Advanced Guidance


Part 3


Ego Attachment


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As long as the psychic-astral plane exists, it is unlikely that any of us will ever have perfect discernment, one-hundred percent of the time.  Thus, it is vital that we stay humble and never let down on our guard.  Unfortunately, as we will see, because of “ego attachment” to our supposed “miraculous experiences,” we are not always as humble or as careful as we should be.


 Many of the people who came to see Pearl had had occasional authentic miracles in their lives.  But unknown to themselves, most of them had also been fooled once in awhile by astral trickery.  Yet, because of their ego attachment to their “sacred experiences,” many of these good, sincere people were often very resistant to even considering the idea that some of these occurrences may not have been what they seemed to be.  In order to understand how this works, it is useful to know that “ego-attachment” results from a lack of genuine divine self-confidence which always carries with it a deep, quiet, gentle humbleness.  We can also just as aptly consider it in the reverse way: “ego attachment” stems from a lack of that quiet, gentle humbleness which always carries with it a genuine divine self-confidence.  This kind of ego attachment usually manifests itself in one or both of two extremes: “over-confidence” or “lack-of-confidence.”




 Over-confidence is sneaky.  After having had a genuine spiritual experience, we need to be careful that we do not unknowingly develop this form of “pseudo” or “vain-confidence.”  This subtle form of intellectual pride temporarily blinds us to the fact that we do not as yet have perfect discrimination.  Naturally, if we unwisely become “over-confident” in this way, it is an open invitation to the sinister force to try to fool us with its psychic deceptions.  Consequently, a person can be continually tripped-up by astral illusions, yet be completely unaware of the fact that deception is occurring.


 For example, let us say that someone has had a genuine vision of Saint Germain.  Then a few months later, after praying to be inspired as to the best way to interact with difficult people, a fuzzy violet light appears in front of them which is vaguely in the form of Saint Germain, and a voice which sounds similar to Saint Germain’s, says, “It’s okay to get angry once in a while.  Sometimes you have to teach the other person a lesson." If the person is suffering from “over-confidence,” then a subtle spiritual arrogance is beginning to cloud their judgment.  And let us say that this particular person likes getting angry anyway, so now they assume that it is an authentic vision and begin implementing the “recommended advice.”  Yet, if the person had stayed humble, they would be able to admit to themselves that they might not yet have perfect discernment, and thus they would not be so easily fooled.  Consequently, they would probably take the time to check into this area of Saint Germain’s teachings and discover that in reality Saint Germain teaches that it is never a good idea to get angry.  Thus, they would instantly realize that this “fuzzy violet form” could not have been the real Saint Germain.  This situation is especially harmful if the person who is being tripped-up, is in a respected position within the spiritual community.  Because other individuals who look up to them, might take their actions to mean that it is perfectly all right to do these things and begin doing it themselves.  And the result of course is that increased levels of fear, doubt and arrogance induced by the anger now begin interfering with these people's spiritual unfoldment, too.




 The other problem, so-called “low-confidence,” is in a sense the other side of this same psychic coin.  In the case that has just been illustrated, since the person was lacking “divine self-confidence,” they were also lacking the corresponding humbleness that naturally protects us.  Thus, they develop a false form of confidence – “vain confidence” – and get into trouble.  On the other hand, with “low-confidence,” because we are again lacking this same divine self-confidence and humility, we feel that we need to have miraculous events in our lives in order to prove to ourselves and others that we really are spiritually developed, or at the very least that we are making genuine spiritual progress.  Unfortunately this kind of attitude makes it difficult for us to admit to ourselves that we might have been fooled by an astral fraud.  This is because, if what we originally thought was a “genuine miracle,” turns out to actually be a psychic sham, then the very proof that we were depending on to impress our own ego, as well as our friend’s egos, is lost.  This sense of loss can be so depressing for some people that they would rather put on “spiritual blinders” and continue believing that they had a genuine spiritual experience, rather than even considering the possibility that they might have been fooled.  This ploy is especially effective, when our friends or acquaintances seem to be having lots of divine experiences, and we do not seem to be having any.  Obviously, by having greater divine self-confidence and humbleness, it is easier for us to face the fact that some of our so-called “sacred experiences” may actually have been psychic hoaxes, without feeling let down, or discouraged by what others may think of us.  The errors of “over-confidence” and “low-confidence” are rampant in the “new age” community.  It is also helpful to remember that most of the so-called “inner experiences” people are currently having (at the time of this writing) are actually phony psychic ones.  After the psychic realm is removed from the earth it will be much easier and safer to have genuine divine visions and experiences.  But until then, we need to be on our guard.  And it will be easy to know when the psychic realm is gone, because the world will be at peace and everyone will be loving and kind.


Humbleness vs. Confidence?


 One of the mental stumbling blocks which often interferes with our desire to be humble, is the mistaken belief that we can either be humble, or we can be confident; but we can not be both humble and confident at the same time.  We tend to think that somehow these two essential qualities are mutually exclusive.  Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.  Since humbleness and true self-confidence both come from the same Divine Source, our I AM Presence, they are both natural aspects of our own Divine Reality.  The secret is in having confidence in our “true Self,” our I AM Presence, or Atma, rather than our human egos which are simply an “illusion of self.”  In this way we can be confident, because we know that it is our GOD Presence which is the “real doer,” and GOD can not fail.  We will also realize that if we seem to “fail” once in a while, it is simply because we have allowed the illusions of the ego – our human personality - to temporarily trip us up.  And this does not have to worry us, because we know that we will always have another chance to succeed by acting from our hearts while using divine common sense.  And gradually, over time, we will learn to act more and more from our hearts, and less and less from the illusions of the ego.  Remarkably enough, it is this same divine process that also allows us to become joyously humble.  And this in turn fills us with a buoyant feeling of freedom and inner peace.  This is because, since we now recognize that it is our real self, our true identity, our I AM Presence, which is the “doer,” the cunning ego can no longer steal the credit for the good that our Higher Self has done.  And as we have an attitude of gratitude to our Higher Self, our I AM Presence, for being so marvelous, it can fill our open hearts with love, joy, and peace.  An affirmation such as the following, can be useful in expanding this happy divine consciousness:


 “I AM the Presence of gentle, humble confidence.  I AM humble because I know that GOD is the ‘Doer.’  I AM confident because I know that GOD, the Infinite I AM, never fails, and that I AM ‘one’ with GOD, through my own I AM Presence.”


Discrete Silence


 The Ascended Ones caution us that in general it is best to be silent regarding our transcendent experiences.  One reason they ask us to do this is because when we talk about our genuine divine experiences, it can dissipate the very divine energy we have received from the experience.  Thus, by being discreetly silent regarding our sacred experiences the holy energy that has been placed in our feeling and mental worlds as a result of the uplifting event, can be sustained and expanded.  Another reason they recommend humble discretion, is because our ego – our temporary human personality - tends to get puffed up when we talk about these sacred experiences.  Plus, if a supposed “divine experience” turns out to actually have been an astral illusion, we have not spread something that is unreliable.  In addition, it is easier for us to become free of the influence of astral-psychic phenomenon if we have been discreet about it.  Our Arisen Sisters and Brothers explain that when we unnecessarily tell friends about negative astral phenomenon occurring in our lives, it can increase the likelihood of something similar happening again.  Of course, there are times when it may be the wise course of action to talk to someone about it, if they are understanding and knowledgeable enough about psychic deceptions to be able to help us.


There are however some exceptions to this overall principle of being silent about our divine experiences.  Sometimes Sai Baba asks people to share some of their Sai miracles, so that others will understand the reality of miraculous experiences, and have greater faith in Baba’s divine mission.  This is also why it was beneficial for people to talk about Jesus’ miracles during his ministry.  It helped them to recognize Jesus’ holy mission and thus they listened more carefully to his teachings.  On a few rare occasions Pearl was shown for me to share two of the miracles that occurred in my life.  Both of these have been given in this book.  And of course, towards the end of Pearl’s embodiment, she was shown to begin revealing to her closest students many of the miracles that occurred in her life.  This in turn helped us to know the reality of the Ascended Host, Sai Baba, and Angels as well as their various kinds of divine assistance.


So each person needs to feel out for themselves whether it is appropriate or not to share with others a divine experience they may have had.


Telling Others What to Do


While it is helpful to feel things out for our selves, in general we have no right to tell another what they should or should not be doing.  (Of course it's okay for parents to tell their kids what to do.) That would be interfering with their freewill.  It also can be quite annoying for the other person to be hearing us say, “I ‘get the feeling’ that you should be doing such and such a thing,” when in fact they are feeling just the opposite about it.  This does not mean that we can not share divine insights or promptings with a sister or brother if it is divinely appropriate.  Especially, if we are engaged in some sort of joint activity.  But it does mean not being “pushy” or making a nuisance out of our selves.  In general the Great Ones say it's usually best not to give too much advice to others.  Let each one call to their own I AM Presence, feel these things out for themselves, come to their own conclusions,  make their own decisions and learn as they go. 




 Psychic channeling has also caused a great deal of confusion about the word “truth.”  Pearl explained that in order for us to acquire true wisdom, we must first realize that there is such a thing as divine truth.  Sai Baba says that a significant step in this process is learning to distinguish the difference between “relative knowledge,” which can change from moment to moment, and “divine truth” which is eternally unchanging.  An example of relative knowledge is the statement: “It is a rainy day.”  Obviously this is not an eternal reality, because a few hours from now the clouds may disappear and the sun might come out.  Likewise, for someone else living just a hundred miles away it might already be a sunny day.  Because this statement is not true for all people, all the time, in all circumstances, it can not be a sacred truth.  On the other hand, Sai says that divine truth:


 “is changeless; it is the same in the past, present, and future.”2


Consequently, it is essential that we learn to discern the difference between these two kinds of “truth.”  He also says,


 “In this ever changing and transient world, how can anything you see or hear be a valid and lasting truth?  Truth really means GOD – Truth is the Form of Divinity . . . The Spiritual Truth of GOD is eternally valid; valid under any circumstances and never changing . . . So, Truth means that which is changeless, which is immutable, and which remains ever the same.  That is Truth; that is Divinity.”3 


Similarly the Great Arisen Lady Master known as the Goddess of Wisdom tells us,


 “Wisdom is the one thing required more than anything else in the affairs of [humanity] today.  I mean, of course, true wisdom, not merely knowledge or the accumulation of factual information from the outer standpoint, but rather the Divine Guiding Power of Light which flows into the mind to illumine it, to turn it unto the heights, and to carry it forward unto Victory after Victory of Light.” 4


She also describes her own holy activity as,


 “I AM the same Eternal Truth for all time.”5 


Sai Baba says,


 “The human condition today is full of falsehood; it is sunk in wickedness.  So, no one can understand the significance of Truth.”6 


It is no wonder that Jesus said,


 Know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.7 


Thus, these Great Ones make it abundantly clear that there is indeed such a thing as eternal divine truth.  And if we want to be happy, we must learn these truths and apply them in our lives.  What are some examples of divine truth?  The statement: “GOD is Love,” is a divine truth.  Another divine truth is: “As you sow, so shall you reap.”  So is: “As you forgive, you will be forgiven.”  But the discarnate human beings in the astral realm do not want us to become aware of these unchanging sacred truths, because by putting them into practice, we will free ourselves from their nefarious control.  Yet, it is only by applying this wisdom that we can ever gain mastery over our own selfish lower natures, achieve self-realization and ultimately liberation from the “wheel of re-embodiment” through the victory of the Ascension.  Consequently the psychic entities try to confuse us as to whether there really is such a thing as divine truth.  And they do this in a very simple, cunning way.  They try to equate “relative knowledge” to “eternal divine truths.”  And they accomplish this by saying: “Your truth is your truth.  My truth is my truth.”  In other words, what is true for one person may not be true for another.  While this works for many types of worldly knowledge, it does not work for sacred truths.  But if we are not careful, and simply accept these kinds of statements without wise examination, we can easily be fooled by this sneaky astral propaganda.  And the result can be devastating.  Because if we think about it, what this statement really means is that literally anything can pass for “divine truth.”  Thus, they are trying to trick us into thinking that “spiritual truth” not only changes from moment to moment, it even changes from one individual to another.  In other words, they want us to believe that there is no such thing as unchanging, eternal truths.  Consequently, literally anything can pass for the truth!  In this subtle, treacherous way they are “setting us up” so that we will believe whatever “pseudo-spiritual” nonsense they feed us.  Naturally this can get us into big trouble.


What are the prerequisites to acquiring divine wisdom?  Sai Baba says,


 “Truth can be won only through dedication and devotion, and they are dependent on the grace of GOD, which is showered on hearts saturated with Love.” 8


The Goddess of Wisdom says:


 “No matter where you turn you find knowledge, but the pure and steady pathway to Wisdom is through your I AM Presence and the feeling of Love released to bless mankind forever.” 9


Sai Baba teaches,


 “Believe that Love is GOD, Truth is GOD.  Love is Truth, Truth is Love; for it is only when you love that you have no fear, and fear is the mother of falsehood.  If you have no fear, you will adhere to truth.” 10


And where can we discover the truth?  We, need look no further then the teachings of Sai Baba and the real Arisen Host.  If we study these with dedication and devotion, and sincerely and courageously apply these eternal sacred truths in our lives, we will gradually awaken into that serene, blissful, holy wisdom which comes from understanding and ultimately becoming divine truth.


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