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Part 2


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Now we will touch upon some additional helpful insights as well as some of the tricks the astral-psychic realm uses to deceive us.


“Gut Feelings”


Some people say that they like to follow their “gut” feeling.  However one has to be careful, because as has been illustrated, the “gut” or solar plexus is an unreliable source of guidance.  Those who feel that they have been having good results by following their “gut reaction” have probably been unknowingly following their hearts instead.  They may also be aware that if they are contemplating a decision which is an unwise one, that it sometimes does not feel too good in their solar plexus.  Yet, the psychic-astral realm can “fake us out” in this way, too.  So it is always best to follow the heart.


What are some of the other kinds of pseudo-sacred promptings and deceptions?


Phony Discernment


One of the ways that the astral realm likes to trick us into feeling or thinking that we have developed a high degree of discernment is as follows.  A discarnate entity uses a particular kind of prompting – for example, a sweet inner voice – to encourage us to do something beneficial.  Then later it uses a slightly different kind of prompting – perhaps a “commanding” tone of voice – to get us to do something which at first seems constructive, but which quickly causes problems for us.  And this pattern continues for a while.  Consequently, we soon begin to associate one type of psychic prompting with seemingly reliable inner guidance, and the other type of psychic prompting with obvious deceptions.  Thus, we now feel confident that we can distinguish phony inner direction from the real thing.  But in reality, all the so-called “promptings,” including the seemingly reliable ones, are coming from an astral being that is plotting to get us into big trouble.  Once we fall for this trick, the entity can set us up for something really disastrous.  This is because now that we feel certain that we have developed reliable discernment, we “let down our guard.”  And as the psychic plane continues to lead us along for a while, by urging actions that work out well for us, our feeling of conviction grows.  Thus, when the cunning discarnate finally gives us a suggestion that is going to get us into really big trouble, we go along with it with great determination to fulfill it.  After all, who would knowingly want to disobey GOD or the Arisen Host?  Thus, the discarnate can trick us into doing something so foolish that normally we would never fall for it.  This type of misplaced confidence is sometimes known as “vain confidence,” and being an attribute of our ego, rather than our Divine Self, it is extremely dangerous.  It is quite common, and is another good reason for us to always be on guard.


Unreasonably Short Timetables


There is also another reason why is it necessary to “take our time” in feeling these things out.  Psychic entities love to give us phony promptings that involve unreasonably short timetables in which to accomplish the prescribed action.  It can do this in an obvious way by telling us that we need to accomplish a certain thing by a definite time.  Or it can do it more subtly by filling us with a nervous sense of urgency.  Whichever technique it uses, it ends up causing such a strong feeling of “hurry and worry” within us about meeting the indicated deadline, that we do not take the time to adequately check out the feeling in our hearts.  And of course, taking insufficient time to feel out whether a “prompting” is genuine or not, can not only be quite foolish or even dangerous, but as a result of doing something that was not the Divine Plan, it can also cause us to waste a lot of time.  This is rather ironic, considering that it is time that we are trying to save by being in a hurry.

For example, our fictional character, John, may hear an inner voice saying, “In order to survive an impending massive earthquake, you have only two days to move to a location a thousand miles away from here.”  Since he is now frightened, and has so much to do, he is unlikely to take the time to see if this so-called “prompting” really feels right in his heart.  So out of fear, John moves to this new location, when in reality there is not even going to be an earthquake and it was actually the Divine Plan for him to stay where he was.  By being a little more patient and taking the time to “feel out” in his heart whether the “advice” is really genuine, he would have been prevented from making such a big mistake.  Plus, he also would have had more time to do what he really values.  When we are patient, and wise enough to take the time to feel these things out, it is always the quiet, soft, gentle feeling in our hearts, sustained over quite a long period, which is our best guide for ascertaining whether “inspiration” is truly Divine or not.  Pearl assured us that this process, balanced with common sense, is always the optimal way of proceeding.


False Feeling of Responsibility


A similar trick the astral realm likes to do is to create an overwhelming sense of personal responsibility for carrying out the “prompted” action.  For example, by telling us that if we do not follow through with it immediately, then somebody is going to die; or they will be prevented from making their Ascension; or world peace will be unable to be achieved; or some other important thing will or will not happen.




It is also helpful to not let projected feelings of “guilt” interfere with our ability to make a wise decision.  This is because the discarnates love to make us feel as though we are disobeying GOD when we refuse to follow their sneaky, deceitful, false psychic promptings.




Sometimes astral projections will deliberately cause us to be so confused as to what is the best course of action, that we refuse to do anything, even though circumstances may warrant doing something.  At these times, it is often appropriate to just “do something about doing something,” as Pearl would say, and using common sense, go forward doing the best that we can.  As has been shared, a good way to deal with these kinds of cases is, “do the best you can and don’t worry about it.”  At other times, if it is not essential to act, it may be best to do nothing at all.  Then, as time passes, the confusion will probably diminish, and a wiser decision can be made.


Being Balanced


It is also important to realize that we do not need to “feel out” every little thing in our lives.  For instance, it would make us nervous wrecks if we were driving a car and every time we came to a stop sign, we needed to make the call to determine whether we turn left, right, or go straight ahead.  On the other hand, when it comes to important things in our lives, it can be quite helpful to take the time to feel things out.




Another time-tested trick is when a discarnate gets someone to become so fanatical about following its fake “divine guidance,” that it is easy to get them to do very foolish things.  For example, sometimes they make the deceived one feel as though they are being “tested.”  And, in order to pass the “test,” they are not permitted to eat, sleep, or get adequate physical exercise, for long periods of time.  The astral realm loves to do this, because as our physical body becomes weaker, our “life force” which protects us, also dramatically diminishes.  Consequently, it is now easier for psychic beings and energies to penetrate our physical body’s natural protection of White Light.  And as a result, they can now influence us in even more sinister or convincing ways.  This particular type of deception is particularly effective towards those who are very sincere and pure in heart, because they are willing to go to great extremes in order to remain “obedient.”  In fact, it has tripped-up even some of the well known saints, causing them to lead unnecessarily difficult lives of severe deprivation.  Of course, when these otherwise precious ones are busy wearing “sackcloth and ashes,” or punishing themselves in some other way, they are not able to do very much good for the communities around them, or to even spend very much time in prayer.


“New Age Projects”


Another popular astral fraud that causes serious problems for spiritual aspirants is the “prompting” of various “new age projects.”  Even though these undertakings may at first seem to be of great value, they inevitably turn out to be a waste of our time, energy, money, and resources.  And oftentimes these schemes are “preplanned failures.”  Thus, even though at first they seem like reasonable requests, they soon turn out to be impossible to achieve.  And no sooner do the duped individuals fail to achieve the first project’s goal, then they are given another project.  And when this one fails, they are given still another.  This repetitive process can go on and on for quite awhile, until the person finally figures out that they are being “led around by the nose” by a discarnate.  These kinds of tricks not only waste our time, but more importantly, they make us feel as though we are perpetual failures.  An example of just such a case is when “John” has the “vision” showing him to buy the desert property.  It failed because it was designed to fail from the very beginning.  And naturally the other people who become involved in these undertakings, and who invest a lot of their time, energy, and money, are not very happy with these kinds of outcomes.  The resulting inharmonious energy being released by these individuals in the form of confusion, hurt feelings, self-pity, resentment, anger, arrogance, and injured pride, is now pouring out through their solar plexuses.  This in turn provides yummy “food,” which the discarnates quickly absorb.  And now that these malevolent entities have additional energy, they can continue fabricating even more psychic shams.  Plus, now that the people realize they have been deceived, some of them may become so disheartened and discouraged that they turn away from spiritual things entirely, because not having any discernment, they start distrusting all spiritual teachings.


This is not to say that there are not valid “New Age” projects.  There are literally an endless number of beneficial, selfless service activities that are worthy of our time and effort.  There is so much which needs to be done – whether it is feeding the hungry; helping the homeless; cleaning up the environment; planting trees; visiting people in “old folks homes;” building bridges of love and understanding between formerly antagonistic individuals, groups, religions, or political parties; or doing a million and one other things which help Mother Earth, our communities, and those who are less fortunate than ourselves.  We just need to use wise discernment when it comes to inner voices, visions, or similar activities, which may be encouraging a given action.  If we feel moved to do service projects, usually the best way of choosing them is to follow our hearts while using common sense.




Pearly also cautioned us about going overboard on “dream interpretation.”  As has been explained, Pearl informed us that when we fall asleep at night we are actually leaving our physical bodies and traveling forth in a finer “Light Body” into the Etheric Plane.  In these beautiful, Heavenly Realms we do many marvelous things while absorbing the life-giving holy light necessary for rejuvenating our bodies in the morning.  Yet, while we are in the Etheric Realms, that part of our consciousness that remains behind with the physical body can be influenced by “emotional-thought-forms” from within the lower-astral plane.  This influence commonly causes us to “dream.”  Thus, most dreams are nothing more than these disjointed, confused, fearful, or astral-psychic influences.  Occasionally it is possible to have a “vision” quality dream that results from true divine inspiration.  But as with just about every other sacred activity the astral realm also has its own “pseudo” version of it, so we even need to be very careful in jumping to conclusions regarding “vision quality” dreams.


Baba Dreams


A dream that Sai Baba gives to someone for a particular divine purpose is often referred to as a “Baba Dream.”  Naturally, if Sai Baba “wills” us to have a certain dream, then naturally it is a bona fide “Baba Dream.”  But it is vital to realize that just because we have had a dream which contains some being who looks like Sai Baba, does not necessarily mean that Sai Baba has willed that particular dream.  This is especially so if Sai Baba’s face seems vague, hazy, or in some other way indistinct.  So even with so-called “Baba dreams” we need to use careful discernment.


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