting.


· Authentic discourses stress self-discipline, self-correction, and self-purification.


· Use the Tube of Light.


· Avoid channelers, “psychics,” angry people, etc.


· Avoid places of low vibration.


· Avoid condemning ourselves.


· True mastery is simply becoming ever more serene, humble, and kind regardless of the challenges that may be confronting us.


· No one becomes a master overnight.


· Be happy.


· GOD Loves us!


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