A Super Easy & Effective Meditation!


Just sit comfortably or lay down; get kind of quiet; visualize your heart as radiating a Golden White Light in all directions; see yourself surrounded in the White Light; and then pour love to GOD (however you conceive of GOD to be - it's okay to have your idea of GOD be kind of vague - GOD doesn't care how you visualize him/her when you're pouring love to him/her).  And then say over and over again in a gentle, loving heartfelt way, "I love you GOD, I love you GOD, I love you GOD, I love you GOD, I love you GOD, . . . . .   And just sort of feel a peaceful feeling inside and visualize a glowing Golden White Light within you.


That's it!


Sustain this for 5-15 minutes, or whatever is comfortable, and then get back to your worldly duties.


Once you get used to it, try doing it 3 times a day, morning, noon, and evening. You will soon notice the difference it makes in your level of inner peace and happiness!


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By the way, we will gradually be adding additional meditations to the meditation section as the years go by.  It takes a while to create a website like this!


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