Mom Intuitively Prays for Son:


"Prayed for God's Angels"


by anonymous


My husband and oldest son work at the same place in Colusa, California. We live in Colusa and our son lives 30 miles away. They work early hours. One morning after my husband left for work I could not sleep. I looked at the clock and it was 4:45 am. Our son Jered was on my mind and heavy on my heart. I just thought I was being over protective and tried to close my eyes to go back to sleep.


The weight got so heavy I could not lay down anymore. I called my husband at work and asked him if Jered had gotten to work yet. He said no. By this time it was 5:20 am and he was to start at 5:30.


I started praying and asking God to please put his angels around Jered and get him safely to work.


I was still praying for God's angels when about 20 minutes later I heard a car outside. As I opened the front door my son was walking up to the door. His car was still running, driver's door open, and his head in his hands. He was crying and he said "Mom I almost died."


Jered had fallen asleep at the wheel as he was crossing a two mile bridge. As the road curved his car went straight into the other lane and hit the cement wall. The car then lifted about one inch from the top of the wall. Jered woke up and struggled to back the car off the wall scrapping it for at least 10 feet.


I hugged Jered and I told him what happened to me earlier and I prayed for God's angels to protect him. We both cried and thanked God for giving Jered his guardian angel.


About two weeks prior to Jered's accident the bridge that now has cement walls had wood stakes that would have never stopped Jered from going over the bridge.


So when you feel that tugging on your heart, get on your knees and start praying, because it was only by the grace of God that our son is still with us. I prayed and God's angels sure did answer.



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